Gaza Is The Target Of The Satanic Beast: Will It Be Annihilated?

Gaza Is The Target Of The Satanic Beast: Will It Be Annihilated?

By: Judy Spady  


There are no words…simply, no words for what is happening in Gaza right now. I know, I know, most Americans are listening to the mainstream media and believe that we should wholeheartedly stand behind Israel. They say this without any research nor knowledge of what’s happened in the region since 1948. They have no idea that their hard-earned tax payer dollars are being used as genocide and to support the apartheid state of Israel. Over $13 MILLION dollars/day! Yet, our Veterans can barely get the help they need as they age. In his video about “Zionism” in his book “Liberty Defined,” Congressman Ron Paul points out how “it costs the American taxpayers plenty…in perpetuity.

The majority of Americans do not even understand basic facts about Gaza such as how it is the most densely populated place on the face of the earth, over 70% of the people in Gaza are refugees and half of the population is children!!

The recent, so-called, “attack” on Israel was supposedly done with rockets and arms from a handful of people who parachuted into the area. This happened against the 4th largest military in the world?! This happened against a country who has one of the most sophisticated intelligence systems in the world?! What happened to the Iron Dome? There is a HUGE difference between the homemade rockets from the Palestinians versus the massive military airstrikes from Israel. This is clearly nothing more than propaganda displayed to the world as a “False Flag.” How do we know it’s a false flag? Because Israel created Hamas in the first place and continues to fund it. U.S. Congressman Ron Paul pointed this out many years ago on the House Floor and Norman Finkelstein said that he “is factually correct” but…he also accurately states that “it is water under the bridge” because it has been a historical FACT for so long.

An overwhelming majority of the people in Israel are even saying how this whole thing is the fault of the insane and dangerous madman named Netanyahu. “Four out of five Jewish Israelis believe the government and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are to blame for the mass infiltration of Hamas terrorists into Israel and the massacre that followed.” Go back and read that factual statement one more time. This will not be good for the Israeli citizens and they know it! How sad on all sides of this insanity.

As for the, so-called, “elections” of Hamas by the Palestinian people, it was no democratic fair election of the people. Why do I say that? Because, as usual, the corrupt American government dictated how it would happen. Senator Hillary Clinton said this about it, “We should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win.” As Norman Finkelstein points out, “the democratic process was never allowed to the Palestinian people!!


Propaganda is how all wars begin. The Gulf of Tonkien “attack” that supposedly started the Vietnam War but never occurred. WW2 started out with some crazy accusation of German soldiers passing babies around with their bayonets which turned out to be nothing but lying propaganda but thousands of people died because of this lie. This is no different than what is happening right now with the false accusation of babies being beheaded. It didn’t happen. It was nothing more than a false statement from a reporter in the area.

Propaganda used to be illegal in the United States but that all changed with the passing of the NDAA bill in 2012 which also says how it can throw innocent civilians into a military prison, INDEFINITELY, without any due process of the law. That should frighten the pants off any red-blooded American especially since law enforcement departments across the nation have been receiving military training from the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) for a very long time. My dear Uncle Walt was a County Sheriff back in the 70’s and he fully embodied the meaning of the phrase “for the justice of the peace” which is how law enforcement agencies used to operate in the U.S. He put his life on the line to ensure that “PEACE” prevailed but he would have NEVER acted like a military soldier at war to the innocent people of his small Nebraska town. When one analyzes how our police forces have changed for the worst, it is truly heartbreaking and it is all because the IDF has ushered in the police state.


The really scary part is that we live in a WORLD of lawlessness!! As Dan Asmussen, Director of membership of, said in his article, “It would be far more accurate to conclude that international law has not even been applied in the Zionist-Palestinian issue.” Dan also accurately paints the picture of the region when he says it is an “unparalleled violation of elementary principles of humanity.” What Israel has been doing in the region since 1949 is illegal, inhumane, unethical, and downright pure evil. One of the best historians and authors on the topic, Norman Finkelstein has been pointing this out for over 40 years and has thoroughly researched the world reports done by the humanitarian organizations whose job it is to report the facts of the situation happening in that region of the world. This was a quote from the President of the ICRC, (International Committee of the Red Cross) when he went into Gaza to assess the situation after “Operation Protective Edge” in 2014 which murdered 550 Palestinian children and demolished 18,000 homes. His job is to go to war zones around the world and he said, “I’ve NEVER seen such massive destruction EVER before!


Some people ask why the people of Gaza don’t just leave the country. They can’t. Nobody can go in or out without going through military checkpoints due to the occupation. It is an open-air prison surrounded by military in the air, water, and land. The military also restricts electricity, water, medical supplies and other basic fundamental needs of the Palestinians and they have done this for decades. What is the difference between Hamas and the people of Gaza? This poses a bit of a difficult answer that most Americans do not understand because as historian, Norman Finkelstein, describes “the blockade creates a synthesis and assimilation between the people and Hamas, they have no other options…they have no other choices.” His recent article states how “the recent situation is a “slave revolt” inside Israel.” The good news is that 31 different organizations within Harvard University are now exposing this fact and showing how Israel is “entirely responsible” for the current situation.

People don’t really understand that most of the people in the Gaza Strip today were born into that concentration camp. Let that sink in! It is an open-air concentration camp as defined by many experts on the subject such as Norman Finkelstein, Human Rights Watch, Noam Chomsky, Philip Weiss, etc….

Philip Giraldi (National Security Editor of “The UNZ Review” alternative media) just wrote an article on UNZ where he reported the truth of how Israel intends to wipe out the children of Gaza. Yes…wipe them out! He states that the “Netanyahu-allied government minister Ayelet Shaked memorably has called for Israel not only to exterminate all Palestinian children, whom she has described as “little snakes,” but also to kill their mothers who gave birth to them.” Evil? Absolutely to the core.

So the “Jews and their lies” (as Martin Luther called it in his book) are trying to tell people throughout the world how babies are being beheaded when it never happened…yet the reality is that they intend to wipe out ALL children in Gaza and their mothers. See the difference? Whatever happened to sparing the women and children from war as defined by the UN declaration, the Geneva Convention, and the International Red Cross? This is just one more way that Israel goes against international law with no consequences for their illegal actions.

This whole situation is actually much deeper and far broader than Israel versus Palestine because the conflict immediately turned to the war drums beating for the U.S. to go against Iran. The “Neocons” jumped right on that idea because they are really progressives who believe that we should never let a good crisis go to waste. Israel has even said that there is no evidence that Iran was involved in Hamas attack yet American sleazy politicians would have everyone believing that they were behind the whole thing. Of course the neocons would say this since neoconservatism has “Jewish roots” as described in this paper at Georgetown University or this article where the author states the fact of how “it wasn’t until the 1970s, during the Carter administration, that neoconservative Jews defected from the Democratic Party because of Carter’s advocacy of an evenhanded approach vis-à-vis Israel and the Palestinians and for a return to the 1967 borders.” I, wholeheartedly agree that Americans should be gravely concerned about these Israeli-centric leftists who have infiltrated American politics. And, last but not least, the infamous John Mearsheimer (Author of the book “The Israel Lobby” which I own) explains how “the Neoconservatives are, by their own admission, deeply committed to Israel.”

Now, this mess is coming over into the U.S. as the FBI recently gave warning about threats of, so-called, “terrorism” happening. The puppets of the Zionist regime…the necons…need their wars to happen and that is why puppet Nikki Haley said “finish them” about Iran and how “they don’t deserve to exist on this earth” in regards to Hamas (which Israel created in the first place…go back to the top of this article). Could someone get more evil than that? Apparently she has absolutely zero morals and no faith in Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ who came for ALL nations.

So, who benefits the most from all of these “wars and rumors of wars?” The Zionist/Rothschild political regime. Who benefits from the evangelical “christian-zionist movement” which the HBO documentary, Vice, describes is 4 times larger than all the Jews on the face of the earth? The Zionist/Rothschild political regime. Who has tried nonviolent solutions again and again to no avail? The Palestinians. In 2018, they held the nonviolent “Great March of The Return” and Israel snipers targeted medical personnel, journalists, people with physical disabilities and, Norman Finkelstein also explains in the video just listed how Gaza is “unliveable.” In 2017, Robert Piper (Senior Humanitarian official responsible for the West Bank and Gaza) stated that “Gaza had crossed the unliveability threshold a long time ago.” That is horrible sad and inhumane by all international definitions of the word.


Many Americans who have been brainwashed by the mainstream media and Hollywood films would claim how Israel has a right to defend itself by force in the current conflict and any conflicts of the past but…do they? As Norman Finkelstein asks, “does a rapist have a right to self defense if the victim resists by scratching him?” …I stand strongly with Norman about how absolutely ridiculous this, so-called, “debate” is on whether Israel has the right to use force. If truthful logic and historical research is applied, then Norman is 100% correct in sternly explaining “Israel has no right to use any force” while the mainstream media tells people how Gaza must be “more non-violent.” What the hell? How can a nation become “more non-violent” when they have tried time and again to use nonviolent means such as peaceful negotiations, the Great March of Return in 2018 (which was nonviolent at the very beginning), the BDS movement and many other attempts?


David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, was an ethnic cleanser as Henry Makow covers in this book review where he states, “For Ben-Gurion, the ‘Arabs’ were no more than one-dimensional objects on the landscape that had to be removed. They had no right to be in Palestine let alone the right to stay there. Had he seen them as equal human beings he could not have been a Zionist.”

The plan from the Israeli government under the reign of Netanyahu is calling for extermination of the people in Gaza (over 2 million who are mostly children). Yoave Gallant, the Defense minister has announced “No electricity, no food, no water, no gas – – it’s all closed. We are dealing with human animals.” Amnesty International says, “This is an explicit confirmation that these acts have been taken to punish civilians in Gaza for the actions of Palestinian armed groups. Amnesty reiterates that Palestinian civilians are not responsible for the crimes of Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups and Israel must not, under international law, make them suffer for acts they play no role in and cannot control.” So, the overwhelming majority of the people of Israel know that Israel has done this for a killing spree in Gaza. Large humanitarian organizations like Amnesty International explicitly confirm that these acts have occurred in order to punish innocent civilians of Gaza when they have done nothing against Israel. The entire international community understands how this is calling for a complete annihilation of the people of Gaza yet the U.S. doesn’t get it. How in the hell is that happening? The people of the U.S. are being mocked and look so ridiculous. Biden looks like the typical bumbling idiot in his recent visit to Israel where he pledges unwavering U.S. support for Israel (please explain why in the hell our government is promising unwavering support for a foreign government???!!) as this article says, “International condemnation is universal minus the US.” And as if it isn’t enough that the whole world laughs at the usurper of the Constitution living in the White House, they are blaming the U.S. for the ethnic cleansing of  the Palestinians in Gaza – Sami Abou Shehadeh, a former member of the Israeli Knesset, has blamed Biden and other leaders for giving Israel “a green light for ethnic cleaning”.

This is pure evil, at the core, and the completely corrupt government of the U.S. is behind it all using your hard-earned fruits of your labor.

And, today, it gets even worse as a call for humanitarian pause of all of this bombing has been proposed but – get this – The United States government has used their veto power at the UN to stop it!

The Israeli government is calling for the people of Gaza to leave yet they have absolutely nowhere to go and they know it. As Miko Pelod (Israeli-American activist and author of “the General’s Son”) says the people of Gaza cannot leave and that “Israel is the reason they cannot leave.That is the definition of genocide. Genocide is COMPLETE EVIL no matter how much lipstick is put on that Zionist political pig!

The al-Ahli Christian hospital in Gaza was bombed (more than 800 Gazans, mostly women and children) and Israel is trying to say that it was done from a failed rocket launch out of Gaza; however, this vital video PROVES that this is a total lie. This video also shows how it was likely that an MK-84 air bomb was used to blow up that hospital. Those bombs are American made. Once again, only evil forces do this type of thing in order to carry on their genocidal actions that have been occurring for 75 years!! This article also explains how “According to military experts, the 6,000+ bombs already dropped on Gaza are equivalent to one-quarter of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in World War II.” Evil…evil…evil.

Gaza is the world’s largest open-air concentration camp where the people are being denied food, clean water, medical supplies and education facilities and this didn’t just start this month. It has been happening for decades. This is not a war between 2 nations because as this video shows, Gaza is a land under siege and military occupation. The fence they broke down (being shown everywhere on mainstream media) is NOT an Israeli fence. It is a fence that was preventing them from getting to their homes. It also describes Israel as an apartheid state which it is…


**If there is any video that you watch in all of these factual ones listed in this article, do yourself a favor and at the very least watch that video about how it is definitely an apartheid state (it’s only 12 minutes long).

These are the same two corrupt governments who did everything they could to try and put the USS Liberty at the bottom of the ocean back in 1967, killing 34 American servicemen and wounding 173. Why? Because it was a state of the art signals intelligence platform ship and the, “6-day war” was happening at the time. Ronald Kukal (a friend of mine and a survivor of the USS Liberty) was asked if he considers the State of Israel to be an “ally” and he said,

No, I think that they—I’m talking mainly about the leadership in Israel—are Zionists.”

But Ron states it best when he said, “I believe on June 8, 1967, we looked Satan in the eye and lived to tell about it.

If that isn’t evil, I don’t know what is…

Don’t get caught up in choosing sides of this conflict that is really no conflict, at all. Israel is funding both sides of the war as they always do because, as Mike Stone points out, “Hamas is Israel in the same way that Al-Queda is Israel, and that ISIS is Israel.” He accurately explains how this is a situation of “Satanists versus humanity, not Hamas vs Israel” and that is my entire point of this article! We are all in a spiritual war of good against evil and people should really be careful in their research to unleash the gospel truth of what’s happening. Israel is falsely trying to claim that they did not bomb the Christian hospital in Gaza when they did and their “own digital spokesperson appointed by Netanyahu himself literally admitted to bombing the hospital and then deleted it a few minutes later” (click any link in the paragraph above see the photo of it).

Don’t get played…


I will end by saying that I am not pro-Israel nor am I pro-Palestinian because I believe that the whole thing is another divide and conquer strategy from those who want to rule the world because their Talmud tells them so. I also, FIRMLY, believe that it is the duty of the citizens of those nations to fight their own battles. I am pro-freedom, pro-truth, and pro-justice for ALL people of the world because Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ preached His gospel to the whole world and came “for a testimony of all nations” (Matthew 24:14).

We are in a spiritual war and I think many of us strongly believe that it is the biggest spiritual war in the history of all time…Jesus Christ said, “Blessed are the peacemakers” in His Sermon on the Mount.

I pray for peace on earth but how can it ever occur with a military occupation such as the one happening with the IDF and the Zionist plans for “the greater Israel” project which will gobble up more land in an illegal manner?

We have all been warned of how communism would move throughout the whole world and even into the United States of America. In 1917, over 70,000 people witnessed “the micracle of the sun” when Our Lady, the Virgin Mary, Mother of God visited 3 small children in Fatima, Portugal to warn the world how “Russia will spread her errors throughout the world.” There was even a movie made about the event. She also said that “various nations will be annihilated” and I cannot help but wonder if Gaza will eventually be one of them? I sure hope and pray not…but all of these plans for the Jewish one world government or New World Order are connected in political ways and in the truthful history of what has occurred with the Zionist-Freemasonry takeover of the Catholic Church.

As a traditional Catholic who only attends the TRUE Latin Mass of the Roman Catholic Church and rejects any/all things to do with the evil, “Vatican 2 council” of the 60’s, I stand firmly in the promises made by “Our Lady of Fatima” when it comes to world peace.

May God be with everyone who is speaking the truth about the satanic evil that is doing this for world dominance. May God protect the innocent civilians, especially the women and children, who are being caught up in these evil plans.

I will be speaking more on this subject next Wednesday, October 25, 2023 on the radio show – Eagle’s Eye Report.

References to Great Patriots who speak the truth about the right of return of the Philistines/Palestinians:

*Note: I do NOT support nor endorse content from Russell Brand as I believe him to be controlled opposition; however, I chose to add this recent interview with him because it mostly covers the information from the Holocaust survivor Dr. Gabor Maté instead of Brand.


About the articles Author: Judy Spady is TLBTalk’s Assistant Director of Membership and the purveyor of Free Counties.


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