Forced into a mental health facility for talking about 5G with her family doctor

Pam Barker | Director of TLB Europe Reloaded Project

An utterly remarkable and disturbing situation has transpired in the UK just in the last 3-4 days. Susanne Small (her Facebook name; see her posted FB video) was detained under the UK’s Mental Health Act on Monday because, during a recent visit to her GP, the doctor had determined she was a risk either to herself or others. On Tuesday, she appeared in a special segment of the Richie Allen show, which is linked to below (30 minutes). It’s well worth listening to.

Activists are familiar with Susanne’s concerns over the health effects of 5G technology and its quiet rollout. We’re also familiar with other topics she raises such as Agenda 21/2030, the work of Debra Tavares, etc. This is clearly someone who has done relevant research and, as we are fond of saying, ‘gone down the rabbit hole’.

As you’ll hear in the interview with Allen, done via her smartphone from the actual hospital, she had compiled research on 5G and gone down to her doctor’s office with it, without an appointment at 8am, presumably when the office had just opened. She believed that certain symptoms she had been getting, such as headaches, might be connected to cell towers, and had noticed a new large one had been installed in the neighborhood, although she was well aware that it wouldn’t have been operational at the time. The reaction from the doctor and staff was to basically send her on her way but leave the information behind, which she refused to do. During the subsequent consultation with her doctor, Susanne had the feeling that it was wise to leave, that the doctor had absolutely no interest in the research and viewed her as someone who was under a lot of stress.

A day later she experienced phone calls with withheld caller ID and had someone call on her at home. She refused to answer the door, and it was a day later – probably two days after the visit to the doctor – that police and mental health professionals arrived to detain her at a mental health facility.

This is what the UK government’s site, on the page titled Mental Health Act, says about being forcibly ‘sectioned’ or detained under it: People detained under the Mental Health Act need urgent treatment for a mental health disorder and are at risk of harm to themselves or others. Further down, it says:

Who decides that someone should be detained?

In emergencies

An emergency is when someone seems to be at serious risk of harming themselves or others. This can occur:

  • in private premises – police have powers to enter your home, if need be by force, under a Section 135 warrant. You may then be taken to a place of safety for an assessment by an approved mental health professional and a doctor. You can be kept there until the assessment is completed, up to a maximum of 72 hours.

  • in a public place – if the police find you in a public place and you appear to have a mental disorder and are in need of immediate care or control, they can take you to a place of safety (usually a hospital or sometimes the police station) and detain you there under Section 136. You will then be assessed by an approved mental health professional and a doctor. You can be kept there until the assessment is completed, up to a maximum of 72 hours

Notice how your home may be forcibly entered. Susanne had wrongly believed she was safe in her own home. The page also says that a person will be assessed and confined for up to 72 hours, but she may also be detained for up to 28 days under Section 2:

The length of time you could be detained depends on the type of mental health condition you have and your personal circumstances at the time. You could be detained for:

  • up to 28 days under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act

  • up to six months under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act, with further renewals

She is, however, hoping to be out by tomorrow (Friday), as she reports in the interview posted below.

It seems she had bombarded her doctor with information, probably too much as she readily admits. The mental health team had asked her about Donald Trump, whom she must have mentioned to her GP. Laughingly, she jokes to Richie, “thank God I didn’t mention MK Ultra!”. Probably it was also unwise to rush down to the office without an appointment. But as she correctly observes, even if an activist is using – unknowingly – what amounts to fake news or false information, that is still no indicator of questionable mental health.

Small is clearly informed, lucid and has a strong character. A UK doctor friend observed to me after listening to the interview below that while the GP had probably been overloaded with information, Small doesn’t sound like any sort of risk. Of an activist mindset, Small isn’t someone who is likely to back down. She’s been professionally employed for many years as she notes, and correctly observes that if it can happen to her, it can happen to anybody. 

Here is the interview:

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3 Comments on Forced into a mental health facility for talking about 5G with her family doctor

  1. Hi, this is Everyday Psych Victims Project and we encourage anyone to post any stories and evidence of psych victimization into our website.

    We are very happy to see this go into the mainstream on Liberty Beacon. Many are victimized daily… millions likely worldwide…

    You are the proof!

    As for the situation, you are not “allowed” to question any harmful effects of technology or they can and often will Psych you if you tell it directly to an authority, medical person, or first responder.

    “Mental health” is pervasive and ruins lives daily.

  2. David, Thanks for your comments. You said a lot in a small space and you did not waste words in pointing out exactly a large percentage of what is going on in our world. We pray for your safety and that you find your safe and happy place.

  3. If you aren’t mentally disturbed by all the insanity happening in the world, then you aren’t paying attention, or you’re crazy. The financial ‘elite’ want medicated zombies who do whatever they tell them to, which is what the millennial generation seems to be, along with most of the others. They want compliant citizen consumers, who don’t know how to think for themselves, like in George Orwell’s “1984”. When they forcibly commit innocent citizens for questioning their matrix of control and population reduction, you know Marxism has taken over your government. Accusing dissidents of being “insane” was commonly used in the Soviet Union (and some other Warsaw Pact countries) to neutralize dissenters. Clearly that tactic is being used in the EU, USA, UK and commonwealth countries, Russia and China. That’s the only way they can silence citizens who are clear headed and sane enough to question the insanity being forced on us.

    I constantly fear being labeled “crazy” again, being forcibly detained, and medicated with horrific psychiatric drugs. That happened to me about 30 years ago, after I was punched the face by some man who said I tried to take his wallet, getting me arrested. After he punched me, I reflexively kicked his butt (literally kicked him in his are) and then ran away. I didn’t even think – the kick was reflexive, but then I knew to run away lest I be arrested. Unfortunately an undercover cop happened to see the incident, and saw where I ran to, a stairwell in a parking structure, where I had no escape from. I was charged with “strong-arm robbery” with $50K bail, when I had been the victim, and had $200 in my wallet at the time! I’ve been a “targeted individual” since at least 1976, and have had enough incidents happen to write a book about, or put my story online, which I may do someday. Some of the things are hard to believe, which has kept me from doing it yet. Directed energy weapons are real – my dog got his when I called her to me during an attack, and there was no mistaking it when she got hit too as I hugged her, and she struggled to get away. Microwave hearing is real too, and my dog also proved that by NOT reacting to it, when I could clearly hear sounds and voices they were beaming at me. She had very good hearing, and reacted to every sound, so I knew it wasn’t sound waves I was hearing. Gang stalking is real too, and I’ve been gang stalked many times, usually after they drove me out of my house with the DEW attacks. My dog likely saved my life every time, because she was always with me. She went over the rainbow bridge last year, and now I have a new guardian angel service dog, otherwise I wouldn’t feel safe..

    I try to behave myself, and stay off drugs and alcohol, but it’s hard when you’ve had so many horrible things happen, which nobody would believe if I told them. I stay at home most of the time, but don’t feel safe living in a Marxist hell like Portland, so I’m planning to move. I’ll be safer out in the country somewhere, with neighbors I can trust. Too many people coming here, so it’s like a pressure-cooker now, and will explode into violence soon. Just like rats, humans become homicidal, homosexual, rape, and murder when they get too crowded together. They are purposely crowding cities with migrant groups that don’t get along, in order to create chaos. A clash of civilizations is being orchestrated by the evil entity, which we can clearly see happening now. WW-III is about to ignite, as the “end times” reaches its climax……

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