Genetic Culling on a Planetary Scale

 Genetic Culling on a Planetary Scale

by Suzanne Maher | TLB contributing writer

Nano Technology in Us, Our Pets & Food – Genetic Manipulation on a Planetary Scale

Does the population realize just how insidious the “keep sick and depopulate agenda” really is?

Do you recognize you are being genetically remodeled on such an unimaginable scale and that your body is layered with immune defacing technology that will eventually cripple and kill those that don’t wake up to what  is being done to humanity.  Nano particles are so small they are measured in nanometers or billionths of one meter.  Our bodies cannot recognize particles this small, they will bypass all our protective barriers.

This is our horrifying circumstance, but a true reality you cannot cast a blind eye to.  This genetic transformation is being done to you and your family.  Every time you take a breath, eat a piece of food or drink a glass of water, you are reloading your body. Further exacerbate this techno hell, and turn on your wireless devices and make the frequency carnate, come alive, and self replicate and extend its network further.

There are currently more than 1,600 manufacturer-identified nano tech consumer products.  A completely unregulated industry with the FDA administering no safety requirements.  We now are exposed to  things like smart packaging, active packaging, embedded sensors, electronic tongues, and bio switches.  The list goes on an on, and this is only just in our food and food packing.   The most commonly used nano particle in foods is titanium dioxide found in high concentrations in candy, frostings, gums, sweets and also in health supplements.

Do you ever wonder why you have that cough that never goes away, that malaise and fatigue that cling to you like a bad hangover, that every other person now has a cancer or auto immune disorder?  That so many seem ‘no longer there’ cognitively, or are chronically depressed and cannot cope.

The pictures below, tell a very unsavory story of how plant, animal and man are being manipulated and slowly broken down by a technology that few to none are even aware of; NANO TECHNOLOGY.

We are being hyper accelerated by this AI technology to break down younger and younger.   Our lives, our identity and our humanity are being stolen surreptitiously from us by this pernicious thief in the night….

It’s important to note the trinary agenda that has been forced upon humanity without our consent. Geoengineering and chemtrails ‘open us up’, genetically modified food stuffs ‘load us up’ and strip our colon, and frequencies ‘turn us on.’

This is the agenda; Exposure, Integration and Activation of the AI program.

The lack of tangible solutions provided by the medical community due to the absence of education, knowledge and healing leave the population alone in this morass.  The medical community is simply dealing with the symptomatologies of the toxicity of nano poisoning, not understanding the causative factors of this malignant affliction.   This, as we know, is precisely what allopathic medicine offers; the prescription pad,  a quick fix to address nothing. Make no mistake, this is an assault of the highest order on our person hood,  the most egregious assault on humanity that has ever occurred.

Patent on Self Replicating Materials


Carbon nanotubes in a dish assemble themselves into a nanowire in seconds under the influence of a custom-built Tesla coil created by scientists at Rice University…

All  of the photos below were taken by myself in the past 10 days with a 500x microscope of nano technology.

Anti Nano Implants Released From My Body

These are the nano chips/implants just one type of nano tech, being implanted in our bodies without our knowledge or consent.

The green implant came out of me January 28, 2018 after a anti nano bath with EMP pulsing and the second one February 5, 2018 from urination.

These are the chips interfacing with the smart dust and the wireless frequencies we are inundated with, controlling our emotional thoughts and impulses and overriding our DNA and genetic code.

Detoxing with salt bath, electro magnetic pulsing, a modified diet of no corns, grains, sugars, soy will help remove it and keeping your bioelectric fields high. Remember this biology self replicates, it doesn’t stop growing in our bodies. Unregulated tech in our food stuffs,  food packaging, vaccines, cosmetics, water, air, even our undergarments.

Do you still think we live in a free country?

Fullerines/Nano Tubes Found in My Dogs Stool

These fibers are found in generous quantities in my dogs stool, sticking right out of the fecal matter. Nano tubes released from the anal cavity of a dog that has had chronic rectal bleeding for over one year.  Our animals are becoming very sickened by this tech, as is the human population.  Diabetes, cancer, autoimmunity,  and seizures in dogs are becoming common place, they are now getting human dis-eases.  There are now also websites solely dedicated to pets suffering from nano poisoning otherwise known as ‘Morgellons Disease.’


Fullerines, quantum dots, smart dust, dendrimers on an ‘organic apple’ – February 07, 2018

Thank you to Nano Researcher Tony Pantalleresco for identifying the synthetic biology on this apple.  This apple is what the supermarkets deem ‘organic’.  This is a misnomer.  We eat nothing organic.  Our soils, water and air are contaminated by the chemicals, biologicals and nano technology from chemtrails/geoengineering.  Our food stuffs are further degraded by glyphosates and irradiated, as per the Codex Alimentarius food standard.

Much of this nano biology as shown in the pictures is deeply embedded in the fruit. The long fibers would be fullerines, the silver metallic material would be smart dust, the larger black dots are dendrimers, the small black dots would be quantum dots, all in different stages of assembly networking in that apple we put in our mouths.

There are no presently known ways to remove it, this is altering the DNA of the plant material, you cannot wash it off, you have to peel it off and a good portion will still be embedded in the apple. This is in all foods, all meat, all produce, all dairy, all grains whether they are gluten free or otherwise. This nano technology from the aerosol spraying would then be absorbed and translocated, which would further integrate in the constructs where the adulterations or contamination would have been introduced –  the nanosprays in the fields.

Please look at the article links below on ways to mitigate the fallout from this assault. We must address this issue.  We must be brave and expose it to the light of day like the other travesties that are currently befalling humanity.

Also learn more at Nano Researcher Tony Pantalleresco’s website;


“Crime, once exposed, has no refuge but in audacity.”

–Tacitus, Annals–

About Suzanne Maher: She is the founder of, an anti-geoengineering activist, researcher, blogger and a contributing writer to The Liberty Beacon Project. Suzanne devotes all her time to educating people on these deadly programs and believes it is everyone’s moral, social and ethical responsibility to awaken others to geoengineering (and programs beyond) and to do something about them. She does many forms of outreach to communicate her message such as; educational social media sites, hosting public events, awareness sessions, interviews, speaking engagements, and has launched over 20 awareness billboards across North America, with GoFundMe campaigns, communicating Bye Bye Blue Sky’s mission.

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