Deadly Jabs – The Facts: Vaccines, Autism, Cancer & HIV

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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

What we present you here is a cacophony and a virtual cornucopia, of information in a full blown multimedia article (documents, videos and recorded shows) looking at the vaccine blight being perpetrated on humanity. This frontal attack centers on America as the most vaccinated society on this planet today.

WARNING: This is NOT a bedtime story … This is the story of the most blatant case of deceit and harm ever perpetuated in the history of mankind … and understand that the death toll and personal suffering over the last century of vaccine proliferation goes well beyond the devastation of any war in human history.

If you feel this last statement exaggerated, or fear porn … please Read Watch and Listen to what is Presented to you below.


As we are constantly being told by the CDC that Vaccines Cannot, Have not, and Never Will cause Autism, most dutiful citizens tend to accept this as fact. After all, isn’t the motto of the CDC “Protecting Lives. Protecting people 24/7”? So how could we not fall in lock step with an entity so bent on our safety and protection? …. except they are Blatantly lying and have had the facts of just the opposite in their possession for well several generations, generations in which we have witnessed a catastrophic rise in what now can only be described as the epidemic of autism.

For something that has no link or proof and “Cannot, Has not, and Never Will Happen” (as the FDA & CDC would have us believe), this is a whole lot of something … that is not supposed to exist …

101 Research Papers Supporting the Vaccine/Autism Link

When a department of the government charged with the protection of the citizens of this country jumps through painstaking hoops to hide the truth about a mechanism that has obviously contributed to the catastrophic rise of Autism (although not the only factor) in this country and intentionally and blatantly misrepresents this information … well, let your imagination run wild and you will probably still not be hitting on the level of evil and tyranny this truly represents.


Vaccines Cannot, Have not, and Never Will cause Autism … then how can this be explained … ??? … !!!

Autism and Vaccines
Read entire PDF HERE

So let’s stroll down the path of FDA/CDC Misdirection, Redirection, Lies, Coverups & literally Crimes against the American Community.

Vaccines: Autism, Cancer & HIV

Excerpt from: Thimerosal & Autism: The Lie Continues


Thimerosal is broken down by the body in the following fashion, the ethylmercury is first metabolized by the body into toxic methylmercury, which is then metabolized into inorganic mercury  YES I said Inorganic Mercury! The most deadly and toxic naturally occurring substance known to exist on this planet to the human physiology and second only to Ionizing Radiation.

Here is a link to a comprehensive review explaining exactly how Thimerosal is metabolized by the human body:

Scientific Information Regarding the Use of Thimerosal As a Preservative in Vaccines

So lets break this down a little further and get BLATANT …

The EPA has set standards for the maximum exposure to mercury any individual should receive in a given day … anything exceeding this exposure is considered toxic (MEANING NEUROTOXIC). Please look at the chart below and see we are all seriously overexposed to mercury with the common (and pushed) flue shot.

BUT pay special attention to the fetus allowable exposure, and then look at the dosage the pregnant mother receives when she trustingly acquiesces to the flu shot.


Yes you read it right … the fetus with no discernible blood brain barrier to protect it, receives (via it’s mothers blood) 2,500 times the maximum exposure allowed by the EPA of the most toxic naturally occurring substance on this planet … do the math yourself because 25mcg divided by .01mcg = 2,500 making this a HUGE issue.

So can vaccines containing toxic thimerosal cause autism? Lets run a little comparison test here

What are the symptoms of Autism in children

  1. Loss of speech
  2. Social withdrawal
  3. Reduced eye contact
  4. Repetitive behavior
  5. Hand flapping
  6. Toe walking
  7. Temper tantrums
  8. Sleep disturbances
  9. Seizures

Now lets list the symptoms of Mercury poisoning in children

  1. Loss of speech
  2. Social withdrawal
  3. Reduced eye contact
  4. Repetitive behavior
  5. Hand flapping
  6. Toe walking
  7. Temper tantrums
  8. Sleep disorders
  9. Seizures

If you don’t believe this comparison … Please check it out for yourself !!!


This is either a massive coincidence or one of the most heinous crimes against humanity is being perpetrated on a colossal scale. Is it also coincidence that the rise in Autism almost perfectly matches the rise in the number and scope of vaccinations we are inundated with? The EPA even states that one of the hazards of mercury exposure is BRAIN DAMAGE!

Coincidence 01


For much more information on the Thimerosal issue we present the following …

Read more information and listen to a great recorded discussion here:


TLB Special: A Discussion With “Trace Amounts” Directors – Has the Preservative Thimerosal Caused the Largest Epidemic Known to Man?


Please let me clarify somethings upfront … We do not claim Thimerosal  is the only causality for Autism, but we do feel it is a blatant and significant one, and also to say we have no champions in our leaders is not a complete truth because not all have sold their eternal souls to the devil.

Believe it or not there are people in our government who care, individuals who were elected by We The People, do take their responsibility seriously, to look out for and protect those they represent. The problem is they are still way too few and far between. What is presented next is proof they do exist. Please watch this video …

The AutismOne & Generation Rescue 2013 Congressional Panel


Over 17 years ago Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his co-authors published a paper in Lancet that implicated a correlation between the MMR vaccine, the lining of our gut and Autism … and he was demonized and professionally castrated for this.

Autism explosion

Fast forward to the very recent past and vindication via the criminal actions of the CDC itself, presents itself like manna falling from heaven in the form of a CDC Whistle blower named Dr. Thompson …

Read more information and listen to a great recorded discussion here:


TLB Special – Profit Over People: When Those We Trust To Protect Our Health … Can No Longer Be Trusted

CDC Whistle Blower admits MMR Vaccine causes Autism

Read even more here:

Whistleblower: CDC Knew in 2003 of Higher Autism Rate in African-American Boys Receiving MMR Shot Before 36 Months



As I stated above Thimerosal may very well not be the sole causality of Autism but may indeed be a component or trigger of its onset, in conjunction with other influences. The following video goes a long way in pointing out the role of the gut lining and Aluminum in this scenario.

But what most never consider, and the scientific correlative data points to very strongly is the influence of a Monsanto product … GLYPHOSATE in this scenario! Yes the most widely used herbicide on the planet, and the same product the WHO just recently classified a class two carcinogen. This is a direct tie between Big Pharma and the Biotech industry that most researchers never pick up on. Please watch this video …

This is the Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism Connection I’ve Ever Heard!

Read more information and listen to a great recorded discussion here:

Aluminum is Toxic 3

TLB Special: Toxic Aluminum, Alzheimer’s & Breakthrough Science – With Dr. Christopher Exley



Could our trusted Government health agencies have known about cancer causing viruses in vaccines, and approved or used them anyway?

Are there those so callous that they could joke and laugh about this as millions of Americans are being set up to die horrible deaths that could easily have been avoided?

What is the real truth behind the HIV epidemic in America … was there foreknowledge of this (video)?

Why have one out of three (approximately) baby Boomers died from or are suffering the ravages of Cancer today?

Read more here:

CDC Admits as Many as 30 Million Americans Could be at Risk for Cancer Due to Polio Vaccine

The actual number may easily exceed 100 million (explained in above linked article)

Merck Vaccine Expert tells Truth about Vaccine Dangers


So what we have presented to you is proof via documentation, causal and correlative data, and in some cases straight from the experts mouths, that vaccines CAN AND DO cause Autism, Cancer and may very well be directly responsible for the HIV epidemic.

There is no longer a question of the validity of this statement. But no one goes to prison for the PREMEDITATED MURDER, or the wanton destruction of countless lives (many millions total) over the last three generations.

It is well past time to wake up, get angry and push back … For the sake of our children and our very future!

Due in a large part to vaccines (although there are many other catalysts), there is a rising tide of dysfunctions/diseases occurring all around us, whether we are speaking of multiple forms of Cancer or Diabetes, Autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autoimmune diseases or numerous other dysfunctions/diseases. This affects our entire society and robs us of resources, wealth and most important … our loved ones. Of ever increasing concern is the rising number of our children afflicted by these life altering conditions, because they are our future.


So how can you tell if you or your vulnerable children are poisoned by Thimerosal, Aluminum Glyphosate and much more, so that you may take preemptive or possibly life saving actions …

What we present to you here is a relatively cheep, non intrusive (pain free) method of testing that can be done in the comfort of your home … extremely accurate (even more so than a blood test) and safe …

Read more information and listen to a great recorded discussion here:

TOXYScreen 3

TLB Special – TOXYScreen Part 2: It’s Time To Stop Complaining & Start Acting


In our next article in this series we will offer a chelating  procedure for all the above toxins. Take charge of your and your precious children’s health in-spite of our corrupt and complicit health agencies. Your and your children’s future health is in your hands … guard it well!



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