Dr. Tau Braun with Pete Santilli: Why the Venom Component Matters

ER Editor: From the end of April here is a very revealing interview with Dr. Tau Braun by Pete Santilli. Braun is a US counter-terrorism trainer and advisor to corporations and govt organisations in terrorism / violence prevention strategies, and was the one first speaking out about the presence of venom in SARS-CoV-2, notably in the engineered spike protein that’s a key part of this BIOWEAPON. Covid as a lab-engineered weapon has been Braun’s claim since the beginning of the ‘pandemic’.



  • Braun has spent close to 2 years trying to get the word out about the bioweapon. He’s focused on the venom because it’s the one most people can understand. Dr. Ardis and Stew Peters did the best job of bringing out this information. The experts have mostly ignored this over the past 2 years. Venom is a complicated phenomenon; people need to be asking ‘where are the venom specialists?’ There are many of them all over the world, experts in venom peptides. Why aren’t they unpacking this for the public? Their silence is extremely telling. Some out there have made a morally dubious choice, to remain silent. They are complicit.
  • April 2020: at the start, an NIH colleague went to Fauci with a report that aggrastat, an anti-clotting drug derived from snake venom, was given to 5 people who were on ventilators. Very quickly, their condition improved. Since the beginning there are have been substances known to be useful that respond to an ENVENOMATION. Aggrastat is one such drug. It’s proof of conspiracy, that this person (Fauci) should have responded immediately to this information, yet he didn’t. It’s proof in a criminal case that, at the very least, it’s medical negligence.
  • The first videos out of Wuhan showed that it didn’t look like a respiratory disease. Respiratory diseases don’t produce people falling over. On a battlefield, that’s the effect of a nerve agent. It’s a bioweapon, and knowledgeable people around Braun assumed Covid was a bioweapon from the beginning. The narrative put out never fitted the actual facts. 
  • We are in a pandemic of stupidity. However, it’s a real disease and the virus has a lethal mechanical bioweapon attached to it. The statistics have been overblown, but it’s a real disease.
  • All the resignations of many FDA officials, as well as doctors and nurses, show these people made a moral choice in this situation. The lack of response from those currently tasked to work these problems (public safety, national infrastructure) is shocking. We needed to be asking and investigating hard questions about what the ‘virus’ is, but this never happened. The Chinese scientists kicked out of the Canadian lab were never investigated. The multiple labs in the world working on gain of function were never mentioned. Was it a leak or an attack? That’s a critical question that was never investigated.
  • This virus is OUR (U.S.) weapon – it’s what Braun hears from experts. It’s a military grade U.S. bioweapon, so who do you take the problem to? There is no-one. The vaccine is co-owned by NIH and Moderna. Level 4 biolabs (which work on pathogens) are found mostly around Ukraine – here there is the highest concentration in the world. Treaties that spell out what people can do with bioweapons have a loophole: you can work on gain of function bioweapons if they are for DEFENSIVE purposes. So as long as your paperwork conforms to this, you can get away with doing it. We are ‘there’ with proteins right now – we can do a 3D print-out for lethal proteins. For the plant-based venom, lectin, the earliest paper where plant-based venom was stuck onto a coronavirus was 1977. So they took essentially a component of a spike protein and attached it to a coronavirus that is a very good home or base for it. Spikes on a coronavirus are flexible and move just like an octopus tentacle, so it can move easily within the body, creating tearing and clotting very easily.
  • Viruses can be sent through the public water system if the venom is encapsulated correctly. Coronaviruses tend to be gastric despite the respiratory component. SARS-CoV-1 favoured the colon as a place of replication. The highest loads were being found in areas around the gut (also for SARS-CoV-2). Just because we had ‘crazy paving’ effects on lung x-rays doesn’t mean the infection started in the lungs. Why would this virus be acting so differently to viruses transmitted in a fecal / oral way? It wouldn’t. You never find a clean virus – they’re attached to faeces, bacteria, blood, etc. They come enveloped in some substance. And these viruses PREFER the gastric juices contrary to what some medical fools believe – they thrive in this acidic environment. The CDC, etc. made this bioweapon purposely fit into the ‘virus’ framework, not the toxin framework. Rochelle Walensky is also in charge of the toxin division of the CDC! To use a military metaphor, the virus is like the tank or the carrier, with a gun (spike protein) that is detachable, that is doing the destructive work. If the tank is immobilized, the gunner isn’t. So you have a highly toxic, synthetic spike protein that hasn’t been labelled as a toxin, but Walensky gave permission to the world to vaccinate people with it! Some toxicologists, unable to deny the spike protein is a venom, aren’t focused on that: they’re concentrating on the FOUR HIV inserts, the rabies insert, the prion insert, and the super-antigen staph. insert. So it’s not just the venom – they’re focused on the rest. The venom parts (2), both neurotoxins, are just one small part of the bigger range of problems. That’s part of the reason why Dr. Ardis and Braun are making a fuss about it; the others aren’t.
  • The benefits of the vaccine do NOT outweigh the risks with all these added parts in the furin cleavage. Robert Malone is due credit as an original developer of mRNA, but over 30 years, he’s been developing bioweapons! He has a moral obligation to tell people not to get vaccinated. He has been paid by the DoD for years. Why does the venom part matter? Because it matters to people in terms of treatments and survivability for the infected, to make sure that we end this for long-haulers – many may suicide in the long run given what they’re facing – in terms of the venom component. We are neglecting the venom impact: it creates insulin resistance, which means people oscillate between too much insulin and not enough. So they end up not being able to deal with glucose as a form of energy. So it’s a glucose-starvation problem where, paradoxically, people end up with too much. It’s the glucose acidity which causes the destruction. It’s part of what venom does. Venom stuns the prey (strokes, freezing in place, hyper-insulinia) so that the snake can get away from a faster animal. A cobra spits. It does not have to sink its fangs into its prey: it spits and aerosolizes its poison. The venom flies through the air several feet and targets the eyes (and skin) of the prey. At the beginning of the pandemic, people were getting conjunctivitis as part of Covid. Wearing glasses did prove to be a slight mitigation factor in getting the disease.
  • Why use venom in treating Covid? Antedotes for envenomations are contained within venom. Snakes have their own anti-venom as a natural product of their bodies because snakes attack each other, so venom gets used to both attack and defend. Anti-venoms are used as treatments. It’s the dose that counts. Our drugs and pesticides are all poisons. So a highly toxic substance in the vaccine is introduced and it is called ‘medicine’. It would be ethical if Covid wasn’t treatable by other means, and if it were a threat to ALL people. It’s not. From the beginning, only people who were allergic to the spike protein were susceptible to Covid – about 1% of the population. e.g. Africa – most of the continent is unvaccinated with the lowest death toll. They can’t get the disease – the risk of Covid is only present for those with chromosome 3 genetic expression, which is related to sugar metabolism. Hence the fact that obesity and diabetes were risk factors for Covid related to sugar metabolism, where sugar is a poison. It’s like sending a fat kid into a candy store. Mask wearing was largely pointless: it’s fine for stopping saliva, but when did people take off their masks? When they were eating, when saliva can be spread. It’s all been pseudo-scientific. They’ve chosen what they want to believe in, not what the facts are.
  • Where are the investigators on all of this, e.g. over killing people with Remdesivir? The typical answer is ‘there is no-one to take this to’. Russia just tried this at the UN: they demanded an investigation of the US-funded biolabs in Ukraine, their reason for going into Ukraine, which is why intervention into Ukraine would not be classified as a war crime. Instead, many UN member countries, one by one, refused to investigate this. So who do you appeal to? The UN is supposed to be the end point, the arbiter. The DoJ isn’t investigating this, either. Nobody is interested in investigating the synthetic proteins that have created this crime. Why aren’t they interested in the crimes committed under Cuomo in the nursing homes? Instead, he got investigated for sexual harassment. Braun in June 2021 had fruitlessly taken documents to US law enforcement (FBI) and had tried the social media channels to get information out, only to get banned. In 2021 he was confident enough to say this wasn’t a respiratory disease; others were also saying it was a cardiac problem, a gastric problem, septic shock, an envenomation, etc. This problem was taken to Pierre Kory and Peter McCullough, too, but it was all ignored and shouldn’t have been. Ivermectin works because it binds to the nicotine receptors and acts in the same way that nicotine and black pepper do. And viruses don’t disappear and get replaced by “Omicron” for example, which is a completely different coronavirus. There hasn’t been any evolutionary continuity. They took thousands of samples from people in Wuhan showing no mutation; then all of a sudden four (4) mutations arrive from the 4 countries doing vaccine development: UK, India, Brazil and … (he forgets). These are places that had free reign to change the spike protein, use different kind of techniques, different doses, to give them to the immunocompromised, etc. So that’s when new strains get created. The human genome now is completely known, so you can create medicine or a weapon against the ‘code’, which is what the human genome is. What is scary about Covid as a synthetic bioweapon is that it targeted chromosome 3. You can now build protein peptides that will take out certain syndromes, races, ancestries, allergens. You can create a weapon that will take out ONE person in a room, e.g. through aerosolized shellfish in the presence of someone who is highly allergic. Stuff can be sprinkled onto food or put in a drink – it’s easy to take out people this way. On the water delivery aspect, it’s perfectly possible that toxic peptides are part of the other junk that comes along in the public water system. Flint MI shows this, where high levels of lead were found. The scary part of the CDC monitoring water is that, across the nation with 100s of collection points, they are collecting DNA samples from sewage. That’s a data set. You can have a county somewhere with an election coming up. You have this genetic data set where you know that a certain pollen is a risk factor for some people or some other component that causes asthma. If people are afflicted at a certain time, it may stop them from feeling like going to vote. Biology can be weaponized for everything. What’s nefarious is that the original scent trail used by venom-producing creatures is produced by spraying glucose into the water, which attracts their prey. So – the vaccine rolls out, and they tempt people with SUGAR! Doughnuts, hamburgers, pizza, etc. It’s all food targeting the genetically susceptible people who are going to have an adverse reaction to the Covid infection and the vaccine. The doughnut was the equivalent of bait on a hook. People with the genetic risk of diabetes are going to get enticed with a doughnut to get vaccinated. People with long-haul Covid are going to have to go Keto (diet) and avoid sugar as much as possible for however long they need to do it. The path through Covid can be as simple as chelating the sugar (toxin) out of their bodies: glucose, fructose, galactose and sucrose need to be avoided by these people. They cannot digest sugar as Covid produces insulin-resistance. Their energy source needs to come from fats such as coconut, etc. Dr. Yvette Lisano who treated thousands of patients noted the role of sugar in the disease.
  • One parting message: when we panic, we go into infantile behaviour and relinquish our power to whomever (a government or scientist, etc.). This never works out. You don’t give up your power against a predator. You take control and work as part of a pack. Stay in your power and break the shackles put on us by these govt. agencies. Second, people need to listen those who don’t come from democracies, who never had a vote. Braun came from such a system in South Africa.
  • People deserve to know what’s in these vaccines. It’s unacceptable that pharma products use a code to make a protein replicate inside of us that we know nothing about. We need to remove people like Rochelle Wolensky, who are not doing their jobs. Our constitutional rights have been totally violated for not taking a commercial product, which is the vaccine.



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