Great propaganda tricks of today: repetition

by Fabian Ubiquitus

It works on repetition

Like any marketing campaign, the propagandising of the Covid Terror, the fabrication of the illusion of a global pandemic, works on repetition.

At the basis of crude technologies with impressive-sounding “sciency” names such as mass psychology or neuro-linguistic programming and so forth lies the fundamental of repetition.

You want to sell a product or a create a market for a product such as a vaccine? Well, you dream up the message you want to implant in the public mind and then just keep on repeating it over and over and over.

It helps if you control the lines of communication along which your repetition travels and reaches your target audience, such as those of the corporate media and the government. And this in turn enables you to contrive the illusion of multiple sources (all “in agreement with one another”) for a message that appears “everywhere”.

It also helps if you can eliminate any and all conflicting or contradictory ideas. In other words, by fair means or foul, filter out the full spectrum of information so only your narrow band of selected data gets through. This becomes vital to the degree to which what you are pushing is a lie.

It is also worth mentioning in passing that the basic on hypnosis is fixation of attention – and, boy, has public attention been thoroughly fixated over the past year!!!

But the basis remains endless repetition.

Now, unfortunately for those seeking to implant the Covid Terror in the public mind and thus create a demand for experimental vaccines, they have not managed to eliminate conflicting or contradictory ideas, nor control the lines of communication on which those ideas travel. They have tried very hard to do so: very, very hard until the effort and resources expended thereupon have become enormous and the endeavour has taken on an increasing air of desperation.

Unfortunately, too, for the architects of this scam it also helps if the ideas you are pushing are not full of easily observable lies and contradictions, make little or no rational sense and are not borne out by observable reality. It is much harder to push daft ideas and than sensible ones, lies over truth. It can be done but it takes a great deal of skill and hard work.

Of course, when you are pushing something that makes no rational sense and is easily observed to be stupid, what you need to do is nullify (a) the capability of your target public to exercise rational analytical thought and (b) the willingness of people to LOOK.

Frightened or angry people are, for as long as they are frightened or angry, below the capability for rational thought or clear-headed observation.

At the level of fear (which is below anger) or apathy (which is below fear) people are observably more impressionable. That is why propaganda works on frightened or angry people and is less workable on people higher in emotional tone. And thus it becomes important for the propagandist to bring people into anger or, preferably, fear of some (usually invisible and pervasive) threat or other.

Once again, the propogandists have not managed to make enough people sufficiently fearful or apathetic to pull off their caper. And much of the anger out there – anger being an explosive commodity that can easily blow up in your face – has tended to turn against the globalist front groups pushing the propaganda.

It is observable that this entire effort has not quite worked despite the investment in it of massive effort and the dissenting, challenging voices have not diminished but have grown louder and more numerous despite all efforts to shut them up.

And whilst the lines of communication comprising the corporate media are controlled, other lines of communication (the people’s media) have expanded and proliferated and, human creativity and ingenuity being what they are, will continue to do so.

We return to the basic of repetition.

The enemies of Man use it to spread their falsehoods and implant their irrationalities.

But it can just as easily be used by the Good Guys to spread the truth.

All we have to do is keep going, keep communicating on every channel (and there are many) we can find.

Keep the FULL SPECTRUM of information alive and open.

Keep persuading and encouraging people to question, challenge and LOOK.

Keep repeating our message, patiently, matter-of-factly, relentlessly and pushing it through the force-screens of censorship that have been erected between The People and the truth.

And remain honest.


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