Dems’ Plan to Give Illegals a Path to the Voting Booth

The Democrats’ Plan to Give Illegal Aliens a Path to the Voting Booth

By: Richard McDonough

Illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple … People who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens and … should not be treated the same as people who entered the U.S. legally. — Senator Chuck Schumer, 2009

Now that the 2022 election is over, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has condescended to announce the Democrats’ plan to give a path to citizenship, that is, a path to the voting booth, to all the people, however many millions of them, who broke US law by sneaking into the United States illegally. However, since US citizens, by a large margin, still believe that people should actually follow the law if they want to become US citizens, despite campaigns by the Democrats and their socialist cronies to undermine respect for the United States and for the rule of law, Chuck could not give this information to the peasants before the election because they would not have supported Democrats in that case.

Schumer’s reason for divulging, after the election, a modicum of the truth about the Democrat’s plan for what remains of the United States after two years of Biden’s presidency is that the native-born American population is “not reproducing [itself] with the same level that it used to.” If that is really the problem, it is astonishing that it did not, for some mysterious reason, occur to Chuck to develop policies that would actually get the US population to “start reproducing” itself. Imagine that! Trying to solve a problem by directly addressing it!

It did not occur to Chuck to tell Americans to stop aborting million babies each year, which has, according to some estimates, killed 64 million potential US citizens. It did not occur to Chuck to demand that Democrat governors and mayors develop policies to stop the massive number of homicides in Democrat-run cities across the country (600 this year in Chicago alone with 2 months to go in 2022) – except of course, to want to disarm law-abiding Americans.

It did not occur to Chuck to tell the Democrats to stop telling women that it is much more rewarding to stay single and become an accountant, an investment adviser or a manager at Wendy’s than it is to raise children in a traditional happy family.

It did not occur to Chuck to support tax credits for families that want to have children but cannot afford it.  It did not occur to Chuck to rebuke twice-failed Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams for saying a few weeks before the election that having children is a bad thing because it leads to inflation and higher food and gas prices. After all, Abrams feels, one must actually pay for the little varmints, feed them and drive them to soccer and softball practice, all the money for which could obviously be better spent on Yoga classes, self-love workbooks and Thighmasters.

It did not occur to Chuck to tell the Democrats to tell Joe Biden to de-emphasize the Ukraine border a bit and secure our own southern border in order to stop the massive amounts of Fentanyl and other drugs coming across that border and killing 100 thousand Americans a year and rendering many more of them incapable of supporting a family. That is, it did not occur to Chuck that if we do not lose 100,000 Americans a year due to the destructive US drug-culture we might do a much better job of “reproducing ourselves”. Ya think?

In summary, it did not occur to Chuck to start thinking about the American citizens already here, and supporting traditional American values that have been destroyed by Democrats and other decadent elements of the culture.

No! Since illegal aliens tend to support Democrats by massive margins because of all the vote-buying free goodies the Democrat party transfers to them from the diminishing number of people in the United States who actually work for a living, Chuck went straight to the much easier and much more profitable option for the Democrat Party. Proposing a path to the voting booth to people that have disrespected the country by breaking its laws in order to enter the country illegally.

One might also notice that there is a teensy-weensy flaw in Schumer’s argument that we should give a path to citizenship to all these illegal aliens. For, even granting Chuck’s myopic reason for wanting to give citizenship to illegal aliens, he could have suggested that we provide a path to some kind of legal status, including paying all the taxes US citizens have to pay, but not full citizenship for those of the illegal aliens who meet certain rigorous conditions for remaining in the country. Such a more limited plan would provide much of the tax revenue the Democrats need to pay for all their various vote-buying schemes but, apparently, this never occurred to Chuck because it does not deliver the large numbers of Democrat voters the Democrats need to retain their grip on the power to deceive people and push them around that gives meaning and purpose to their obsessed “swamp” lives.

Although the Democrats usually couch their various self-serving schemes in the language of compassion and morality, their schemes virtually always are designed to benefit themselves. In the case at hand, no thought is given to all the illegal aliens who are robbed, raped or killed trying to sneak into the US (823 dead at southern border just this year). No thought is given to the immigrants who follow the rules and became US citizens legally. No thought is given to the current American citizens who believe existing immigration law should be enforced. No thought is given to the undermining of respect for the rule of law that policies of mass amnesty inevitably engender. No thought is given to American citizens that are victims of crimes by illegal aliens. No thought is given by Chuck and his Party, the Party that is always spouting about “saving our democracy,” to how their plan to import new voters from poor countries undermines “our democracy” because the enormous flood of new voters dilutes the votes of the citizens who have lived in the US for a long time and have a stake in US values and prosperity.

In the old days (2009), before he got lost in the corrupt D.C. swamp, Chuck actually understood (or at least pretended to) that “illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple,” but apparently forgot the rights of the citizens and the well-being of the nation when he was overcome by the perverse obsession to grab power at all costs. There’s a name for Chuck’s plans for mass amnesty for illegals. When all the virtue-signalling and fake morality is stripped away it’s just called “selfishness.”


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