How A Filthy-Rich, Clean-Cut ‘Duck Dynasty’ Tricked The World

TLB comment:  “Duck [Dy]nasty is nothing short of a chapter right out of The New World Order Play Book on ‘dumbing down’ the population and keeping the masses entertained (distracted) while their fellow 1%ers carry out their Crimes Against Humanity. When referring to the folks at Duck [Dy]nasty, to bring clarity, we need to put it in the terms of Daffy Duck…  You’re despicable.”          ~ Ralph Ely (TLB)



In the wake of Republican congressional candidate Zach Dasher — nephew of “Duck Dynasty” superstar Phil Robertson — responding to reports that he blamed atheism on the Sandy Hook massacre, it seems worth mentioning that this, as well as the series of homophobia, underage marriage and racism scandals surrounding A&E’s popular so-called “reality” show Duck Dynasty, are all fake… all of it.

It may sound like a bold allegation, but source after sources who are close to the show have repeatedly spilled the beans, detailing the literal scripting of the show’s episodes.

Non-disclosure agreements have prevented cameramen, and others involved with the show from attaching a name to such claims, so many fans have blown of the leaked information. Others have simply said “so what?”

But contrary to the claims of fans, this is not “all in good fun.” The Duck Dynasty cast are wealthy “1%ers” who know precisely what they are doing and why. Their actions are part of a systematic “dumbing down” of society, and a romanticizing of ignorance.

It’s said that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so we’ll let a handful of photos which the cast admits are legitimate speak for themselves.


The first thing you’ll notice is the conspicuous lack of camouflage, face paint, headbands, and beards.

Below you will see Jase Robertson and the rest of his family looking just like any other clean-cut, upper class Caucasian family. How strange that Jase would go from such a groomed, trim beard to what we see in Duck Dynasty.


Only a few years later, we see Jase and Missy Robertson below. The only difference is Jase is a lot richer and hairier. Of course, we’re supposed to believe that this is how he normally looks, when money isn’t involved.


Willie Robertson also used to look pretty different. Check out the picture below, where the bleached-blonde Willie manages to look like anything but a backwoods, trailer park sasquatch.


Here he is now. I wonder what led to him changing his look?


Guess what? Jep Robertson and family aren’t any different. The whole family is in on this act.


After A&E representatives made Jep over, this is what he looks like now.


The beards, the game of “dress up” and even the fake controversies surrounding this family, and now those of them with political aspirations are all for show.

This already wealthy, elitist family has been playing into the stupidity of a certain segment of the population, and glorifying ignorance. The scandals, one after another, have all been part of a well-orchestrated hoax for the A&E superstars to gain even higher ratings, and get even richer.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, now members of their family are using their fame and notoriety to market themselves to voters. It’s time to nip this in the bud. If you know someone who believes the Duck Dynasty Hoax, then pass this along to them to hopefully snap them out of it.


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