Former CIA Dir Brennan Headed to Grand Jury for Indictment [video]

Former CIA Dir Brennan Headed to Grand Jury for Indictment

By Rick Wells

Joe diGenova broke the news that criminal referrals have been issued by IG Horowitz and former CIA Director Brennan is on his way to a grand jury for indictment…

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Before breaking the news that former CIA Director John Brennan is going to need some very good criminal legal counsel very soon, Joe diGenova first recaps what we’ve learned over the past year of the Mueller witch hunt.

He points out that “We know that Hillary Clinton was illegally exonerated, we knew that a year ago. We know that there was a substantial effort to frame the current President of the United States with crimes by infiltrating his campaign and then his administration with spies that the FBI had set upon them.”

DiGenova continues, “We have learned that the crimes were committed by the FBI, senior members of the Department of ‘Justice,’ John Brennan, Mr. Clapper, Mr. Comey and others associated with the Democratic Party and that Donald Trump and his associates committed no crimes.”

Tucker Carlson recalls when President Trump tweeted, “They spied on us from Trump Tower. And I don’t think there’s a single person who read that and thought, ‘Well that’s kind of a heavy duty charge, can you prove it?’ And of course he was derided immediately as insane and as a tin foil hat guy. That’s, in effect, been proved.”

DiGenova agrees, “Oh, absolutely, categorically and unequivocally it has been proved that the FBI, in violation of all guidelines, all legislation, and I believe they committed crimes in doing so, purposely sent people into the Trump campaign to plant false information, then force that information to be forwarded back to CIA and then funneled to the FBI to be used as false information in FISA applications. Everybody involved in that process, who knowingly participated, [John Brennan] committed a crime.

Carlson asks the obvious question that almost sounds like a setup for revelations to be made, “So why aren’t they being held to account?” DiGenova replies, “As of today, I understand that a referral for criminal prosecution has been by Mr. Horowitz to Mr. Huber, who is investigating the FISA leaks, the unmasking, the leaks of the unmasking, and everything we described tonight.”

DiGenova says, “Criminal referrals have already been made and I suggest that  Mr. Brennan, who loves to make comments about the process, get himself a good lawyer, not a good writer.” Carlson clarifies, asking sarcastically, “John Brennan, the NBC ‘News’ paid consultant?”

“Yes,” says diGenova, NBC News’ consultant, the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, the most partisan hack leader of the CIA in history, needs a very, very good lawyer.” Carlson asks if that’s a criminal lawyer he’s talking about.

DiGenova affirms it is, saying, “Oh yes, he doesn’t need a slip and fall lawyer, although he’s going to slip and fall, he’s going to be in front of a grand jury shortly.”


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  1. “We know that Hillary Clinton was illegally exonerated” If true then she needs to be indicted for her crimes, we know her destruction of subpoenaed evidence and lying to congress are crimes they need to start with, then follow up with her coup attempt, sending this communist criminal away for a long time.

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