Hurricanes & The NASA Weather Gods – GeoEngineering & the 1%

by Ralph Ely | TLB Editorial Staff

As one that started my activism in the anti-GeoEngineering movement… absolutely nothing that the Global Elite and their minions do surprises me. What does surprise me however, is how so many Groups on FB and the Web want to stay in their “little corner” of the Sand Box and not play with the others. WTF??

The day I finally pulled my head out of ‘where the Sun does not shine” was the day The Liberty Beacon Founder, Roger Landry ask me to join TLB. That day I opened my eyes to the bigger picture and discovered we all are fighting the Same Enemy. The Same Enemy who has the goal of total Global Control and Domination, using the tools of GeoEngineering/EMF , Food (GMOs), Water (Fluorides), Vaccinations, Economic Control via the War Machine and the Political Tyranny that is nibbling away at our Constitutional Freedoms.  Remember fellow Activists, the 1% Elite want us divided. They don’t want us to recognize them as A Common Enemy. Their worst nightmare is us marching side by side and moving forward to effect their elimination.

Hurricanes & The NASA Weather Gods

As of this post Florida and the East Coast of the United States is slated to get it’s butt kicked by a Hurricane. An event that is totally “controllable by NASA.”

Here is updated information from 1PacificRedwood:
Credit: 1PacificRedwood

Hurricane Control

History, Government documents (including Patents) and years of “over sight by Alternative Media” has proven Control is possible and is being used.

Here we examine a “benign” video showing NASA technology:

Try as TLB Staff could, we cannot locate the video (imagine that) shot after “Sandy” hit the U.S. showing a NASA flight crew member admitting on camera that Sandy was a screw-up and was to have been steered away from land.

Remember… History Repeats it’s Self.

Let’s view History from 2012 as Tropical Storm ISAAC STEERED by Chembombs & HAARP. (So you see it can be done.)

Credit: SuperDeltaBravo1

In his book “Fixing the Sky: The Checkered History of Weather and Climate Control”, James Rodger Fleming adds to our Historical understanding. Click here to see a pertinent ‘out-take’ of the subject. 

History again Tells the TRUTH in the following video, as NASA’s own documents expose them as a bit more that just “a Space Agency.”
Credit: SuperDeltaBravo1

Click here for PDF download of NASA document discussed in the above video.

Our common Enemy is much larger than one Facebook group or one Web page or one city or one state. Our Enemy is Global… it is Dangerous and must be dealt with by each and everyone of us acting as One. Acting as the 99% against the 1%. There is no other answer… there is No Other Way. (RE)

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1 Comment on Hurricanes & The NASA Weather Gods – GeoEngineering & the 1%

  1. Although the use of the phrase “sand box” belittles this tremendous (understatement) environmental struggle of ours, sadly this is a huge issue for me that should NOT be. We so very desperately need ALL hands on the SAME deck》soooii much more could be done & far more effectively IF a handful of well respected anti-Geoengineering Activists would simply stop w/all the hypocrisy & check their damn ego’s at the door. The petty ego’s of a few who’ll go unmentioned solely for the sake of not wishing to stir the pot 》safe to say if you follow the anti-Geoengineering threads you know all too well just exactly whose being referred to》just think how much more effective the anti-Geoengineering platform could be IF a very select few individuals who’ve managed to gain attain a very respectable following would rise above the noise & static which only helps to play right into the hands of the power structure》as the article correctly states, this kind of platform division w/in the anti-Geoengineering community is just what the opposition wants》why on earth can’t these most noble & otherwise well respected environmentalists see through this & rise above the noise of their individual beliefs of which fork in the road to take in the attempt to achieve the SAME GOAL…TO END the deadly global geoengineering Agenda. Frustration doesn’t even begin to describe how this issue continues to truly piss me off》come on people, listen to your own words of “rallying the Troops” 》or remain viewed by many of your fellow anti-Geoengineering Compatriots as Hypocrites as it relates to strengthening our struggle.

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