Explosive Study Published in Nature Shakes the Core of mRNA Technology!

ER Editor: An important reminder that a % of Covid vaccines have been found to have ZERO biological ingredients in them, which includes mRNA and the possibility of having any spike proteins in the body. Instead, they have plastics and metals that interact with EMF technology. However, this finding, as Aussie17 points out, relates to ALL mRNA technology, and all that they had planned for us using this technology going forward.

Aussie17 is a pharma insider.


Explosive Study Published in Nature Shakes the Core of mRNA Technology!

Cambridge and Oxford University Hospital study found 1 in 4 with Pfizer mRNA jabs experienced “unintended” immune response

Well, a bombshell study has just been published in Nature with what might be the most complex title ever. The study’s name, “N1-methylpseudouridylation of mRNA causes +1 ribosomal frameshifting,” was written by 20 authors, mainly from the University of Cambridge and Oxford University Hospital, and it’s creating a buzz in the scientific world.

Let me say that this study is damning to the mRNA platform—not only vaccines but also everything related to mRNA.

This study highlights a process known as “ribosomal frameshifting.” Try to memorize this term because if my suspicions are correct, these words will keep appearing in various commentaries in the coming months.

Let me break it down in layman’s terms:

Most of us now know that mRNA is used to send instructions to our cells to manufacture Spike Protein. Well, mRNA occurs naturally in our body, but the problem with natural mRNA is that it breaks down really fast. To “extend” the lifespan of mRNA to make vaccines, the scientists at Pfizer and Moderna swapped out a small component of the mRNA and replaced it with “N1-methylpseudouridine” (or simply pseudouridine if you have followed the scientific discussions). This is why calling it “mRNA” is erroneous; we should call it modRNA (modified RNA).

This new study discovered that adding in pseudouridine in the vaccine can disrupt the usual process of protein production in our cells.

To put it simply, consider the process like building a model with LEGO bricks by following the instruction manual. Now, picture that one of the instruction steps has a misprint and tells you to add a brick where it doesn’t belong, but you don’t realize the mistake and continue building. Instead of ending up with the intended model — in the case of the vaccine, the “Spike Protein” — you end up with a model that doesn’t look or function as it should, essentially a jumble of misplaced pieces.

Using the illustration below, rather than producing the “intended” spike protein, what results is a garbled protein with unknown consequences.

I used a Darth Vader mask because the Spike Protein was dodgy from the beginning.

Anyway, the study found that 1 in 4 people injected with the Pfizer’s mRNA experienced this “unintended immune response” as Telegraph reported.

I can’t help but crack up and seethe at the same time! The Telegraph has the cheek to chuck in a little “no adverse effects were created” as if it’s a blooming afterthought! What a joke! So here we go, now we know that 1 in 4 people jabbed with Pfizer’s mRNA are cobbling together these rubbish proteins in their cells, maybe till the cows come home, while these folks are dropping dead, getting cancer and autoimmune diseases. And the Telegraph is telling us it’s all sweet, no worries?

The drama with these mRNA “vaccines” just keeps on mounting. This new mess isn’t even scratching the surface of the crap we already knew about — talking about that igG4 class switch shenanigans, sneaky undeclared SV40 promoters, and the DNA plasmid contaminations!

No wonder people are dropping dead all over, cancer rates, autoimmune diseases and even neurological problems are skyrocketing!

Another Preview of Drug Sales

Anyway, let me give you another preview of another cancer drug, this time Zoladex.

Zoladex is a brand name for the drug goserelin, which is a type of hormone therapy used primarily in the treatment of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and certain benign gynecological disorders. Zoladex is a medication with quite some history, having been developed back in the 1980s. From my two decades in the pharmaceutical industry, I can assert that it’s not common for an established cancer drug like Zoladex to experience a sudden 15% increase in use from one year to the next. This sales data is from Singapore (80% boosted with Pfizer and Moderna mRNA).

If you’re keen to understand which medications are flying off the shelves – which could hint at which health issues are on the rise post-vaccination – consider signing up. We’ll be unpacking the sales trends of blood thinners, heart medications, neurological drugs, and other cancer treatments!

I also previewed the sales of Tasigna here.

Signing off for now!



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