How to keep your country free even when it is, allegedly, not very well

Some notes following the revolutionary discovery that government and common sense are not incompatible

by Steve Cook

Someone got the hump with me yesterday when  I was on Boris’ Johnson’s FB page having some fun leaving a few scathing comments. They used the line, “Well what would YOU do smart arse?” kind of thing.

Actually, it was a valid question in so far as if we are going to quite rightly criticise the Gang of Loons for their downright sinister approach to the business of national governance, we should at least be able to state what government  policy SHOULD be that someone with the requisite people, management and leadership skills could then put into practice.

So you have got two basic things:

  • A workable policy that enables you to get the right result and
  • Managers with the necessary skill set who can then put the policy into practice. “Putting it into practice” also includes continually assessing the results one is getting with it and amending the policy if something is not quite getting those results.

Funnily enough, making the second point work also requires the presence of a basic operating quality: honesty. I think there is probably a natural law at work: “government will fail to serve the people to the degree that it is dishonest.”

But that of course depends on whether, if you are the government, you are TRYING to serve the people. Many aren’t. Many are trying to serve their pals or  their blackmailers or some such thing.

So when we talk about “getting results” and “workable policies” and so forth, these depend for their meaning on what one is trying to do. The incumbent government, for instance, DOES have workable policies and IS getting  results – if the goal is the crushing of the nation and its subjugation to rule by a global oligarchy with the government and parliament a sort of management echelon steering the herd on the oligarchy’s behalf. In that sense, Boris and his crew are doing a fine job of murdering Britannia in her sleep. The reason they appear so smug about it is that they consider that is their job: their true allegiances are to some sort of globalist cult thingy and not the British people – certainly not the plebs, riffraff and hoi poloi like thee and me.

Be that conjecture as it may, I rattled off a reply as to what I would do if I found myself in government – or what I would want someone with the right skills to do.

I’ve since edited it a bit and the results are as follows.

In no particular order and off the top of my head:

I’d stop falsifying the stats for a start.

I’d stop talking up and propagandising this bug so as to make it look like the genocidal pandemic scenario from an apocalypse movie everyone has in the back of their mind. In other words, I’d stop scaring the crap out of the citizenry. This runs counter to the deeply insightful advice Boris is receiving from psychological warfare experts or psychiatrists or some such nutters on using Fear to steer the herd.

I would want a calm, confident citizenry able to think for themselves as these tend to be healthier and happier, more rational, less reactive – and less upset with one another or their government. I would go for encouraging the exercise of Reason among the citizenry to the greatest possible degree as opposed to using fear to suppress it.

I would work hard at getting this message and others allied to it thoroughly out there, fully utilisimg my daily TV and press briefings and social media outlets. My goal would be to firmly establish in the minds of the populace that their capabilities and potentials are far greater than anyone (especially any government) has allowed them to believe, that they ARE responsible for themselves and their fellows and perfectly capable of exercising that responsibility. My goal would be to avoid micro-managing the people, which is exhausting and does not work. I would avoid the crass stupidity of having the over-worked police running around arresting people for not wearing masks and other stupidities as this ultimately cheeses off and alienates everyone, including the police.

I’d make sure people understood fully (many do not at present appear to do so) that the majority of them are at a very low statistical risk from this bug and knock off all utterances, propaganda, mind games and so forth that create a contrary impression.

This would better ensure that if at a later date some truly hideous pandemic comes along that I really do need to warn people about, I will actually be believed and not regarded as the dimwit who cried “wolf!”

I would make sure people understood that the bug is comparable to a flu outbreak but less deadly to people who are not already very frail.

Thus I’d reduce the climate of fear that is making many people vulnerable (mood affects the immune system).

I’d put a team together of proper epidemiologists and so forth and they would be able to show how the outbreak peaked BEFORE the lockdown and has gone through a natural cycle – much the same natural cycle other countries have gone through with or without lockdown.

I would not have had people released back into nursing homes from hospitals early so as to make bed space for the expected COVID rush as this brought infection INTO the nursing homes where the frail and scared elderly were vulnerable and died in large numbers (pushing up the Death stats).

Very importantly, I would not have taken any advice from Ferguson as he was KNOWN to be incompetent, with a track record of wildly erroneous but alarming predictions. The only reason one would trot out that man as one’s “expert” would be if one WANTED to create a scare. There are plenty of real experts around, whose predictions turned out to be, as expected, much more accurate and less alarming.

I certainly would not have gone on TV and told the nation they were all going to lose loved ones “before their time” as Johnson did, which was a highly irresponsible thing to do. Again, you only go on TV and make statements like that if you are TRYING to instill fear. And you only try to instill fear if you’ve gotten the idea from somewhere that using fear is “how you control people”.

I’d make sure people understood the difference between “Coronavirus”, which refers to a family of viruses and the COVID bug that is just one of that family. And I’d stop the Health Secretary mixing up the terms so as to confuse people. For instance, “Five hundred people tested positive for Coronavirus” does not mean the same thing as “500 people tested positive for COVID19”.

I’d identify which demographic groups are at serious risk – mainly the very old and/or very ill – and pull out all the stops to shield THEM.

I would not have on my team ANY “advisors” with ANY vested interests in vaccines or the pharmaceutical industry and so forth. There are plenty of highly qualified, high-integrity epidemiologists, virologists and so on who would be willing to help by the impartial contribution of their expertise.

To treat the nation with respect and foster trust I would hold all meetings of my advisors on camera and make the recordings of these meeting freely available so that everyone can know what was said by whom and to whom.

I would not have long private phone calls with Bill Gates or any other vested interest. I would not prevent such people contributing their input but would make all such input a matter of public record so that everyone can know exactly what was said by who to whom. Such private, hidden communication/influence lines undermine democracy and the integrity of the government.

I would encourage a search for a vaccine as ONE of the options we could pursue. However I would not under any circumstances condone sloppy or incomplete research or the notion that vaccine manufacturers who kill or harm the citizenry because of such carelessness or recklessness are somehow not responsible for the harm they do. It is not the place of the government to encourage, condone or facilitate the poisoning of its citizens. I would not make vaccine compulsory but safeguard the right of the citizen to make his or her own choices on the matter of their health. To assist in that I would make sure any side effects and so forth of the vaccines are fully known and understood and that the exact risks of the virus they are intended to handle are known and understood so that every citizen can weigh up the risks of the vaccines against the risks of the virus and decide thereon which is the optimum solution.

I would knock off endlessly bleating on about “be safe” – which subtly implants the fear of how dangerous the environment is and push instead the message “be strong” or “be confident”. I’d want a nation of TIGERS not a herd of ruddy cheep. Sure it’s a tough universe but the tigers stand a better chance than sheep.

I’d make sure that when death stats were published people understood which demographic groups were actually at risk so as to avoid a generalised fear for people who are at little or no risk (which is the vast majority of the population and almost everybody under 45).

I would keep the schools open but again make sure that any vulnerable children are schooled at home (the bug is unlike the flu in that it does not, overall, tend to target kids, thank God). To help with this, I would utilise some of the three quarters of a million people who volunteered to help.

I’d give people in nursing homes a CHOICE on whether they prefer to be isolated or take their chances and see their families in their last months of life. Being imprisoned in their rooms and denied the companionship of their loved ones at the very closing weeks or months of their long lives, condemning them to lonely deaths, is about as cruel a thing – bordering on freakin’ sadism – as you could do to a senior citizen and no doubt hastened the death of many.

I’d keep production going because the nation’s survival and standard of living – not to mention its morale (low morale also has an effect on overall health) – depends on production and the survival of the NHS depends on a healthy economy to sustain it.

I’d keep people sick or dying with other serious illnesses serviced by the NHS and not sacrifice their lives.

I’d stop using the PCR test as it is extremely inaccurate and not designed for the purpose of diagnosing disease and only useful if you are trying to propagandise an epidemic.

I’d make sure people understood that this particular bug is not airborne as it seems that many people do not yet understand this.

I would embark on a broad, flat-out program to educate people on the benefits of hand washing, not coughing in people’s faces and the usual, sensible hygiene measures one should use in any outbreak. I’d make sure they understood how good soap is for breaking down the layer of fat that protects the virus. I’d make sure they understood the reasoned use of distancing and masks – the latter do have a limited workability (possibly outweighed by the harm from long-term wearing).

I’d keep up an educational program to instil these ideas and get people to use them of their own free will and from their natural sense of kinship and desire to help one another. I would NOT make any of these common-sense measure compulsory or accompanied by implied threats. People will for instance willingly wear masks in crowded spaces if they believe they are truly helping others by so doing. One way to get them upset by the idea and resistant to it, is to make it compulsory.

One sure-fire way to get people really resistant to wearing masks and demonstrating about it all over the place is to have a not particularly impressive politician with a bad haircut go on TV and start chucking his weight about with YOU MUSTS and threats and so forth.

I would have pulled out all the stops to get known remedies such as hydroxychloroquine in use pronto for anyone who wants it.

I would get in touch with Vladimir Putin and find out about the vaccine that was developed in Russia and endorsed by Mr Putin personally and which the media went strangely silent about (probably because an effective and safe vaccine developed in Russia and made available relatively cheaply would undermine any lingering hopes the pharmaceutical industry still has of making vast sums of money out of the existing scamdemic). If the Russian vaccine panned out I would do a deal with Russia to get it supplied to us at low cost to the tax payer and made available to anyone who wants it (see above).

I would embark on a program to thoroughly educate kids and adults on how to strengthen their immune systems and general resistance to disease through diet, (not eating crap, overusing drugs, medications and alcohol, all of which also make one vulnerable to the bug). This would include making sure people were educated on how to look after their own immune systems with vitamins D and C and Zinc etc). This vital education that would put the citizenry much more in the driving seat of his or her own health is still strangely missing and its provision would be a great service to the people.

I would treat the British people with some respect and do them the honour of regarding them as intelligent adults.

I would, if needed, use some of the army of 75000 public-spirited people who when this thing started volunteered to help, to do things such as getting supplies to people who are quarantined or self isolated.

I would keep parliamentary democracy fully functioning, knock off threatening talk about “bringing in the army” or “marshals” and similar nuttiness.

Should there yet turn out to be any need to assist people with government money (unlikely as the economy has not been shut down) I would NOT borrow the money. Currently when the government borrows money from the banking cartels and so forth, in a nutshell what happens is the banks CREATE (“print”) the money in order to lend it, then charge the government interest and the interest is paid back by extracting it from the citizenry via taxes. This is just lovely for the banking cartels who make a lot of easy money off, ultimately, the industry of the people but it is also quite daft. So instead of having the banks create it, then lend it to the government at interest so the government can give it to the citizenry from whom it later extracts the interest, I would cut out the extraneous complexities and simply have the government create it debt- and interest-free and give it to the citizenry.

Of course this creation of money not tied to increased production might (MIGHT) prove inflationary so it would be important to KEEP PRODUCTION GOING or even increase it so as to prevent a loss of purchasing power of the means of exchange. But that it another story.

All this is in the context of WHAT WE ARE ACTUALLY FACING. A more deadly and more broadly homicidal virus might require more draconian measures swiftly implemented but that is not the reality of what we are dealing with right now, although there are some who are doing their level best to convince us otherwise.

Indeed, I would argue that given the state of knowledge of humanity on medicine, hygiene, sanitation, quarantine, mass hysteria, the immune system,, the roles of vitamins such as C and D and zinc, the benefits of good nutrition and so on and so forth and knowledge of how viruses actually behave, the “doomsday” scenario may only be “real” in movies and the “threat” thereof amplified in the public mind by criminals as a control technique.

But that too is another story.

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