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Arthur L. Caplan, PhD wants everyone vaccinated for everything and in urging his position, he makes some serious accusations and some equally serious misstatements of medical fact.

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First and foremost, although he seems to unscientifically believe, a priori, that vaccines are both safe and effective, and that their presence “protects” while their absence can kill both the unvaccinated and others.

None of these assertions is, in fact, scientifically validated or, indeed, “valid” in any rational sense.

I would remind the reader before going further that nearly universal belief in something does not make it true.

The phlogiston theory of combustion, which Joseph Priestly, the discoverer of oxygen, went to his death supporting, was universally subscribed to, and totally incorrect.  Likewise, vaccines are an article of nearly religious fervor.  The science, however, to justify that fervor, is lacking.

Vaccines do not provide herd immunity.

Let me repeat that. We are not a herd. Herd immunity is a fiction. If a vaccine simulates natural immunity at all, it would (in its unproven theory) convey this ersatz immunity to the person who received the drug. Such a fictitious patient would be protected from transmission of the disease by the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated cannot, in logic and science, threaten the vaccinated.

See my blog, If Vaccines Worked, here, http://drrimatruthreports.com/if-vaccines-worked/, for an examination of the logical and scientific weakness of the herd immunity theory.

So the unvaccinated cannot threaten the vaccinated. Unless, of course, vaccines are worse than useless and actually denigrate the efficacy of natural immunity, thereby making the vaccinated more vulnerable to disease. It has been my experience as a physician that vaccines can be a leading cause of Genome Disruption Syndrome. See: www.GDStherapy.com.

Among the misstatements Dr. Caplan promulgates in this shockingly ill informed article are the following:

He refers to the diseases that we are “tragically seeing the recurrence of…” These are, specifically the normal child hood diseases which are, in fact, useful to provide community based immunity, which is effective in preventing disease, as opposed to vaccine-based “immunity,” which is strikingly less effective in doing so. What Dr. Caplan neglects to note is that these recent disease outbreaks are virtually always found, at this point in our vaccine-damaged herd, in the fully vaccinated.

Since studies repeatedly show that babies whose mothers were vaccinated in utero are MORE susceptible to the diseases for which the mother was vaccinated than those whose mothers did not receive the vaccinations, and that they are more likely to contract other infectious diseases, the act of vaccinating in utero is a dangerous and unwarranted medical intervention, even if the mercury and aluminum poisoning of the fetus is not considered (which, of course, ethically, it must be).

So we must face the truth about those childhood illnesses, which are MORE severe in the vaccinated than in the unvaccinated, are MORE likely where the mother, and then the child, have been vaccinated. And that is what makes them tragic.

The next fallacy Dr. Caplan indulges in is that getting vaccines confers “immunity.”  When people get influenza vaccines, they are more likely to get influenza than if they did not have the shot, as well as other pulmonary diseases, according to the ONLY placebo controlled vaccine study ever conducted.  How much more likely? 5.5 times more likely.

Since vaccines have otherwise never been tested against a real placebo, only against other, more toxic vaccines such as rabies as the “control” for flu vaccines, there is actually no data besides the study quoted which showed that while there was no statistically significant difference in the risk of confirmed seasonal influenza infection between recipients of TIV [trivalent influenza inactivated vaccine] or placebo, recipients of the vaccine were at serious risk for major infections in addition to the flu “against” which they had been vaccinated.

Pertussis vaccines do not work so the recommendations increase the number of “boosters” without any evidence that protection is likewise boosted.

So Dr. Caplan follows the “party line” making it the alleged responsibility of all doctors to insist on the continuing assault on children and adults because … well, because Dr. Caplan says they should, not because there is data to support that behavior.

Vaccination, we are told by Dr. Caplan, is something that works best if everybody does it.  But if it works, then whether someone else does not do it should not impact me if I did it and it works.  Unless, of course, my immune system has been impaired by the repeated injection of heavy metals like aluminum and mercury, foreign protein, polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, msg, fetal cell fragments, stealth viruses like the SV-40 leukemia virus which CDC now admits contaminated the polio vaccine 98 million Americans received, and Urabi measles strain, associated with cataclysmic damage and so on.

Dr. Caplan says you should not be visiting a neonatal unit if you and your kids have not gotten your vaccinations.

Well, that means that you should be visiting a neonatal unit after you get your vaccines, I guess, while you are capable of transmitting the pathogen for which you have been vaccinated, or your kids have been.  If the vaccine is the nasal mist type, you are able to transmit the virus to anyone you come in contact with for a minimum of 21 days. But, of course, it could be a lot longer.  The time period you may be shedding viruses and infecting others with infected vaccines could be much longer.  But that does not seem to count in the scenario Dr. Caplan is laying forth for us, despite lack of evidence based data to support what is otherwise simply belief.

I am reminded here of Dr. Paul Offit, the man who not only holds the Rotateq® vaccine patent with Merck, but sat on the ACIP panel which approved the same vaccine, voting himself an estimated $48M last year in financial consequences of his by-no-means impartial vote.  Dr. Offit states publicly that the immune system of a baby can successfully respond to 10,000 vaccines.  Dr. Offit wrote a book decrying so called “alternative medicine” because he likens it to magic.

I submit that vaccine proponents like Dr. Offit and Dr. Caplan are adherents to magical beliefs which do not find support in valid science, stating that you can go into a neonatal unit once you have been vaccinated but neglecting totally the stark reality of microbiology, physiology and pathology to hold to that magical belief.

As Dr. Caplan winds to his illogical and totalitarian recommendations, “They need to understand that if they make somebody sick or they kill a child because they gave them a disease that was preventable, it is on them. It is even possible that they could get sued for the harm and damage that they caused as a result of irresponsible behavior after choosing not to vaccinate.” He neglects a couple of essential realities which, at least to my way of thinking, make all the difference. It is vax pushers like Dr. Caplan (and the drug companies) who have been made legally immune from suit for vaccine injuries by the United States Crony Congress. Without that unjust law, vaccines would remain what they are: an un-insurable risk, illegal for public companies to promote.

Let’s look at what really happens when the political authorities push vaccines, even going so far as to force them on people, as was done in 2007 at Prince Georges County, Maryland Courthouse, where hundreds of children were forcibly vaccinated a second time (their school vaccine records had been lost) in horrid circumstances, with armed police and K9 dogs. That was the truly inhumane skull behind Dr. Caplan’s smiling face.

First, getting vaccinated makes a whole lot of people sick. Very sick.  The wildly under reported adverse events associated with vaccinations and numerous well-conducted studies world-wide make it clear that when babies are vaccinated, they die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in far greater numbers than when they are not vaccinated.

Second, increasing the number of vaccinations increases the number of autistic and neurologically damaged children, despite cover-ups and pseudo-scientific slight of hand to the contrary not withstanding. This truly preventable tragedy, however, leads to the “production” of what are becoming known as the “Delta Workers” autistic underclass, as predicted in Huxley’s Brave New World, to the benefit of the crony corporations. See: http://tinyurl.com/DontDeltaMe

Third, increasingly dangerous, and unnecessary vaccines are being imposed. HPV vaccines are dangerous and cause far more damage than they could possibly have prevented even if they worked since HPV is virtually always a benign and self limited condition.

Fourth, Influenza vaccination, with it heavy load of aluminum and, often, mercury as well, is highly neurotoxic leading to a 600% increase in Alzheimer’s Disease in those who have received 5 consecutive annual shots any time during their lifespan.

Fifth, Every study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children shows that the latter are healthier, more resilient and more robust by every measure.  Every study of vaccinated people shows that they are more likely to have chronic diseases fo r which they receive medical intervention and pharmaceuticals than unvaccinated people, with a significantly higher all-cause mortality rate than their unvaccinated peers.

And on, and on and on.

In short, although I cannot make you or your child ill if I do not get myself or my kids vaccinated, I can make you and yours ill if I do get vaccinated and I can make myself and my kids ill (or kill them) if we do get vaccinated, as well.  Those are not popular opinions, but they are the well-supported facts.

Dr. Caplan brings up legal responsibility for somebody.. . getting sick.  This is a fascinating bit of legislative slight of hand  that deserves a bit of attention. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/812130

The US Government has chosen to provide virtually total immunity to vaccine manufacturers for the harm that their products will do to recipients.  Instead of holding them to a tort liability, the government has imposed a special tax on the recipient of the vaccines which pays for the special Vaccine Masters Court which hears vaccine claims.  Despite a thoroughly rigged system in which victim compensation is virtually impossible, more than 2 billion dollars have been reluctantly paid out to victims of vaccine damage.

But vaccines are an uninsurable risk because no underwriter will accept the costs that they would be forced to bear if they underwrote the industry.  Another uninsurable risk?  The nuclear industry.  Too cheap to meter, they said, but too dangerous to insure.

The manufactures cannot be sued for the harm that their product will do, no matter how egregious.  The doctors who, despite a lack of meaningful evidence based data, continue to inject toxins into us cannot be sued for the harm that they do since the “standard of care” is to use these ill-advised poisons which harm, but do not protect.  The ethicists who advise unscientific and unsound practices cannot be sued since they are only expressing their First Amendment rights in sharing their opinion.

But the parent who protects the integrity of their child’s immune system, who would, under Dr. Caplan’s system, be somehow held responsible for the immune failure of a supposedly protected, that is, vaccinated, person, would be held legally responsible for the fact that vaccination does not work?

Who will be held responsible when the vaccine gives me cancer?  Who will be held responsible when the vaccines destroy my child’s central nervous system?  Who will pay the cost of my grief when my child dies from a post vaccination hemorrhage?

Is it because the science is so weak that Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, has asked that people who share the views I am espousing here be denied a place in the public dialogue?  Or that the Guardian this week said that we who dissent from the common consensus view should be shut out from the dialogue.  Probably.

What if we are right?

At one time the “common consensus” was that doctors didn’t need to wash their hands when the went from the dissecting room to the birthing room. The doctor who pointed this out was hounded from the profession.  And hundreds of thousands of mothers and children continued to die.

Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD Medical Director Natural Solutions Foundation www.DrRimaTruthReports.com


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See original here: http://drrimatruthreports.com/vax-pushing-bio-ethicist-gets-it-all-wrong/

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