Geo-Engineering & Ultraviolet Radiation: The Cooking of Planet Earth


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Geo-engineering or weather modification is not a myth, a lie or a conspiracy theory. It is reality. One need only look up on any given day to see large jets crisscrossing the sky, leaving chemtrail swaths across the brilliant blue heavens, that quickly transform to a putrid gray as the trails spread out and merge. This phenomenon can be observed in just about any area of the globe we wish to look today … and there are consequences, serious, dangerous and deadly consequences!

Those of us in the know talk about the fallout from this phenomenon often, such as the massive amounts of heavy metals (mainly nano-particles of aluminum) falling in this gravity well called planet earth to saturate the ground, making it more and more toxic to plant life. We discuss the fact that breathing these chemicals and metals is dangerous and even deadly over time, to animal and human physiology. And we discuss the inevitable degradation of the biosphere this mechanism is perpetrating.

But one things you never hear too much about is the massive increase in Ultraviolet Radiation slamming into this planet on a scale easily leading to a what could become an extinction level event for most life on this planet in the not too distant future, if this situation is not rectified NOW!

Suntan and sunburn are familiar effects of over-exposure from UVB. It plays a key role in the development of skin cancer. Living things on dry land (and depending on the levels, even the ocean) would be severely damaged physically, genetically or both, by ultraviolet radiation from the sun if most of it were not filtered out by the Earth’s atmosphere, particularly the life saving Ozone Layer …

And Geo-Engineering is Destroying the Ozone Layer … FACT!

It is being reliably reported that as much as 1,000% over what the government states is a safe level, is slamming into the ground and us at many points on this globe today (see video below), literally burning the bark off trees and increasing the incidence of skin cancers in not only humans but animals and fish as well. These ultra high levels are even known to be killing off the vital (to humanity) plankton in the living oceans. This is proving beyond a doubt that the Ozone Layer is degrading at an alarming rate.

If this continues at its present pace … how long will it be before this planet is uninhabitable to many forms of existing life?

Can you say extinction level event ???

What I now present to you is a preface and video from Dane Wigington of, adding scientific credence to my above comments. With the continuous attack we face today from so many directions including fluoride, GMOs, drugs, bio-toxins, environmental toxins etc… this is among the, if not the most immediate, serious and deadly! It is time to speak out and push back, or literally leave a burning world for our children to try and live in !!!


How high is the UV radiation? View the actual tests in the video below. As I state in this clip, we are told by all major agencies that no more than 5% of all UV radiation should be UVB. We are getting 55% to 60% UVB. This means that we are seeing UVB levels 1000% or more above what is being disclosed.

UVB Radiation Is Off The Charts, Metering Proves This Fact

See featured video here:

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