Evidence: “They Own The Weather”… But Not Texas!

By Ralph Ely | TLB Staff | Video & Picture Research by Christopher Lee

The “They” in our headline refers to the Government/Contractors/Scientists involved in the GeoEngineering Programs for the purposes of Military applications, Weather Modification and Social/Political/Economic control as expressed by the Power Elite in their various agendas outlining the use of Weather Warfare for Global Control.

It is no secret, although you would think so if you relied only on main stream media, there is a prolonged drought in California and (on again/off again) depending on where you are in Oregon and other neighboring states. It is our considered opinion the a fore mentioned drought will disappear once Nestle has the majority of major water rights and Monsanto, Bayer and the other GMO Agricultural Corporations have purchased the major tracks of farm land for cents on the dollar.

Dont mess with TX insert

As to some of the other Social-GeoEngineering, Texas is being spanked like a naughty child for taking on the Fed/Global power structure with it’s motto “Don’t Mess With Texas” (displayed prominently as you enter Texas) when it comes to Gun Control, Weather Control or any of the other “Control” put forward by the 1%’ers.

This “spanking” is being given is in the form of “weather warfare” and is causing record flooding and all of the heartbreaking stories that come with it. Some of us at TLB have life long friends in Texas and we can tell you first hand… when you do mess with Texas, you end up on the short end of the stick. Messing with a Texan just makes them “dig their heels in deeper” and stand their ground. Texas really is “a force to be reckoned with” as the Elite will soon discover.

In the videos below we will take a look (via satellite) at the GeoEngineers keeping California dry, while at the same time moving moisture north and then east and finally into Texas… while also moving moisture down to Baja and then east into Texas. Watch closely for the *2 organized lines that shoot out of the bottom of your screen and end up in the gulf of Alaska and off the Washington/Oregon coast.
Credit: Christopher Lee, OC Skywatch [Chris’s comment: “SSMI/SSMIS/AMSR2-derived Total Precipitable Water – East Pacific map today. They seem to be aimed towards the low pressure NNE of Hawaii. After the anomalies show up, it appears the storm starts losing its circular shape.”]

And now we see the moisture being driven from the north down into Texas and from the west via Baja.

As to what was referred to as *2 organized lines shooting up, it is an educated conclusion they are RF infrared bursts from a land based HAARP facility (Australia?) or lower altitude satellites energizing the nano-particulates of heavy metals sprayed at 40-45,000 feet to control moisture content and direction. This technology has been deployed many times during the last few years with Pin-Point-Accuracy and seemingly with a vengeance this year as the following video and screen shots will confirm. (RE)


“A giant thunderstorm cell the size of Alabama and Georgia combined is seen being superheated and destroyed by microwave energy as it approaches Northern Florida. Note the excellent blast pattern detail on the Southwestern side and the shock wave moving out radially to the South in the Gulf. This type of large blast creates winds for several minutes as the superheated watervapor rapidly expands out at high velocity.

The MODIS Today color satellite map shows heavy aerosol chemtrail spraying all around the thunderstorm and in the Gulf of Mexico.-no sound intended” ~ via 1PacificRedwood

2-29-2016; Day-12 of High Pressure Blockade; Phased Array Transmitter Generates Right-angle Front! [screen shot below]

Credit: 1PacificRedwood

Massive High Pressure Blockade off West Coast; California Drought Continues. 4/17/16 Note the heavy spraying off N. Calif, OR & WA coast driving the moisture up to Alaska and then the East and finally South to Texas. [screen shot below]

Credit: Christopher Lee, OC Skywatch

In our final offering Chris takes us back by Video to the 1st of May and shows the build-up and the beginning of what has been happening all month long as a result of the GeoEngineering Programs. It will be an instructive 23 minutes and time well spent.

Credit: Christopher Lee, OC Skywatch









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  1. God is going to have to bump this where it should go just to prove He is going to be in charge of the Weather. It may teach these people to leave the weather alone…

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