Harney County Oregon Roundup The 41 days that have changed our Nation

by Cathy Geibel | TLB Staff writer & reporter

When Ammon Bundy and his supporters walked onto the Malheur Wildlife Refuge on January 2, 2016 a chain of events began that has forever changed this country and the lives of many citizens, including myself.  The “armed occupation” by “militant aggressors” aka “armed militants” aka “anti government radicals” aka “right wing extremists” aka “militant militias” who I choose to call “Patriots”, has begun a nationwide conversation of sorts and illuminated how deeply corrupt our Federal, State and Local governments have become.  No longer can we assume our welfare is being protected by the Constitution of the United States as this document has been systematically disrespected and undermined by those who swore to uphold it for many years.  I believed, like many others, that our Justice system and our Lawmakers were governed by the Constitution.  I was an idealist and I was wrong.

The Bundys, LaVoy Finicum and many grass roots organizations such as the Oathkeepers, the Pacific Patriot Network, the Idaho III% and other Citizen Patriots groups have been vilified in the mainstream press as being “armed extremists” but I challenge those labels and declare instead that our Government and their Militarized Police force who sport no true badge or insignia are the real armed extremists!  No badges or insignia, refusing to answer which branch of law enforcement they represent, armed and armored to the teeth.  Who are they really? This is a question we must demand be answered because if our so called benign government would hire contract mercenaries none of us are safe.  We were David to their Goliath, the disparity in arms was staggering.  Federal troops vs the average man, though out manned and outgunned they stood anyway. 

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The Patriots occupied Federally held land that has expanded over time under the guise of a “Wildlife Refuge” and touted as “public” when in reality this land and millions of acres of other “public land” in the west have been systematically confiscated, not to provide recreation and nature appreciation, but for the mineral resources located within. I reference a USCS publication dated 1987 titled “Mineral Resources of the Pueblo Mountains Wilderness Study Area, Harney County, Oregon, and Humboldt County, Nevada.” It’s an eyeopener.  WHY was the Federal response to a handful of poorly armed occupiers 30 miles outside of a small town in the middle of nowhere so excessive? Could it be deals brokered by the Clintons and, I believe the Obama administration, with China, Russia, and Uranium One for the Uranium and mineral stores located there?  Because what I saw when I was there were 200 + heavily armed and armored military personnel occupying a town subjected to undeclared martial law. And THAT is excessive!  It was NOT about a wildlife refuge, it is far deeper and far more corrupt than we even imagined.  What the people of Harney County have and continue to endure is reprehensible.  They and we have been sold out.  I believe the Bundy’s with all good intentions of taking a stand and returning the Constitution as rule of law stepped into a big steaming pile of dog poo, it was bigger than any of us ever imagined and they could NOT be allowed to win.

Of note,the last 4 occupiers have recently left the refuge.  I have serious reservations, and I apologize beforehand if indeed they are true patriots, but it seems a bit too convenient to me.  How else could the Federal military continue to occupy Harney County unless there remained a “credible threat”? Unfortunately for these 4 there is a recorded post of theirs from Defend Your Base which was a live stream and since deleted.  They didn’t cut the feed soon enough and conversation was recorded about “talent releases” to be signed.  Very suspicious.

Another question burns in my mind.  Did our Federal government showcase this event to test our resolve and resistance?  Did they attempt to incite a response from our Citizen Patriots and Militias to gauge numbers and arms?  Initially the only reason the Militias were involved at all was to prevent another Waco or Ruby Ridge and in this they were successful.  I firmly believe that when Governor Kate Brown, along with Sheriff Dave Ward and “Judge” Grasty,  called for Federal intervention in this matter it would indeed have ended in epic bloodshed had it not been for the intervention of the PPN, Militias and a number of us in media who broadcast this far and wide and made it far too public.  Sadly they did extract their pound of flesh in the murder of LaVoy Finicum.  As I have said before, I met him and spoke with him the day before his death.  Yesterday I watched his last interview for the first time.  It was recorded the day I spoke with him, when he asked me to pray for them as “things did not look good”,  I saw the worry in his expression.  I made a promise to him that day to do just that, and I promise this now, I will continue his message.   I cried when I watched the video of LaVoy because when I saw him in the same clothes he wore that day it all came slamming home, WE IN THIS COUNTRY ARE IN TROUBLE UNLESS WE STAND UP.  Our Federal government is out of control, it is complicit in administering Agenda 21 and did not hesitate to cut off what they believed to be the “head of the snake” in LaVoy Finicum thinking it would end.  But it has not.  Word is spreading.  It is our responsibility to keep this matter alive, not to live in the past, but to move forward with resolve and take back our country from the Global elite who desire so desperately to disarm us and take away our freedoms.  I continue to believe that this United States is all that stands in the way of complete Global domination. 

Ultimately there is some good coming from this.  Harney County continues to have town meetings (no tickets needed) and classes on the Constitution.  Citizens who decry the corruption are petitioning to run for local office including Sheriff, County commissioner and Judge.  So who knows, the Malheur Wildlife Refuge may yet be ground zero in the quest to regain our freedoms and our Constitution.


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About the author:

Cathy Geibel is a TLB staff writer/reporter based in the state of Oregon. She is an RN, writer, researcher and activist.

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  1. Good article. When the gov’t has that much power, it is way past time to be worried. The Constitution classes are good, most people don’t know beans about it. What, for example, does the 10th amendment say? A huge bearing on this subject.

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