Facets: John Adams Encouragement Rings In the Heart Of America

John Adams - Founding Father

John Adam’s encouragement rings in the heart of America

By TLB Contributing Author: Ken La Rive

As America sits on the rim of the most important election in our lifetime, perhaps we can find solace by looking at what one of our founding fathers tried to tell us. Perhaps he can rekindle an idea that seemed most important, as they also sat on the rim, with everything, even their own life hanging in the balance.

Our founders knew all too well the power of dictatorship, of an oligarchy, repression, subjugation, and worst of all, slavery of the will. What these me are telling us, from the very grave, is indeed applicable to what we are experiencing today.


Benjamen Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson…

Some of us who perceive the dangers ahead, where civil liberties and our Constitution are being shredded from an unaccountable government, are just a few of many challenges we face from every side. I tell you this with the most profound and sincere voice I can muster: We have enemies at the gates, and traitors who want to open them.

Let us consider, for a moment, a national debt that has gone from 6 trillion to almost 20 trillion in just eight years? How can this be allowed? We have leaders who are bought and paid for by international interests looking to make profit, and we have no ability to challenge this by clearly defined Constitutional Law. We have so called leadership who conspire, and divert attention from their hidden agendas, by creating false-flags, the spreading of lies and media propaganda, and have reintroduced the open wounds of  racial bigotry, hatred and prejudice, all horrors we have tried so hard to overcome as a nation. And as these issues are reintroduced by our leadership, we fight each other instead of holding them accountable for their treachery. It is called divide and conquer, and it is very profitable.

To survive this, we must ask introspective, powerful and rational questions, and try to come together as one nation. Primarily, a singular question seems to rise to the surface: Who are we as a nation?

Are we to be slaves begging for crumbs from the master’s table? Are we cowards who let men steal our national resources, so hidden from view they are above the law? Are we blind to the destruction of our civil liberties, that our forefathers died to give us?  Are we to allow men with duel-citizenship to choose our president, rig our elections, and destroy our Constitutional Republic based on law?


Our country, our America, so dear to our hearts, has been slipping from our grasp, increment by increment, for a hundred years… and hindsight is the only measure we have to determine both worth and hope. There, in the folds of time, we can see what we were hoped to be, and so visualize what we have become. We can have no future as a Democratic Republic, without this understanding. We must seek truth.

Men of indomitable will and sound principle explained to us something so profound, it seems that it can only be whispered in America today:  Civil Liberty, is God given. Scream it to the heavens! Liberty is not granted by government, it comes to us from God! It is our God-given right.

By their insight, they gave us A Declaration of Independence, a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, with trembling hands.

At the Constitutional Convention, an obscure woman asked Benjamin Franklin whether the Constitution established a republic or monarchy. He said to her: “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

Below are John Adam’s words. They were written by candle light, and they lit the minds of men who knew oppression, first hand. They were meant to encourage his fellow assemblymen to sign the Declaration of Independence, though there were others emphatically opposed to it. These words were taken from John McCullough’s biography on John Adams, and they should split the hearts of every single American with both pride and hope.

We are Americans! The greatest social experiment the world has ever witnessed, and the blood and honor of those brave men still course through our veins!

Do not, do Not give up hope! The truth of what they stood for is ultimate, and can not be denied. It is mirrored in the truth we hold in our hearts, and is self-evident. Liberty, is our manifest destiny.

As Jefferson finished his speech, John Adams stood up… 

“Objects of the most stupendous magnitude. Mirrors which will affect the lives of millions, born and unborn are now before us. We must expect a great expense of blood and pain, but we must always remember that a free constitution of civil government cannot be purchased at too dear a rate as there is nothing on this side of Jerusalem of greater importance to mankind. 

My worthy colleague from Pennsylvania has spoken with great ingenuity and eloquence. He has given you a grim prognostication of our national future, but where he foresees apocalypse, I see hope.

I see a new nation ready to take its place in the world, not an empire, but a republic and a republic of laws, not men. 

Gentlemen, we are in the very midst of revolution, the most complete, unexpected and remarkable in the history of the world. How few of the human race have ever had an opportunity for choosing a system of government for themselves and for their children? 

I am not without apprehensions gentlemen, but the end we have in sight is more than worth all the means. My belief says that the hour has come, my judgment approves this measure and my whole heart is in it. All that I have, all that I am and all that I that I hope in this life, I am now ready to stake upon it.

While I live, let me have a country. A free country!” John Adams — 1776



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