Doctors Refusing Care Unless Patients Sign “Immunization Contract” Forcing Full Vaccine Schedule

Doctors Refusing Care Unless Patients Sign “Immunization Contract” Forcing Full Schedule of Shots

By: Jeffery Jaxen 

Thanks to the decentralized sharing of information, people are now able to shun their doctor and politician in real-time for millions to see and share. The guiding principle of health freedom has now become ingrained in the American experience. The runaway control and power grab pharmaceutical companies have engaged in recently has ignited a collective push back throughout the US. People everywhere are asserting their right to not become a test subject price tag for criminal drug companies.

The news cycle comes and goes reporting on medical atrocities and willful damage caused by vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs. Mainstream media has made it clear that it will continue its heavily biased reporting and status quo blackout on any information casting drug companies in their well-deserved bad light. The task now rests solely on the independent media, journalists and social media activist to keep the encroaching medical tyranny in the news cycle for all to continue the discussion.

Many within the captured US healthcare system are losing the ability to use their medical judgement and common sense to question authority. Others have willfully turned their medical practice over to the highest bidder to become a dispensary for drug companies. Coercion outside of law and pressuring patients beyond the realm of medical ethics is becoming common place for some doctors and hospitals. Waiting for politicians to do the right thing has become tiresome when Pharma spends billions to lobby and influence their judgement. So what can people do?

It was a day like any other at the Carmichael, California practice of Matthew T. Cohan, MD. A father entered the waiting room with his daughter by his side. The daughter — a new patient — was experiencing upper respiratory congestion. Before she could be seen, standard new patient paperwork needed to be filled out. However, on the final page of this paperwork, the office required new documentation to be complete before the patient could be seen.

Popping up around the country like some uncomfortable dystopian game of whack-a-mole are  “Immunization Contracts”. With this form, the public is experiencing yet another unethical attempt by the US medical community to come between and influence a parent’s health freedom and medical choice. The scene at Dr. Cohan’s office ended like so many others with the father refusing to sign his immunization contract.  A contract which made the parent agree to have Dr. Cohan’s office give “ALL the recommended childhood vaccinations…”. His contract also included giving a series of three Gardasil shots. A vaccine that is currently experiencing a worldwide backlash due to severe adverse reactions, has been withdrawn in Japan due to damage and whose fraudulent safety research has been exposed by a whistleblower.

What would motivate a doctor to make patients sign a contract to give up their right to medical choice and health freedom? According to Blue Care Network, a medical provider could receive $225 per service achieved in the category of “childhood immunization – combo 2”. There is an additional bonus of $125 if the service falls under the “Well-Child visit”. The Well-Child visit is nothing more than a Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention created and sponsored vaccine tracking session. The provider-initiated appointment is to track each child’s immunization status which is then transferred — typically outside of the parent’s awareness and consent — to the home state’s individual immunization tracking system.

The noose is tightening as providers are pressuring parents — and soon adults — to get all their shots regardless of the controversy, lack of safety studies and proper informed consent. It’s one nation under Pharma until the consciousness shifts fully towards health freedom, full medical consent and returns to medical ethics.

As disappointing as these developments may first seem, immunization contracts could be a blessing in disguise. Upon seeing a contract like the one attached above in this article, a parent can choose to walk out of the office immediately instead of walking blindly into a belligerent doctor that may call child protective services on them. Although infuriating, immunization contracts add clarity about the doctor’s intentions, so that parents don’t get trapped by thinking there is room for their informed choice.

If you or someone you know has experienced “vaccine harassment”, please visit the National Vaccine Information Center and fill out their vaccine harassment form. The information can be used, at your discretion, towards legislative efforts to protect vaccine freedom.




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6 Comments on Doctors Refusing Care Unless Patients Sign “Immunization Contract” Forcing Full Vaccine Schedule

  1. Find another doctor! Do not tolerate this behavior! Doctors are to be consiltants, NOT dictators. His waiting room should be empty!

  2. When a doctor tells you that ask it what those vaccines are. When he can’t answer report him to the AMA and submit what took place to your local newspaper.

  3. Vaccines cause injury 100% of the time, it is a truth everyone peddling this poison knows. They know the childhood illnesses build the immune system and are required to mature it to its full potential. Humans are supposed to get measles and mumps they are NOT supposed to get vaccines or the autoimmune diseases and cancers caused by the vaccines. Educate people on vaccine dangers and seek out the childhood illnesses for your families. Your children will thank you for this!

  4. Looks like we need to go to natural healing .. And get some health care advice for other people, and there are Doctors who stand against this also..

    There are doctors leaving because of this and they think it is some danger in the vaccines

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