Don’t Let Monsanto Write the Rules on GMOs!



Deadline tomorrow: Tell President Obama – It’s time to FIX our broken GMO regulations. For the past 2 decades U.S. regulations on GMOs have been written By and For Monsanto – it’s time for that change! Right now, companies like Monsanto earn billions off of risky GMOs that aren’t properly tested for safety for human health or environmental impacts and are simply rubberstamped as a result of our broken regulatory system.

The White House is seeking public comments to update the regulations that govern biotechnology and we need your help to make sure they hear us load and clear! Now is our chance to fix this broken system.

Tell President Obama it’s time for real regulations on GMOs that mandate proper independent safety testing for new genetically engineered foods, create mandatory labels to provide consumers basic choice at the grocery store and mandate GMO product liability is placed on the patent holder of new GMO crops to protect organic and non-GMO farmers from unwanted contamination of their crops and protects their economic livelihoods.

Don’t let Monsanto continue to corrupt our food and our democracy – it’s time to protect America’s family farmers, communities & the environment! Every voice counts!

President Obama and the EPA, FDA and USDA will receive a copy of your letter. Please join us today!

For years, the 1986 Coordinated Framework for the Regulation of Biotechnology has been failing to protect people and the environment. The USDA, FDA and EPA are supposed to jointly regulate GMO plants and animals. However, the voluntary guidelines must be replaced with mandatory regulations and oversight, independent safety and risk assessments, liability standards and mandatory labeling.

In order for an effective Coordinated Framework to work, it must include several new parts:

1. Mandatory safety testing for all organisms that are developed using genetic engineering processes. These should be independent tests that assess and regulate all risks, including long-term food safety risks, and direct and indirect environmental harms such as pesticide use and seed contamination. Instead of assuming crops are safe until proven harmful, government agencies should not approve or commercialize GMO crops or animals unless proven safe. Safety must be the top priority, not commercialization.

2. Mandatory labeling on food developed with genetic engineering processes. Polls are clear that Americans want the right to know what is in our food.

3. Manufacturer liability for manufacturers and biotech companies that make and sell GMO crops and animals. Traditional farmers’ rights and seed choice must be protected; therefore contamination of non-GMO crops must be prevented, and this must be the responsibility of the biotech companies profiting from the GMO seeds. The biotech company that made the contaminating product must be held liable for significant harm and costs from contamination for non-GMO farmers.

Until these principles are implemented, the Obama Administration should halt the approval, commercialization, and release of any new genetically engineered crops or animals.

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