How to Sleep Well When Traveling

How to Sleep Well When Traveling

By TLB Contributing Writer: Nirdesh

Finding sleep when traveling can be a nightmare. Your bed is different, the streets are noisy, and if you are traveling through different time zones, your biological clock can be off-balance. You need rest so that you can wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the next day’s events.

Not getting enough sleep will leave you feeling lethargic and you will wonder when your trip will end so that you can go home.

Things do not have to follow this pattern when you can learn remarkable ways to get the best sleep possible when traveling.

Be careful with hotel room booking

Since you are going to spending some considerable amount of time in your hotel room – becomes your second home – you need to take time selecting the right hotel room. Avoid lower rooms due to the noise from the streets or restaurants below. If there is no way to avoid this, carry some ear plugs. If you plan to spend more days on travel, find a hotel that is located some distance from the city. Doing this will protect you from noisy public transportations systems. Ensure that you beddings are clean. You can put a no disturb notice on your door to prevent room service interruptions. When traveling to Brazil get the Brazil e visa to gain entry into the country.

Syncing your Biological clock

You may find it hard to sleep due to varying time zones. There could be some confusion with your body whether it is bedtime or not. You can solve this by sleeping strategically. If your travel destination time zone is three hours behind yours, you can try to adapt to your new time zones by changing your sleep patterns a couple of days before travel. On the first day you can sleep one hour earlier than usual; increase this to two hours and then three. By the time you travel your body will start adapting to the new sleeping patterns. It takes one day per time zone for your body to adjust to the new time zones. If traveling to Brazil ensure you apply online for your Brazil e visa.

Personalize your Room

When traveling to abroad, your mind might find your current room settings to be disorienting. You can change this by personalizing your room with personal items like your favorite teddy bear, a picture of the family, your alarm clock or wear your favorite robe and socks. Some of these things are easy to carry, but they help bring a feeling of being at home. You can request your hotel room to add any accessories that will help you personalize your room. You should be able to relax and sleep after this.

Local Schedules

To get your biological clock working for you again try going with the local time zones. If you land in the morning and find people eating breakfast, do the same. With time you will find your body in synch with the local settings. You can begin doing this while flying; if you discover you will land at night try to stay awake so that you can sleep in your hotel room. Adjusting to local times enables you to experience life from a different perspective.

Massage and exercise

A long flight will leave you stressed and lethargic. To get you out of this mood you can try having a massage or going to a spa and pampering yourself. If your hotel does not have a spa, you can try doing some simple exercises like walking, stretching your arms and legs. This reduces stress and help you sleep better.

Switch off your phone

Blue light emitted by your phone and LCD Television screen can hinder your sleep. Try turning off notifications from your phone to reduce interruptions. This can also be a good time to detox from social media sites. You can try to read a book or meditate before getting into bed.

Alcohol and caffeine

It can be tempting to have a few shots of whiskey before bedtime, but this only leads to poor sleep. Alcohol is a depressant and causes you more harm than good. Your liver will be working on overdrive trying to get rid of all the toxins in the body. Alcohol also prevents you from reaching the REM sleep (deep sleep) that is necessary for body relaxation. Avoid caffeine as it will interfere with your sleep. If you need to drink something take a warm glass of milk, juice, herbal tea, or water.

Normal bedtime routine

You will need to go back to your sleeping pattern when you are at home. It can be tempting to spend the nights out clubbing, but your body needs to go back to its normal routine. Go back to what you normally do at home to fall asleep – this can be meditation or reading a book. Try listening to soft music as it soothes your soul you will find yourself falling asleep.

Face Mask

There could be some light that creeps into your hotel room that prevents you from falling asleep. Since you cannot control what happens in a hotel room, you will need to be creative with blocking out light. Begin with the curtains – make sure that no space is left that brings light. When you feel it is bedtime put on a face mask to block any light that could be coming from your hotel room door.


This a natural hormone produced by the body a few hours before bedtime. Melatonin prepares your body for rest and is crucial for getting into deep sleep. Since your travel schedule has interrupted your production of melatonin, you can buy melatonin over the counter. This is available as a non-prescription drug and can help you fall asleep faster.


Getting enough sleep is crucial if your body is to recover from all the day’s activities. When we travel through different time zones, our biological clocks are interrupted, and this hinders our ability to have adequate sleep. By taking the tips provided above you can have some good sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.


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