Election Reforms – Common Sense Protections – Needed Now!

Election Reforms – Common Sense Protections – Needed Now!

By: Joseph M. Lenard

First, a lot hinges upon the current Constitutional make-up of the SCOTUS. There is a very important case (though, sadly, they refused to hear the TEXAS VS BATTLE-GROUND STATES that only the SCOTUS could hear, and should have heard, to deal with Election 2020 irregularities of many States (including my own home State of Michigan) that Democrat Officials, blatantly, and with malice of forethought, disregarded): MOORE VS HARPER. MVH stems out of the clear Constitution delineation of STATE LEGISLATURE as SOLE ARBITER of Election Laws and Elections. PERIOD. Not a Governor (zero authority to Veto legally adopted State Legislature Election Laws), not a Secretary Of State (to pick and choose if they want to uphold them), not State Courts (no shopping for Liberal Activist Courts to do the bidding of FASCICRATS), and NOT EVEN STATE REFERENDUMS!!!

Once MOORE V HARPER comes down the way it HAS TO, to adhere to the clear and plain text of the US Constitution, Republican held Legislatures need to enact many COMMON SENSE Election Integrity Laws. NOT to mention, and when/where FASCICRATS break the Laws again, SCOTUS MUST IMMEDIATELY STEP IN and Order new Elections (if necessary, and YES there are Lower Court precedence of such in past (in Local, and even Congressional District Elections)) any State in 2024 that does NOT FOLLOW RULE-OF-LAW.

Simple … Common Sense … Election Law reforms … needed in all 50 States immediately … (#2000Mules and #1Whale (#StaceyAbrams)) 

OK, I’ve written several times on Elections and #VoterFraud (related other Articles referenced down-page), it is time I finally officially put in writing the simple… common sense… Election Law reforms needed immediately… And, yes, well intentioned peoples can have some “disagreement” as to some of these, but I’m betting TLB readers will be in-line with the majority of them….

[I’m going to copy/paste #11 here to the top, as many would obviously say it would be their #1…

11) and, of course, ENFORCE THE DAMN LAWS WE ALREADY HAVE (but we still need these additional things in the Election Laws) and so that they will be we must KICK all AG’s and SOS’s in States that refuse to deal with the rampant Fraud and Prosecute the Criminals involved in the 2020 Fraud (refusing to enforce even existing, not tough enough, Laws). That includes RINOs (like Raffensperger in GA) as well as FASCICRATS (like Commie Activist MI-AG Dana Nessel and MI-SOS Benson in MI, among so many others)! ]

Before we get into the others, let’s review this important little Video of Biden admitting VOTER FRAUD EFFORTS by the FASCICRATS (which I call them, yes another whole other piece (see related: The NAZI label keeps getting tossed about – let’s examine the claim: as I back up my assertions with FACTS not Feelings, hyperbole, or Projection) or aka: DUMBocrat, or demoKKKrats, etc… etc… etc…

1) PHOTO VOTER ID (obvious), there is ZERO EXCUSE for this everywhere. ID is required for virtually everything in America except Voting. So spare us the moronic manure that SOME CANNOT GET ID (especially when all the VoterID Laws offer FREE ID opportunities and even very “flexible PROOFS” someone is legally able to cast a Vote at a particular Precinct). Some States have ID IN NAME ONLY Laws, you can virtually produce any piece of printed paper (easily falsified) to CLAIM you are someone living at a particular address. So, NO not all States even have the farcicle weak Voter verification Law, let alone half of those with them not requiring actual/real/legit Photo-ID.

2) ELECTION DAY, as the Constitution prescribes. NOT Election week, or Election month, and especially this bullshit of ballot discovery for up to a week past the Election day.

3) Cleaning of the Voter Rolls in off Election years. PERIOD. NO EXCUSES. Dead people and those who moved out of a Precinct/City/County/State MUST BE PURGED – as is THE FEDERAL MOTOR-VOTER LAW REQUIRES (passed under and signed by Bill Clinton CALLS FOR that the FASCICRATS (not hyperbole, FACTS (DNC vs NSDAP) see: The NAZI label keeps getting tossed about – let’s examine the claim: always find excuses TO VIOLATE)!

4) Immediate reporting of number of Voters at Poll close. SIMPLE! Each Voter is checked against the Voter Rolls and it is absolutely, positively, known what Voter number they are. TOTAL NUMBER OF VOTERS MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 15 MINUTES OF REGULAR POLL CLOSING TIME or a State Official MUST be dispatched to retrieve such information and watch for any other potential VIOLATIONS OF LAW (if they are withholding this number, the only reason to do so is BECAUSE THEY WANT TO CREATE MORE (ILLEGAL) VOTES)! And spare us the THEY MAY NOT KNOW as people who are in line by Poll close time are still allowed to vote – any SIX YEAR OLD can go out and count the remaining people to Vote that are in line, add it to the number of those already Voted, REPORT THE TOTAL. This eliminates the “ESTIMATED VOTERS” bullshit in the results reporting. Every Precinct will have reported the FINITE NUMBERS THAT WERE CAST AT THAT LOCATION.

5) NONE-OF-THE-ABOVE or NO-VOTE option in each and every Ballot race. If someone does NOT want to Vote for any Candidate in any (or more than one) given Race(s) THEY MUST HIGHLIGHT THE NO-VOTE OPTION. If any Ballot is NOT completely filled out properly IT MUST BE REJECTED BY THE VOTE MACHINE until corrected or the Ballot spoiled and a new properly filled in Ballot issued and cast! PERIOD! This eliminates ANY SHENANIGANS AFTER THE FACT where a Voter left a Race BLANK and a Poll Worker with ill-intent casting AN ADDITIONAL VOTE ON THEIR BEHALF instead.

Therefore, at end of night, total-votes-cast must always equal total-voters-casting-votes IN/FOR ALL RACES! PERIOD! No post-Election shenanigans could occur. 

THE SAME APPLIES TO ABSENTEE BALLOTS, count them, report how many before casting/counting of ABV Votes are begun to be actually counted (Cast). And, again, spare us the fake THEY MAY NOT KNOW, they can count all the ones they have (say 996) and if any come in THE DAY OF while Polls open add them to the count (say 4, 996 + 4 = 1,000 and THAT MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 15 MINUTES OF POLL CLOSE)! Any improperly filled out Ballot MUST BE SPOILED (so there can be LESS VOTES than total expected BUT NEVER MORE) no Poll Worker allowed to “guess” what a Voter wanted. If you cannot get your Ballot correct, SHOW UP IN PERSON TO BE SURE, or otherwise your Ballot IS TOSSED. SIMPLE! And, obviously, if there are more than say 3% of ABV’s “spoiled” independent investigation must occur post-Election to ensure Poll Workers weren’t deciding they didn’t like how someone Voted and decided to IMPROPERLY SPOIL a bunch of Votes/Ballots.

Therefore we know, absolute certainty, Precinct X had Y number of in-person-voters + Z number of ABV and MORE BALLOTS CANNOT MAGICALLY APPEAR AT 3AM. And we know EXACTLY how many Votes (%) is really counted/in (no estimates) and exactly how much of the Vote is still outstanding on Election night reporting.

6) NO “UNRESOLVED” VOTES FOLDERS ON MACHINES. PERIOD! If a machine is UNCERTAIN the Ballot shall not be accepted and must be corrected (ovals properly filled) or Ballot spoiled and new Ballot issued to be properly Cast. None of this DOMINION UNRESOLVED FOLDER where a Poll Worker with potential ill-intent gets to “interpret” a Voters intent. If the intent is UNCLEAR the Machine MUST REJECT THE ENTIRE BALLOT and require it be completely and full filled-out. PERIOD!

7) A minimum of ONE, and up to THREE, POLL WATCHERS of each and every Party with Candidates on Ballot within a Precinct MUST BE PRESENT during any Vote counting to watch/monitor counts OR SAID PRECINCT VOTES MADE NULL AND VOID (do you think Democrats would want their Votes tossed? They finally would COMPLY with Law)!

8) ALL PRECINCTS put into a hat, or whatever assured RANDOMNESS, and 10% of all Precincts BE FULLY AUDITED (Every Ballot rechecked vs the Counts and Totals Reported) for correctness within 48 hours of Election day by State (not the same local) officials. CERTIFICATION of State Results may NOT occur until such actually certifies sample Vote and ANY IRREGULARITIES TRIGGER FULL/STATEWIDE FULL/COMPLETE (every Vote checked) AUDIT (again, State cannot, will not, be Certified until such occurs).

9) Drop boxes must be made ILLEGAL. These Boxes are UNSECURE (unguarded). Easy to be stuffed with ILLEGAL BALLOTS. This is obvious and easy access to/for VOTER FRAUD and DIRECT VIOLATION OF EVERY STATES’ CHAIN-OF-CUSTODY LAWS! Plus, since unsecure, could be damaged/destroyed that could destroy potentially valid/legal Ballots. Must see Dinesh D’Souza’s ”#2000mules and #1Whale (Stacey Abrams)” (as I call it) since we all know Stacey’s fake “Fair Elections” group was involved. Their Groups and their Legislation titles are always the EXACT OPPOSITE of their intentions, which they must always hide knowing, sadly with the state of our Education system for decades, there are a lot of clueless SNOWFLAKES easily fooled/maniupulate by Leftist Lies.


10) Any Precinct failing to uphold proper SIGNATURE VERIFICATION STATUTES votes NULL AND VOID as they are NOT CONFIRMED VOTES/VOTERS.


11) and, of course, ENFORCE THE DAMN LAWS WE ALREADY HAVE (but we still need these additional things in the Election Laws) and so that they will be we must KICK all AG’s and SOS’s in States that refuse to deal with the rampant Fraud and Prosecute the Criminals involved in the 2020 Fraud (refusing to enforce even existing, not tough enough, Laws). That includes RINOs (like Raffensperger in GA) as well as FASCICRATS (like Commie Activist MI-AG Dana Nessel and MI-SOS Benson in MI, among so many others)!

12) NOTICE I DID NOT EVEN GO INTO THE OBVIOUS: YOU SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SEND ANYONE A BALLOT THAT DOES NOT REQUEST IT! PERIOD. I didn’t mention it, BECAUSE THAT IS ALREADY ILLEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES, and yet we know many States VIOLATED THEIR OWN LAWS (it was the basis of the TX Lawsuit against other States for VIOLATING THEIR LAWS WHICH DISENFRANCHISED TX’s VOTES and you can see my SCOTUS COWARDICE related article on that listed in the related links below) in this regard (knowing full well Ballots would be mailed to addresses of Dead people, people that no longer live at a particular address, etc!

13) add YOUR common-sense additions in the comments!

PLUS, sorry, have to add, IF EVERY CONSERVATIVE AND ANYONE REMOTELY CONSIDERS THEMSELF A REPUBLICAN WOULD GET OFF THEIR ASS AND VOTE IN PERSON they could still potentially steal a Local Election here and there but there would be NO WAY they could STEAL STATEWIDE OR NATIONAL ELECTIONS. If you show up to Vote each and every Election, you are on Record as such, and they will not likely attempt to Cast a Vote in your name (as it WOULD BE IMMEDIATELY EXPOSED when you show up to the Poll and they say you Voted already and you then could, would, should, demand a Police Report be Filed that someone illegally Cast your Ballot) illegally without your consent because they are looking for NON-VOTERS from who to illegally Cast Votes on behalf of. If people got off their asses rather than constantly complain how their Vote doesn’t really count, it would be damn near impossible to commit enough Fraud on such wide-scale to Win (again, certainly some exceptions could happen, but not the clear widespread theft of multiple counties to Steal State Elections and not multiple States to Steal another Federal Election). One way to be certain the FASCICRATS Win, is not bother to try and keep them out of Office.

Another important Video is the whole 2000 Mules documentary, or as I call it: “#2000mules and #1Whale (Stacey Abrams)” (as I “truthfully” label it)

Seriously FASCICRATS spare us your lame excuse LIES Talking Points…. If these people collected LEGIT VOTES why not turn them in at the City Clerks office, Secretary of States’ office, or even ALL IN ONE DROP-BOX! Everyone knows the answer why not – FRAUD!


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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2 Comments on Election Reforms – Common Sense Protections – Needed Now!

  1. More #Michigan #Voting shenanigans…

    Reported from Redford and Garden City having people ILLEGALLY use Sharpies rather than VALID BLUE OR BLACK INK PENS as even says IS REQUIRED on the Secrecy Sleeve outlines. Why? They use Dominion, which then places improperly read Ballots (as is high probability with Sharpie) into ADJUDICATION mode/folder where #Votes are “interpreted for SUPPOSED intent” and the #VoterFraud of changing #Votes occurs. ALL STATES MUST OUTLAW ANY MACHINE WITH AN ADJUDICATION FUNCTION – PERIOD! If a Machine CANNOT PROPERLY PROCESS ENTIRE BALLOT it MUST BE REQUIRED to kick it out and make the #Voter correct anything unreadable or spoil the Ballot and make the Voter fill out a Ballot properly to be accepted/counted to avoid #VoterFraud. NO MORE EXCUSES for this #Fraud.

  2. I’m hearing rumors that #Biden and #Harris are concerned about #FreeSpeech #TRUTH social site (where #FACTS about #ElectionFraud are aired) and are attempting to acquire financing from #Bloomberg, #Soros, #Steyers, and others, to create compelled speech #LIES social site (where it will be 24×7 Russian Collusion delusion and Jan 6 hype) to counter! 🙂 LOL

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