FBI Insider: Pizzagate Pedophile Ring Arrests Imminent

TLB Note: At this point TLB cannot verify the following information, but we are publishing what is available at this time to keep you informed of what is circulating. We will update you as more information becomes available or is verifiable. 

FBI Insider: Pizzagate Pedophile Ring Arrests Are Now Imminent

30 politicians & 40 others in DC, VA & NYC to be arrested

By: Jay Greenberg

An FBI whistleblower has confirmed that 30 politicians and 40 other individuals are to be arrested in Washington D.C., Virginia, and New York City in connection with the Pizzagate pedophile ring.

The insider at the Federal Bureau of Investigation claims that the FBI has just finished(3 pm 2/2/17) submitting paperwork to the Department of Justice in preparations for the arrests which will begin as soon as Jeff Sessions assumes his role as Attorney General.

Mr. Sessions had been briefed on the investigation and all of the evidence three weeks ago.

According to the anonymous insider:

Information was finally submitted from the FBI to the DOJ today at 3 pm. Mr. Sessions was briefed 3 weeks ago as to the investigation in its entirety. Once assumes his position, arrest warrants will be signed, and arrests will be made. This is also why the Democratic Party in DC has been fighting the Sessions vote. Panic.

Furthermore, starting Monday or Tuesday of next week, you will begin to start seeing arrests of individuals. Over 30 politicians (many are household names), and over 40 other individuals throughout DC, VA and also a handful in NYC. Some may off their selves before they are apprehended, so keep an eye out for that over the weekend, and you will know they are involved in some manner.

The child pedophilia ring/sex trafficking arrests California was not related, at least no evidence yet to suggest that it was. May be wrong as people begin to talk, or make deals on the matter.

Although the anonymous insider refused to reveal all the names on the list of those to be arrested by the FBI, he/she did reveal that Democrat and US Senator, Chuck Ellis Schumer, was one of the high-profile names that will be arrested, as well as Senator Tim Kaine and former Attorney General of Connecticut Richard Blumenthal.

Sen. Jeff Sessions should have his role as Attorney General confirmed next we after he survived his first test floor vote on Thursday.

Marking a stunning rejection of a colleague most of them have served with for years, nearly every Democrat in the chamber voted against Mr. Sessions.

Democratic leaders said their vote wasn’t a statement on Mr. Sessions himself, but rather on the policies they feared he would pursue at the Justice Department, as it’s widely believed that Sessions will bring charges against Hillary Clinton.

They also said they weren’t convinced he would be an independent check on Mr. Trump.

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