Engineered Polar Vortexes, Ice Nucleation & Methane: Eminent Catastrophe

Chemtrail clowds

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Updated and Republished on 06/13/2015

Let us discuss catastrophe beyond anything except a full scale, all out, nuclear exchange … but just as deadly and final … And one that may have already been triggered to the ultimate detriment of all humanity!

There seems to be less and less normal, or naturally occurring, weather as we progress these days. A close look at past satellite photos shows the massive proliferation of atmospheric spraying and HAARP influence off the Pacific coast of the US , used for generating or initializing a Polar Vortex to bring an extremely cold snap to the heartland of America, as well as off the eastern coast of the US with the intent of producing the same results in the UK and Europe.

The polar vortex brought another period of severe cold to the central United States. This is being done as a psy-op, to convince the US congress, and the American people, that an “ice age is coming”. This is another delay tactic (like the IPCC), to guarantee the Arctic methane venting goes far enough, that it cannot be stopped. The actual truth, is that the world is heating VERY rapidly, and is passing the “tipping point” right now. So, the weather controllers, who are maintaining the “polar vortex”, are guilty of genocide, ecocide, and violation of Internationale law.

See more here: Polar Vortex Restarted, Weather Warfare on Europe

The problem is not only what is being perpetuated … but includes what it is intended to mask, cover up or hide from the masses …

Extinction level events are unfolding on this planet as we speak with little to no notice by a vast majority of this planets population … Like cattle being herded ignorantly and blindly to the slaughter.

In the information presented in the above video, please take special notice of the result of intentionally pulling the super cold Arctic air south into central North America and Europe, in what is being described as a Polar Vortex. Warmer air floods in on the backside of this phenomenon to replaced the frigid air drawn away, thus facilitating unnatural increased temperatures in the polar region.


Ice Nucleation – How Winter Is Manufactured

Most are at a loss to explain the organic materials found in atmospheric spraying … You don’t need organic components to reflect sunlight (stated reason for spraying is to reflect sunlight and cool the planet). Well here is the reason for the organic component and it does NOT bode well for our health!

“We have cloned and characterized DNA segments carrying the genes responsible for the ice-nucleating ability of these bacteria.”

“The cloned fragments imparted ice-nucleating activity in Escherichia Coli.”

I have personally suffered more flu like symptoms in the last several years than in a decade combined prior to this, and my skies are sprayed almost daily.

Next time you wonder why you and everyone around you is sick, or how “Flu Like” symptoms can shoot up well over 100% every time a storm passes, consider the ice nucleation components we are constantly breathing during these simulated winters …

And big pharma does a killing on one of the most dangerous vaccines on the market containing the neurotoxic thimerosal (mercury), the flu vaccination. Hmmm ??? … !!!


The Perfect Storm

All of the above combines into “The Perfect Storm” of artificially manufactured winter, artificially created flu-like sickness (or worse), aluminum (and other heavy metals) saturated soil, water and air … and the big Kahoona … a massive increase of methane release into our atmosphere.


Firing The Methane Clathrate Gun

There is a serious need to look at what is developing in the Arctic and understand that loss of ice reflectivity has already set off one feedback loop, where open expanses of water are absorbing solar radiation and driving water temperatures higher. As they continue to climb, an inevitability has been set culminating in a thawing and releasing of massive quantities of methane. While it’s impossible to state a specific point when a runaway scenario could occur, it behooves us to wake up to a real danger right before our eyes … because there are already those stating “The Gun Has Been Fired”.

Dr. Guy McPherson pulls no punches as he updates us with the news regarding the “Methane Monster” evidently exploding in the Arctic and Northern regions. The “clathrate gun” has been fired he reports, and the methane clathrate melt levels seem to be increasing exponentially.

At unexpectedly high levels in the atmosphere, methane hydrate gas could exacerbate global temperature rise at such a highly accelerated rate as to create havoc to all life on the planet.

If this is truly unfolding as Dr. McPherson suggests, steps should be taken immediately to ameliorate emissions with the hopes of mitigating negative repercussions.

See more here: The Arctic Methane Monster’s “Insane Level of Disaster”


A great source and Contributor to The Liberty Beacon project, Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch, states “Ch4 (methane) is 20 x more potent (as a greenhouse gas) than Co2 over a 100 year time horizon, we don’t have that much time. Over a 10 year horizon Ch4 is 100 to 120 x more potent, over a 30 day to 60 day horizon it can be as much as 1000x worse than Co2. We are truly in free fall.”

The massive volume of Methane trapped at the bottom of frigid oceans in the form of frozen methane hydrates, does have the ability to end all life on this planet if released in enough volume and over a limited period of time. When the water temperature directly above the sea bed rises, methane hydrates dissolve and release the previously bound methane. This scenario portends that enormous amounts of this very powerful greenhouse gas will be released into the atmosphere resulting in utter, catastrophic and fatal damage to the biosphere … and humanity

What becomes alarmingly obvious is the unusual and unnaturally warm temperatures that result from intentional manipulation via these polar vortexes in the very areas of this planet where methane is trapped. The release of this killer gas has already begun with atmospheric levels magnitudes above what used to be considered the norm, and some scientists project that if it continues to escape at the increasing rate that is already taking place … continued life on this planet could be all but impossible as soon as the next 20-40 years, with some stating this could actually initiate any time within the next few years … (above video)



trouble_bubbling_in_thearctic.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterbox 1
Methane bubbles up from warming arctic waters

If you wish to leave a viable planet for your children or grandchildren, if (as some are already saying) it is not already too late, PLEASE do some personal research! This is the most important thing you will ever research because … The genocide of humanity, or the re-terraforming of earth may already have begun, and this my skeptical friends … is NOT a guess !!!

Sources and additional reading:


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4 Comments on Engineered Polar Vortexes, Ice Nucleation & Methane: Eminent Catastrophe

  1. Roger, Thank you very much for addressing the worst possible global events next to nuclear catastrophe. Activists friends all along the West Coast of the United States have been working diligently to make people aware of this silent war against all life on the planet. With articles and videos like yours being published the task of informing more people with credible scientific information will become easier. Thank you again!

  2. Roger, your videos are excellent! For those of us who have difficulty explaining how the HAARP/aerosol weather modification programs work – I always refer to one of your videos! Keep up the great work. Thank you!

  3. If the scientists are right about repeating ice ages with warmer ages between, then this has happened before. Is there any evidence of it before? If so, what is that evidence and what were the effects of it on life?

  4. Roger Landry, thank you very much for writing this important article, on a scary and real subject, and not holding back the truths. People must understand this if we are to have a habitable planet in the near future. It’s a nobel thing to tell the truth. People who accuse anyone of fear mongering, need to do more homework. It’s time to join together, and get very serious. Geoengineering (SRM and HAARP steering) is exacerbating this feedback loop destruction. It’s critical to also mention that the geoengineering aerosols are decimating the ozone layer. That is permitting never seen before levels of UV to hit ground and sea level – causing further warming. If we are to have a chance, we have to band together and expose and stop geoengineering, and hope the earth can rebalance. Again, many thanks.

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