How COVID-19 Works & How it Kills

How to Prevent Yourself From Being the Next Statistic

How COVID-19 Works & How it Kills

How to Prevent Yourself From Being the Next Statistic

The danger of Covid19 is NOT about the damage to the lungs, it is about the later damage it does to the RED BLOOD CELLS. That is where the catastrophic damage happens and eventually kills the person…

Says Prof Tim Noakes – emeritus professor in the Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine at the University of Cape Town.

By: Allan Wohrnitz

The malaria parasite does the same damage as the Covid19 virus would do to red blood cells. The virus enters the upper respiratory tract, enters the cells, hijacks the cell and replicates – and if not controlled, it becomes the disease.

Then……when it enters the blood stream, that is when HAVOC happens.

Red Blood Cells carry oxygen. However it needs IRON inside the blood cell to be able to carry the oxygen. IRON ALONE MUST NEVER BE PRESENT IN THE BLOOD STREAM.

When Covid19 virus attacks the red blood cell and damages it, the following happens:

  1. The red blood cell can no longer carry oxygen – therefore in critical conditions, the use of a ventilator is of no value as no oxygen is being transported to the tissues

  2. The Iron is now released into the blood stream – that in itself is a very TOXIC condition and it causes catastrophic damage to the lungs and the liver

The effectiveness of the Hydroxychlrorquine treatment comes into play to protect the red blood cells from being damaged, the same treatment as used for Malaria.

So, as long at the virus has not arrived at the red blood cells and early intervention has happened, the disease by the virus can be contained and controlled

Who are the most susceptible to be at the highest risk with Covid-19? People with onset of Diabetes and Diabetes Type II.


Because those with Type II diabetes have problems attaching glucose to their cells and their red blood cells are more sensitive to damage. Those are the most at risk of the damage by Covid-19.

As a comparison:

People with Diabetes Type II have a 2 X greater FATAL risk of Heart disease, and people with Diabetes Type II have a 10 X FATAL risk with Covid-19.

What can be done:

1. Lung protection – build up a strong Mucous membrane in the lungs and lung passages.

Mucous TRAPS incoming viruses as prevents them entering into the lung cells to start replicating.

This can be accomplished with Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 (to produce cortisol naturally), a good Multivitamin and mineral (at least 25mg of BComplex) Omega 3 and good proteins

2. The Amino Acid L-Lysine and Vitamin C – it is the raw materials for the production of Collagen.

Collagen keeps the cells and tissues together and strengthens them. When collagen is strong, it is a lot harder for viruses to move.

So when the viruses have replicated and damaged the host cell, they are ready to move to the next cell. In the presence of Collagen, it cannot move and it cannot dissolve the collagen to move.

Therefore, when the viruses are held in place, the Immune system can come and eat them up and remove them from the body.

3. To make the Immune system efficient and able to sweep away the held up viruses, it needs Selenium and Zinc and Vitamin E.

4. If one wants to stop a virus on its tracks and make it less effective, the use of herbs becomes an option – Echinacea, African Potato, Astragalus, Andrographis, Olive Leaf, Sutherlandia.

5. If the virus has entered the blood stream, then medical treatment will be needed to prevent the virus from attacking the red blood cells and destroying them. This is where Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc and a course of Antibiotics comes into play.

6. For those that are bordering on obesity and potentially become Diabetic TypeII or are already diabetic, one will have to work that much harder due to the high risk involved.

Obesity and Diabetes Type II are problems created by bad eating habits.


  1. Get off sugar fruits and refined carbohydrates

  2. Eat good proteins and good Fats – Omega 3 rich foods or Omega 3 supplements

  3. Eat a lot more vegetables, a combination of all colour vegetables – raw or steamed – not overcooked

Highly recommended vegetables that help detox the liver are Spinach, Kale, Brocolli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Garlic, Onions.

I would consider that if one follows such advice, the risks attached to Covid-19 will be substantially reduced and one can live a normal life…

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The above article (How COVID-19 Works, How it Kills & How to Prevent Yourself From Being the Next Statistic) was originally created and published by Allan Wohrnitz on his facebook profile pageand is republished on TLB by contribution with attribution to author Allan Wohrnitz.

The Author Allan Wohrnitz is a nutrition expert, providing nutrition education and drug-free solutions for hyperactive children. Visit him on facebook for more related information.


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