Great propaganda tricks of today: the BBC “Panorama documentary” ploy

The shifty crew of the BBC's Panorama programme are at it again

Right, so the shifty crew of the BBC’s Panorama programme are at it again. Their latest “documentary” hits the long-suffering public with yet another a pack of lies and distortions designed to nudge their opinion (they hope) in whatever direction is deemed desirable to whoever is pulling the BBC’s strings.

Evidently the BBC’s integrity has degenerated to a point where it thinks it is perfectly entitled to lie to you and treat you with the disrespect of a herdsman steering cattle.

It should be blindingly obvious by now that the Brazenly Biased Corporation is NOT the impartial or trustworthy source of information it pretends to be.  It is a slimy propaganda outlet designed and run to deceive the public.

As it is the public that funds the BBC through TV licence fees, the public are actually paying these cynical manipulators to lie to them!

Now, UK Reloaded is not a Labour supporter or indeed the supporter of any political party but we are most definitely against The People being lied to and manipulated, character assassination and so forth.

The truth of the matter is that in a democracy in which people are theoretically free too choose who governs them (whatever “governs”means exactly as it seems to mean different things to different people) it is self-evidently absolutely essential that they have access to information they can rely on.

Jeremy Corbyn for instance has been lied about and smeared so much by the MSM that anyone who still trusts the MSM for their”information” will not know who Corbyn really is or what his ruddy policies are.

The citizenry rely on the sources they turn to for their information (TV, radio, newspapers etc) being truthful. For the MSM to deliberately distort facts, omit facts, make up facts and so on is a serious and immensely damaging betrayal of trust. It is actually a criminal act.

There is such a thing as an honest error of course – we all make ’em and forgive them if they are made in good faith. But what we are witnessing are not mistakes. They are deliberate, systematic lies concocted with malice aforethought so as to “get” someone or other and make sure we don’t vote for them because SOMEONE has decided they don’t want them elected. Persistent behaviour of that sort is the hallmark of someone who is most definitely NOT your friend. They are someone’s pal or cohort – they just ain’t yours.

If they can get away with it and do the propaganda well enough, they are essentially rigging elections and aiding and abetting a totalitarianism in that (a) someone decides who they do or do not want running the country and (b)that someone’s media arm swings into action and spews out lies, distortions and smears to make sure that their lord and master’s wishes come true. You then wind up with being ruled by a puppet master pulling the strings, hidden behind a veneer of democracy.

Why does “someone” not want Jeremy Corbyn as PM? Well most likely his position on Palestine is at least a major factor. Corbyn thinks that Israel should knock off killing Palestinians and that the Zionist faction running the state of Israel does not have, any more than Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot or any other maniac did, a God-given right to murder their citizens or neighbours, annex other people’s land, engage in genocide and so on. The Jewish activist Noam Chomsky pointed this out here.

The Panorama programme has a track record of lies and distortions going back at least twelve years. Indeed, its presenter, John Sweeney, has been much discredited as a plausible journalist in the past. Yet BBC is not bothered by this. It continues to employ and continues to finance with licence payers’ money a provenly dishonest man in a key role, a man with a record of making dishonest pieces presented as “documentaries”. This tells us that the making of fake documentaries that are in fact thinly disguised propaganda pieces or hatchet jobs designed to “get” someone or some organisation its puppet masters wish to destroy tells us that that is exactly what the BBC wants. Otherwise a poor journalist such as Sweeney would have been sacked long ago.

For more insight into the corruption of the Panorama  programme, check out these articles:

And Sweeney is not the only discredited or rabid journalist prone to irrational episodes the BBC has seen fit to employ:

It is perfectly all right for someone to have an opinion, for the BBC to have an opinion, for the scurrilous John Sweeney to have an opinion, to like or dislike whomsoever they wish and to support if they so wish the vested interests who do not want a British Prime Minister who will not support the Zionist agenda in Palestine if they are open about it  – although that of course would ruin their position as an unbiased reporter of facts. What is both unacceptable and indeed harmful to the nation is their dishonesty and sly manipulation.

All in all we are witnessing pretty shabby behaviour from the BBC and the Panorama crew have demonstrated time and again that they cannot be trusted and their “documentaries” made at public expense are a cynical waste of your money.

Ironically, the propaganda attacks on Corbyn seem to have backfired and Corbyn has apparently improved his position in the polls.  See this article.

The antisemitism falsehood may have been the wrong ploy because its masterminds miscalculated, assuming that the public care about antisemitism when in fact most of them outside of the Jewish community don’t. Either that or the public – Zionist propaganda notwithstanding – takes the rational position that the conflation of antisemitism with criticism of the behaviour of the Israeli government is just plain dim.

Or perhaps past skulduggery has already eroded the BBC’s credibility to a point where fewer and fewer people are suckered by their nonsense.

Personally, although I do not agree with some of Corbyn’s policies – so far as I understand them  – I am half tempted to vote for him just to stick it to the lying swine at Panorama. Besides, it would be a nice change to have a man of integrity who rejects war at the helm for once.


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