Grey Area… (Part 2)

Grey Area… (Part 2)

(If you wish to read Part 1 first, see link below article.)

By: Joseph M. Lenard

I tried to REACH DEEP in the barrel of tricks of “being different” and go down a road not less-traveled but completely off-road blazing our own new trail here… Let’s continue this deep dive down a very different rabbit-hole and continuation from last week…

Things are usually never pure Black/White, Right/Wrong, Good/Evil, but indeed lots of GREY AREA distinctions. Sadly, most too lazy (or lacking functioning Grey-matter) to deal in any nuance and historically accurate context. “For every rule there is often an exception or two!” The very concept of what meets “Grey Area” definition can be argued, therefore Grey.

How do the likes of Russell Brand; discussed last week; this week Roseanne Barr and Canadian Rapper Tom MacDonald – but this week mainly on/about POTUS45 (Donald J. Trump, Candidate for 2024 to hopefully become POTUS47) all factor in?!?! And, yes, this is going to take “detailing” (to do this Justice) not “drive-by pot-shot” Twatter like preferred brevity to fully hash-out (therefore, broken into 2 parts)…

First, also under attack (shall we call “Moderate, or somewhat moderating, Liberals? of late”) Bill Maher and Joe Rogan (and for that matter, let me throw in Rosanne Barr (remember she ran as a Communist on the Green Party ticket in past) now she is podcasting (more later)) for “occasional” Red-Pill statements, still clearly not fully awake from their drunken Leftist stupor, but neither of them has Russell’s background and they therefore “more difficult” targets to Cancel – but while many on The Left may complain about one thing or another – they still pull the Jackass lever on Election day (meaning there will be MORE of what they are complaining about, NOT LESS)! They still try to fool others into pulling the Jackass lever as if #obaMAO, Hitlery (who is million times worse than Bill Clinton, as remember she did her thesis on Saul Alinsky and openly praised Margaret Sanger (Bill never went that far)), BiDUMB/CCPJoe, AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Piglosi, Schumer, are the “exceptions” of the Party rather than the clear “Rule” of the now FASCICRATS Party (nothing like the days up to and including JFK) and voting for any FASCICRATS Party member (no matter how “sane” they try to sound while on Campaign trail) empowers ultra-ultra-Leftist loon Leadership there-of and that they won’t keep going further and further to the dictatorial Left of the Spectrum.

The GREY AREA? Just because they say a few things we can agree with, does NOT automatically make them “on our side” and to be held up as a Hero (yes, give credit, when/where credit is due, but you don’t pin a Medal on them and parade them about like the next best thing since sliced-bread as the saying goes). Correct and/or wrong on one occasion or issue or another, does not assure they are firmly in one camp (Left) or another (Right). Grey area, they are not full Leftist we thought them as, but sure as Hell doesn’t make them fully awakened and Red Pilled and now “a Conservative” and they now operate in those GREY REGIONS (and again underlying material motives remain a question). Overall bigger-picture matters be focused upon.

VIDEO (7m 22s): Bill Maher Stops Holding Back & Says What Liberals Are Too Scared to Admit (Rubin Report):

THE BOTTOM LINE I’m putting forth for all us on TLB being that more than one thing can hold true (Russell a Womanizing POS (I think him POS for many reasons other than that which some focus on) in eyes of many, but NOT a Rapist) at the same time. Defending someone regarding one thing, IS NOT a declaration of LOVE for all else someone may be or have done. Like too, if you’re a regular reader of me, you will recall the one-off rare-occasion that I defended Whoopsie Golddigger in my Left Twists Language piece and Don Lemon in the Left Twists Language (part 2). #PrinciplesNotPersonalities (they can be correct on one thing, does not make them a trustworthy go-to source on other things). Every single circumstance MUST be Judged based on its own individual set of facts/evidence separate and apart from other considerations (usually, not always, every Rule has exceptions, as again “mitigating circumstances” can/may/should at times be weighed) or you are no better than a Leftist partisan hack spewing their pre-approved DNC Talking-Points on any and every situation (political posturing). Putin can even occasionally say some things that one can agree (and I will make the same GREY AREA stipulations) – but what are his motivations for saying them (honesty, or political posturing to make useful-idiots to/for his power)??? Etc.…

VIDEO (12m 11s): Roseanne and the Politics at ABC (@JlenardDetroit YouTube channel):

[related @JlenardDetroit YouTube vlog: Last Man Standing original politically motivated cancellation]

Many may argue some of these examples are not the best choice of examples, and perhaps so, however the idea to address the issue did indeed arise due to the Brand situation and how it can/may extrapolate to other situations or examples. Indeed, I will conclude with another (yes, sorry, I know, this got long, but necessarily so) but before that reminder back to/with, the “Enemy of my Enemy” (bad narrative, but if desperate a potential partner (like us with Stalin during WWII, siding with one Devil to defeat a as determined worse Devil)) makes the GREY AREA and that every and any person, place, thing, often presents both Pros and Cons (not Black/White; pure Good, all Evil; Right/Wrong; indeed shades of Grey).

Trump has again pledged to RAISE TAXES if Elected in 2024. Yes, I said that purposefully that way to a crowd likely very anti-tax. Fact is, he says he will raise Tarriff rates on some goods from other Countries. BY DEFINITION, that is a TAX INCREASE (and, yes, while it is levied on others, some if not all of that Tax increase on those “others” will be in one way shape or form passed back onto us). That, my friends, either is a GREY AREA, in many respects as to the “spirit” of what one considers a red-line or not, or perhaps a notion of related “for every Rule, there can be exceptions” we’re willing to accept. Trump called out a PRO-LIFE Bill of a State, does that make him PRO-CHOICE? NO, Grey area, as RoeVWade would never have been overturned if not for Trump governing as a Pro-Life advocate – he is “suggesting” some “strategic pragmatism” and what can/will stick or be quickly overturned, much like Niki Haley has spoken of many Trump supporters attacked her for saying. Do we save SOME CHILDREN if we cannot save ALL CHILDREN?

Analogy, Grey area, muddy waters and things not always pure/clean – as in fact I’ll be using “muddy waters” example. You claim to be 100% Pro-Life, you come upon a Lake with 4 drowning Children, of course you want to save them all, BUT 2 are off at your 3 O’clock, 1 at 12 O’clock, the last at 9 O’clock. No matter how PRO-LIFE you proclaim to be, you’re NOT going to likely save them all – do you bother to then save any? Do you make the sensible strategic decision to go in after the 2 that are together to save larger number than if you went in after either of the 1’s off the other directions? Seriously?? Do you say “I can’t save them all, so I’ll not bother to try to save any of them” as that is what some absolutists are arguing. Saving those we can, realistic recognition of REALITY vs PREFERRED SITUATION (often, delusional belief), given the way our Culture currently is and until such time we can win hearts-and-minds to then “go further” and save even more with another incremental Law in Pro-Life direction. GREY AREAS!

At issue also here is the concept and strategy of not forgoing the obtaining of good or better being sacrificed because of a desire to seek perfection. No such thing as perfect, there are almost always trade-offs. Like Trump criticizing one heartbeat bill over another heartbeat bill as a strategic point of at what point in-law is it that a baby cannot be aborted (as there is ZERO CHANCE a complete prohibition in Blue States will happen, but we may get some on The Left queasy about Baby Murder up until minute before (at least protections after) Birthing to help pass some restrictions) past week whatever honest debate so that the law can and will stand long term – whether then potentially lose the next election and have our opposition overturn the Law (we may have just enacted) and we are back to all babies being aborted again.

Dobbs decision was in no way perfect – taking the 10th Amendment (moderated due to/for  Roberts compromise) over/ignoring the 14th Amendment, but it is better than the situation prior. I dedicate a whole chapter to the “Dobbs Decision (Overturn of Roe V Wade)” in my ”ChristiTutionalist TM Politics” book (as well as having spoken to “Terrorists gunning down innocent Children” vs American Left “Slaughtering innocent Children in Womb” in my Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You (about Life and Living, NOT Death) book. Getting “better” and then working for/toward even closer to “perfect” (that, of course, is likely to never achieve).

I ultimately supported the Trump tax cuts even though I wasn’t found of all the particulars I am always anti-Tax but yes sometimes there are exceptions and I opposed the Rubio Child-Tax-Credit increase which was actually not a cut – it’s a credit that some that don’t pay any Federal Taxes therefore get money (redistribution of another’s wealth) they didn’t put in supposedly back that’s not a Tax cut that’s a Welfare check (and why are those without Children, subsidizing those who had them they couldn’t afford; why should Renters be subsidizing Home-owners in the Tax-code?; and the like). Grey areas. Supporting better as opposed to getting nothing because I would foolishly be demanding my version of perfect.

VIDEO (3m 49s):Hittin’ a Woman (Tom MacDonald (CASPER YouTube channel)):

Many may consider this a bit of a stretch for GREY AREAS examples, does not “every Rule, has an exception?” but regardless… Someone posted on Social Media about Hitlery “blaming The Right” for her “need” to attack us! LOL Remember how she blamed “Right-wing conspiracy” as deflection for her cheating husband??? Anyway, aside from that, my response to the post was…

Ummm…. OK Groomer Hitlery ….

Like an abusive husband trying to blame the Wife for beating on her!

WHY did YOU force me to do that????

Now, yes, you don’t beat on a Woman but there are indeed RARE OCCASIONS where Video shows indeed a Man can/may/need to defend himself from an Aggressive/combative Female that began beating on him (nothing all ever BLACK AND WHITE, completely RIGHT/WRONG, and I’ll be having an Article for TLB called “GREY AREAS” that this might need to add as another example) and Tom MacDonald’s tune HITTING A WOMAN comes to mind he kinda “goes there!”

As if Hitlery was “minding her own business” somewhere and WE keep impinging on her Privacy and she has to last out – rather than, of course, always, HER getting in everyone else’s faces when we wish she would just STFU and GO AWAY (be quiet, live a Private Life).

The corresponding, more in-depth to other GREY AREA examples, ChristiTutionalist TM Politics Shows…

VIDEO (43m 40s): CTP S1E22 “Grey Areas” w/ Rick Walker [“Maverick News” Canada] (@JlenardDetroit YouTube channel):


VIDEO (30m 23s): CTP S1E23 “Grey Areas 2” w/ Miss Liz [“T.E.A. Time w/ Miss Liz” Canada] (@JlenardDetroit YouTube channel):

Lastly, and in conclusion, I saw the movie FREELANCE recently. It too was in many respects all about Grey Areas, or related sister principle: THINGS MAY NOT ALWAYS BE AS/WHAT THEY SEEM. Things are not always Black/White, Right/Wrong, Good/Bad, Saintly/Evil – for every Rule some exceptions “generalities are NOT absolutisms.” Hopefully, from here on out, folks will avoid the Rose Colored Glasses and be cognoscente of the SHADES OF GREY before jumping to conclusions.


Things Usually Lotta GREY AREA… (Part 1)


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