European Resistance Is Getting Organized – Dutch Police Shoot Into The Crowd [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Here is the tweet from the account of Alexis Poulin showing a person falling to the ground after a shot was fired amid demonstrations in Rotterdam last week. See also #Rotterdam and #Rotterdamrellen (Rotterdam riots).

Check out this tweet posted by Anonymous UK Citizen giving a taste of things in the French territory of Guadeloupe. See more at #Guadeloupe covid riot.

‘States Have Chosen Violence’


Health pass: the police shoot at the crowd, the resistance is organised


The health pass is not the walk in the park that Western governments had imagined.

Across Europe, it has provoked virulent reactions that have led to the first tragedies: in Holland, police shot two demonstrators with live ammunition. In Belgium, a demonstration in Brussels led to scuffles. In Guadeloupe, a curfew was declared. Metropolitan France had been leading the way since August, but Macron’s propaganda denying the weight of the protest made other European countries believe that everything was going smoothly. Gradually, the resistance is getting organised.


Resistance to the health pass is organising in Europe and Australia, as Dutch police fired on the crowd on Friday night, injuring two people. The images we produce above show how the methodical implementation of the Great Reset and its instrumentalisation of COVID for authoritarian purposes is beginning to produce a general awakening of the people on the Old Continent, and its “branches”. Time passes, and the internationalisation of social credit à la chinoise is leading to an internationalisation of resistance.

Police shoot at the crowd in Holland

The big shock of the weekend was of course the shooting of live ammunition into a crowd at a demonstration that went wrong in Rotterdam, Holland. It seems that the police found themselves cornered by hostile protesters, and got out of the way by shooting at the assailants. But the footage we produce gives more of a sense of “stray bullets” that engage the direct responsibility of the police.

The French press deliberately ignored this serious event, which once again raises the question of the media’s responsibility for the worsening situation.

In the meantime, the weekend in Holland saw demonstrations and riots all over the place, which illustrate the vigour of the resistance to the ongoing coup de force. We reproduce some of the images above. Normally, a government resigns when it is thus disavowed by the people.

Violence in Brussels against Chinese-style social credit

In the European capital, and moreover in the European district of Brussels itself, a demonstration degenerated into open confrontations with the police. The images speak for themselves. If we accept the hypothesis that the European Commission is the nerve centre of the Great Reset in Europe, this violence, both physical and symbolic, proves the extent to which public opinion (or part of it) rejects the plans imposed on the population without consultation, starting with the segregation involved in the Chinese-style social credit tool that is the health pass.

We look forward to seeing in the coming weeks the determination of European governments to impose this liberticidal policy at any cost.

Guadeloupe in a near insurrectionary situation

In France, a demonstration of Yellow Vests organised on Saturday in Paris gave rise to tensions. But it is especially in Guadeloupe, as we have been reporting since last week (again in the silence of the subsidised media), that the situation is degenerating, with a quasi-insurrectional situation. For the moment, the government has only provided a security response to those opposed to the obligatory vaccine.

This is probably a serious political error of judgement, which could help radicalise the movement in France.

Meanwhile, the 3rd dose for all is coming

The French National Authority for Health (HAS) is for the moment not troubled by the rising resistance. It has just issued its opinion on the administration of a 3rd dose of vaccine for people over 40: it’s officially on! It should be noted that the threshold is limited to 40 years old for the moment, which underlines the government’s concerns about the side effects of the vaccine and the Messenger RNA for younger people. But, shhhh! we don’t talk about it, we just say that vaccination of under 40s has been open for less than six months, and therefore the use of the third dose for these populations is not yet justified.

In any case, we are well on the way to limiting the health pass to people who have received this third dose. And one more restriction that should fuel resistance.

The HAS recognises that the vaccine does not protect against the virus

Even more extravagant is the opinion of the French National Authority for Health (HAS) on the over-vaccination of people who have been vaccinated but infected by the virus. It’s like a dream to read such an admission of vaccination failure:

While waiting for data documenting the immunological status of people infected after vaccination, and with the aim of simplification, the HAS recommends :

  • The administration of an additional dose 6 months after infection for persons eligible for the booster and in whom the infection occurred after a complete vaccination schedule.
  • The administration of a second dose 6 months after infection for all persons in whom an infection has occurred after having received a first dose of vaccine (incomplete vaccination scheme). This recommendation is valid regardless of their age and regardless of how long after the first dose the infection occurred.

One wonders about the clairvoyance of the vaccinated, who continue to explain that the vaccine is effective in the face of this kind of official statement – which explains exactly the opposite.

5th wave, new containment?

As we explained last Friday, the government is now in a panic when it realises that the vaccination obligation and its mass suspensions of staff have greatly weakened public hospitals, which were already in difficulty due to a plethoric bureaucracy that absorbs all the resources dedicated to care. To disguise the damage, the government spokesman came up with the far-fetched theory of a proliferating 5th wave.

The graph below, which shows the number of patients in critical care, shows the inanity of this claim. There is indeed a resurgence of severe cases, but it remains moderate and slow.

But the government is convinced that the French, tired of the fight, have given up on verifying the government’s claims, and will be docile enough to accept the announcement of a new lockdown, whose aim will obviously be political. Faced with the rise in protests, putting everyone under house arrest is not absurd… it is for our own good.

Towards institutional violence against the non-vaccinated?

The question now is whether this strategy will be accompanied by an official call for violence against the non-vaccinated, or at least a call for their segregation. According to our information, this scenario, which is still in McKinsey’s files, would come at a time when the positions have begun their cycle of radicalisation.

In any case, the hypothesis cannot be excluded.

Until then, if you want to get involved, don’t forget to join the association Rester libre!



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