How Does One Conduct An Election In A War-zone?

How Does One Conduct An Election In A War-zone?

Ukraine Elections … #PrinciplesNotPersonalities and EVERYTHING is a serious question or lesson we should consider ON PRINCIPLES…

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Follow-up to my piece by the same name, and yes you may have guessed in advance another piece inspired by/from Social-Media interactions…

[Zelensky – image source:]

I have said over and over and over again – BiDUMB = corrupt. Zelensky = corrupt. Putin = as corrupt as the two of them combined. So NONE OF THIS has anything to do with Personalities, I will call out anyone, anytime, anyplace, when/where I believe deserving (it doesn’t matter the political side of the aisle they align with). #PrinciplesNotPersonalities. I do NOT support Zelensky, I support the Ukrainian people (with Bread and Bullets, NOT money; cuz again they are absolutely all corrupt and the money is laundered) and their more than 100 years of dealing with oppression and occupation, on and off, from Russia/Soviets. Facts, not feelings.

#HISTORYmatters and more in Putin Atrocity Apologists piece for people who side with Putin just so they can FEEL GOOD about being 1 million percent anti-BiDUMB on everything (an unprincipled, personalities or hyper-partisanship driven, position). Shall I… yes, I shall… repeat again… #PrinciplesNotPersonalities. Even some here at TheLibertyBeacon might get their apple cart upset and their feelings hurt but this much-needed tough-love rant hopefully can result in some self-reflection of a few who may have unconsciously got caught up in the emotional-hysterics, the too often only purely partisan posturing, and or the dealing with personalities rather than examining the overall principles involved!

John Solomon @jsolomonreports on TRUTH-social posted…

In posting a reference to a JustTheNews story.

I responded…

It is always tricky holding Elections around HOT SPOTS (where Terrorists are likely to Strike) and really tricky to try to hold an Election in a clear ACTIVE WAR ZONE! But, of course, we EXPECT them to try but in all fairness I gotta ask: who has the plan that makes for a full and valid Election when you cannot operate Polling places in whatever the percentage is of your Country currently under occupation?!?!? Please, tell us how it would work?!?! Suspend the Election for Representation and somehow via Court action (also controversial and would be challenged) allow those Serving those areas that cannot elect local Representation current Officials to continue serving?!?! Before I hear & accept criticism of Zelensky in this tell us how can help make it work?!?! Obviously, indeed better to hold them limited fashion somehow – it would NOT be full/fair Election & draw criticism regardless.


Someone then chimed in with not our problem just ignore it

My further SERIOUS response to his whining

People in USA are whining about this[as all the Reports responses on Talk Shows and what not attest to] so it is FAIR to ask them!

WHAT THE F*** WOULD YOU DO in his place?!?!? [Yes, I dare say the vulgar emphasis required – specifics, not whining needed!]

And, of course, most would crawl under a Rock and hide because they just wanted something TO WHINE ABOUT and never have LEGIT INPUT is point.

I don’t WHINE based upon Personalities. #PrinciplesNotPersonalities

Some are just SNOWFLAKES and like to whine and moan about anything to ALINSKY attack, never deal in ISSUES. And this situation does raise VALID QUESTIONS whether it be Ukraine or Utah somehow under active conflict

And please, I know someone will chime in with U. S. CIVIL WAR, which was clearly not same situation – there was no long term occupation of Northern States to postpone any Election potentially long-term. You had States that left our Union and therefore had no valid claim to whine about disenfranchisement from an Election to/for a Nation they no longer wanted to be part of.

Elections were already underway on 9/11/01 around NYC. They dealt with obvious issues of Precincts that may have been disrupted in some-way-shape-or-form, but that of course was different from an already active and on-going War-zone where parts of your Nation are under enemy occupation. Those Elections had to be suspended and rescheduled, which was rather easy to do as we were not in a continuing and active War-zone; NYC was not occupied by and enemy. I wanted to embed Video, but as one might imagine all that was lost as the National impact of 9/11 continued to consume the News focus, impossible to find that particular focus and the rescheduled election date lost among endless other 9/11 feeds from the day, but a SIlive piece remains to share. Clearly far different than what is being dealt with in Ukraine right now.

Still further/additional response….

(CONT) Not the same thing or issue, but… too…

Let’s talk the active conflict in GAZA.
Oh, that’s right, HAMAS SUSPENDED ELECTIONS MORE THAN A DECADE AGO and been holding dictatorial power while they could have been holding Elections but did not.

So, I get it, IF Zelensky suspends elections he’ll get HAMAS DICTATOR comparisons. IF he tries to hold the Elections SOMEHOW, he’ll be criticized as it would be impossible to hold a full and complete fair Election.

So, I absolutely WILL QUESTION those QUESTIONING his options/choices (many just engaging in Alinsky bullshit) and their potential motives as HONEST or just ZELENSKY DERANGEMENT SYNDROME?!?!? Just another excuse to criticize support for Ukraine.

Which, AGAIN, for the record, I do NOT support Zelensky (he is as corrupt as BiDUMB and Putin) BUT absolutely want to support Ukrainians from 100+ years Russian oppression/aggression (and as part (cohost) of Savaged Unfiltered podcast we’ve spoken with folks from within the Warzone).
#HISTORYmatters #FACTSmatter #CONTEXTmatters

Then I went on to conclude…

I have been involved in Politics since 1978, I have run for Office myself, I have a #1 Bestseller book on Terrorism/War, I do podcasts and will be ASKED about these things, SOME OF US have to think about these things while others just WHINE AND MOVE ON.

Then, of course came the Emotional Hysterics Trolls with their drive-by pot-shots devoid of substance chiming in with nonsense and I responded…

Move along Child, take your unserious pot-shot manure elsewhere, the Adults are trying to have a SERIOUS CONVERSATION HERE!!!

Now, hear my additional RANTING AND RAVING on this video sneak-peek/behind-the-scenes version of the corresponding/correlating CTP Show. If you’ve seen my BTS/SP videos before, you have never seen me like this. I am PISSED (and you should have heard/read me say over and over, I pull no punches, I will call out folks on either/both sides of the aisle when I consider necessary) and I really unload.

From the CTP S1E24 Show Notes:
No, seriously, I have to ask all those criticizing the Election “concerns” and the Zelensky damned if he does damned if he doesn’t position he is currently in regarding whether or not to attempt to hold Elections or suspend them to a later time – put aside the unprincipled whining and criticism that I do not think is Principled but Alinsky attacking based upon Personality issues and tell me “exactly what you would do and how you would do it?” EXACTLY?!?! I want to see your White-Paper (thoughtful, reasoned logic, not feelings) on the topic. An episode like you’ve never heard of CTP before, pissed and letting loose (on/at all sides, no holds barred, no quarter given, Left or Right)!

Please give it a watch, as Segment-2 has some “rantings” about former Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s “future” (hopefully, lack there-of) in Congress in question. Will Adelson acquire the Mavericks (NBA) and shake up that Woke and CCP ass-kissing League from the inside? George Santos back in the News.

VIDEO (44m 45s): CTP BTS/SP “How Does One Conduct an Election in an Open War-zone” S1E24

See too (click on image below):

[image source: TheLibertyBeacon “Enemy of my Enemy” article]


VIDEO (30s): CTP 20231111 S1E21 God and Guns Show – Lynyrd Skynyrd soundbite


VIDEO (30s): CTP 20231111 S1E21 God and Guns Show – RIP (Michiganian) Brian Terry (CBP) soundbite

CTP God and Guns (full Show)


Image Credit: Graphic in Featured Image (top) – by Mike Ljung from Pixabay


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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