Gilad Atzmon: The Zionized North Is on a Suicide Mission

ER Editor: Gilad Atzmon did some excellent reporting in the earlier part of the Covid madness and wasn’t afraid to point out the special ‘lab-rat status’ of Israelis over the insane and cruel Pfizer vaccine push against them. We’re happy to see his latest thoughts. 


Gilad Atzmon: The Zionized North Is on a Suicide Mission

The brilliant philosopher-musician has been keeping a low profile lately. Here’s his latest.

The Zionized North Is on a Suicide Mission

By Gilad Atzmon, posted yesterday

There is a world war around us, but no one out there is brave enough to outline or articulate what this war is all about – and what exactly is the dividing line that splits the world into two. Iran unveiled this line in the clearest fashion last Saturday.

The Zionized North, that failed to condemn the Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus – or any other past Israeli aggression against Iran, Syria or any other Muslims – has put itself on the line to defend Israel against Iran’s missiles.

One wonders if America, Britain and France are so good in stopping cruise missiles and drones, why don’t they impose a No Fly Zone over Gaza and put an end to the Israeli broad-daylight genocide on the ground?  If the Zionized North is so good in stopping Iranian drones, why has it failed to help Ukraine repel the Russians drones?

The answer is simple. The Zionized North subscribes to the Zionist reckless unethical philosophy. It is driven by greed and cares solely for the interests of the very few.

We tend to refer to Hezbollah and Houthis as Iran’s proxies. In the Zionized North, the USA, Britain, France and Germany operate as Israel’s proxies. But there is one big difference. The Hezbollah and the Houthis belief is to serve their people. There is a liberation at the end of the road for them. The Zionist North on the other hand is on a suicide mission. In fact, there is no prospect of survival for the West on its current path.

We are dealing with a Zionized North that is spiraling down in an embarrassing fashion. It is a universe that belongs to the past. It doesn’t even have a vision of a future. It is a universe that removed itself voluntarily from manufacturing following the promise of a service economy. It sacrificed its working class, and made them into a workless underclass just to make the rich richer.

It is now removing itself from agriculture, just to make Monsanto & Co wealthier. It is removing itself from the notion of health because our elected politicians are invested in Pfizer and the like. It is invested in identitarian politics that is designed to split us into monads of resistance that can, at best, fight each other, but leave the bad guys untouched.

The Global South is the complete opposite. It is the future. It is self-sustained. It supports the weak, whether this is Gaza or Africa.

Iran has managed to bring this clear division to the surface. You may not be able to physically relocate to the Global South, but the only hope for personal recovery is to aspire to the Global South’s spirit. This is where, I believe, contemporary Athens resides.


Tsunami of Israeli Insane Lies Continues

By Gilad Atzmon, posted today

Like after 7 October’s tsunami of Israeli insane lies that evaporated one after the other, the big Israeli air defence ‘victory’ is also evaporating into thin air.

More and more Israelis are starting to grasp that what happened on the morning of 14 April wasn’t exactly an ‘Israeli victory.’ It was actually a gross Israeli miscalculation on every possible level (political, technological, strategic and tactical). Israel and allies fell into every possible Iranian trap, confirming that Israel and the west invested in an unsustainable air defence doctrine where their defence is up to 300 times more costly than the attack. It allowed Iranian intelligence-gathering on a massive scale. The weak Arab regimes exposed themselves as Zionist proxies. (ER: Was this a sting operation on these weak regimes, like Jordan?) Most crucially, Israel intercepted the ballistic missiles it was supposed to intercept but was hit by the missiles it could have never stopped. This is the Iranian Strategy. It is not new. I am not a military person and yet I have been aware of this ballistic philosophy for at least a year.

Israel isn’t attacking Iran as it had vowed to do because it has gathered that it is not ready to. Iran is superior on every possible level: Technologically, militarily , strategically, and politically. It is astonishingly calculated. As one Israeli columnist commented on the day of the Iranian counter-attack: “We (the Israelis)” she wrote, “have a lot to learn from the Iranian elegance.”

Unlike the genocidal Israelis and their subservient English-speaking empire that spread death in the region and across the world, Iran delivered a precise message to Israel and the West. It did it without killing a single person. It only attacked military bases.

Here are some Israeli headlines echoing that which I say above..


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