is a bigger, nastier internet bully than Gawker: fraudulent journalism, fabricated ‘facts’ and hit pieces against anti-GMO activists

Preface by Cathy Geibel, TLB writer/reporter

Here’s a shout out to We Activists!!  We are truly the David to the Media’s Goliath.  Media outlets including Forbes are the front men for big Biotech and chemical companies with unlimited resources.  Yet we persist.  Yes, we may get frustrated and at times things look bleak but pebble by pebble, stone by stone we build our defenses against these companies.  Country by country they are losing their foothold. Dollar by dollar we inspired non-GMO and organic farmers to expand.  Big companies such as Costco are responding to our requests as well as others.  In the end, remember who won… David, the little guy.  We can and WILL win our quest for clean, healthy food to eat, uncontaminated air to breath,  and clean untainted and un-fluoridated water to drink.  (CG) 


By S. D. Wells 

If you don’t already waste your time reading gossip “news,” don’t start now. The American blog Gawker attracts over 20 million readers a month who enjoy reading lies about celebrities and plagiarized, illegally obtained information that the media industry seems to gobble up. Founded by Nick Denton and Elizabeth Spiers in 2003, Gawker posts crude videos to garner attention and completely lacks any journalistic integrity, but that sheer and unmitigated absence of rectitude is dwarfed by, the ultimate cyber-bully capitalistic “news” website that promotes anything corporate, at any cost. These spineless sites are not afraid of lawsuits for libel, slander, lies, defamation and character assassination attempts. The income generated by these two sites is far greater than any settlement costs they may incur for spewing hate and propaganda.


Not too long ago, one of the more popular and sarcastic Gawker writers tweeted his support of bullying, posting: “… nerds should be constantly shamed and degraded into submission,” and in a separate tweet: “Bring back bullying.” These arrogant, worthless posts lost Gawker thousands of dollars in advertising revenue, as sponsors like Adobe quickly pulled their ads from the site, not wanting to identify with this ruthless attempt to be popular and entertain readers at any price. You could say that in their attempt to write “hit pieces,” the Gawker idiots themselves got hit. It’s all part of the natural order that, eventually, we always witness a good bully being beaten down.

In a similar vein, spews hate, lies and propaganda to discredit and dismantle the truth about the nasty corporate-led fight to keep consumers in the dark about health choices and especially GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in food. Forbes’ writers are some of the most “trained” cyber-bullies on the planet, degrading food activists and health enthusiasts in any way they can, often writing hit pieces that attack leading activists like the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, or the “Food Babe” Vani Hari. In support of all of their evil corporate sponsors, will publish anything to brainwash its readers into believing that GMOs are good for people, animals and the environment. Forbes pushes for Americans to consume chemical pesticides that are known to cause cancer and dementia in order to further their agenda of promoting crony capitalism. It’s all “paid-for,” yellow journalism that promotes the opinions and positions of chemical corporations like Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Dupont and Syngenta.

Forbes employs the chemical industry’s most nefarious messengers and cyber-bullies

The epitome of a corporate propagandist and pseudo-journalist would be one Jon Entine, who was actually fired from last year after court documents surfaced in the Alternative Media that claimed Entine committed acts of physical violence against his ex-wife and for several years.

Entine has multiple, documented ties to biotech companies, and writes hit pieces for the biotech industry front group called the “American Council on Science and Health,” (ACSH). Jon Entine is the ultimate bully “on and off the court,” and holds an apologetic stance for virtually every environmental and health hazard one can name. He knowingly and repeatedly publishes fictitious information, and his posts are often retracted after being challenged for their lack of facts. He systematically abuses his subjects using “revenge journalism,” and takes the “hit man” approach against critics of GMOs, saying they’re all sociopaths or a danger to society, when in fact these are apt descriptions of himself.

In conclusion, if you’re interested in celebrity gossip, just read the headlines of the National Enquirer when next you’re standing in line at the store, and then when you’re interested in real news about health, the environment and popular culture that actually matters, look to alternative media and truth media, like Natural News, where real journalists and honest reporters write about what matters, and where you won’t find corporate sponsors who get to “control the script.”


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