I Shall Not Sit Quietly By [Commentary by Cathy Geibel]

I Shall Not Sit Quietly By

by Cathy Geibel, TLB staff writer and contributor

Speaking up, taking a stand, carrying the sword of truth is not easy.  We as humans are being constantly bombarded by lies, deceptions, toxins both chemical and electromagnetic, negativity, horror, fear and anger to name just a few.

THIS is the plan well executed by those who attempt to keep us captive.  
You see, we humans are evolving at such a pace that our captors are desperate to keep us enslaved.  
Who are our captors?  They have many names and labels, the Global Elite, working through the Illuminati, the Khazars, the Bilderberger Group, Rothchild, Rockefellers, the Crown, the Vatican, the Zionists,The United Nations, Extraterrestrial races?… and more.
The tactics… distraction, division, hatred, anger, racism, monetary control, control of resources, control of the environment (destroy it then blame us), weaponize the weather, inject us with toxins, expose us to nano metals then activate all that crap with electromagnetic frequencies…. You get the drift?  They addict people to food, technology, sex.. yes sex… take Pedophilia for example, drugs, alcohol, perversions of many types, Satanism and Satanic sexual rituals, fear and more fear, anger and more anger… keep us hating each other and all the while they put up glaring truth of what their agenda is such as the Georgia Guidestones (open since the 1980’s I might add) where they literally TELL us what their agenda is….
And it all sounds so fantastical as to not be real but I assure you … it is real.  And yes… “scientists” such as Ken Caldeira and David Keith, who are nothing but the globalist mouthpieces, are using this climate change fear porn to talk us into “willingly” go along with an agenda they have already been doing for over twenty years at increasing rate and it is already causing widespread climate change due to their shenanigans.  Here’s a news flash folks… the climate has been changing for as long as this planet has been in existence.  Warming, cooling, warming, cooling… nothing new.  And the suggestion that we should be tampering with that is shear and utter arrogance of the highest degree and I guarantee will spell our demise.
We activists and those who speak up [Video] are swimming against their polluted current …. and it can be exhausting.  And THAT is how they want us… exhausted, sad, angry, fearful…. all emotions that FEED these bastards!!  You see, they bank on the fact that during the “grieving” process we will eventually become too exhausted to keep fighting, too sad to keep being sad, too angry to keep being angry and so on until eventually we just give up and decide to “Don’t worry be happy” … more programming I might add. Until we just stop… do nothing but “take care of myself” and just “live my life and not think about the bad stuff”….
THIS is where they are mistaken, and this is the thing, it is GOOD to no longer be sad or angry!!! They no longer get to feed off of that energy!!  It is GOOD to take care of ourselves … because then we have the energy to resist them.  It is GOOD to focus on the good things in life… THAT is where the richness lies.  It is GOOD to LOVE with all your heart because THAT my friends they do NOT understand!!
What we CANNOT do is give up!!  We CANNOT stop bringing attention to their evil tactics. THAT will guarantee them the win!
Personally, I have gotten to the point where I can see the spray plane polluting the atmosphere above me, flip it off and keep going about my day.
What I will NOT do is sit quietly!

My children and all the generations to come after are what I focus on.  I shall not be blamed for sitting quietly by whilst the evil ones go about their business.  I LOVE TOO MUCH for that!!

You see… I continue to BELIEVE we can and will win this…. it may not be easy, it may take time… but the reason they are so desperate now is they KNOW we are WINNING!!  And I LOVE that!!


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