iBorderCtrl: AI ‘Lie Detectors’ To Start Questioning Travelers In Europe

ER Editor: We also recommend this scathing article, also republished by Technocracy News, titled IBorderCtrl Fail: The EU’s Border Control ‘Lie Detector’ AI Is Hogwash, which characterizes the iBorderCtrl system as a massive hoovering up mechanism of citizens’ personal data. As the TN Editor notes,
Overzealous Technocrats over-hyped iBorderCrtl in order to impress clients and the public. It is, however, able to collect massive amounts of data about you and add it to your permanent file. It is not a lie-detector machine. 
The article lists the following functions of the iBorderCtrl system:
  • Compiles a full facial profile using video and photographs
  • Scrapes and scours all of your social media accounts
  • Document and signature analysis
  • Creates and stores your digital voice print
  • Risk assessment based on aggregate data
  • Searches for hidden humans

IBorderCtrl: AI Lie Detectors To Start Questioning Travelers In Europe

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This is the Technocrat version of ‘Your papers, please’. When experts say, ‘proven technologies’, they mean it has a high degree of correlation, but it is far from perfect. If you are wrongly accused of being a liar, your profile could be permanently stained. ⁃ TN Editor



A number of border control checkpoints in the European Union are about to get increasingly—and unsettlingly—futuristic.

In Hungary, Latvia, and Greece, travelers will be given an automated lie-detection test—by an animated AI border agent. The system, called iBorderCtrl, is part of a six-month pilot led by the Hungarian National Police at four different border crossing points.

“We’re employing existing and proven technologies—as well as novel ones—to empower border agents to increase the accuracy and efficiency of border checks,” project coordinator George Boultadakis of European Dynamics in Luxembourg told the European Commission. “iBorderCtrl’s system will collect data that will move beyond biometrics and on to biomarkers of deceit.”

The virtual border control agent will ask travelers questions after they’ve passed through the checkpoint. Questions include, “What’s in your suitcase?” and “If you open the suitcase and show me what is inside, will it confirm that your answers were true?” according to New Scientist. The system reportedly records travelers’ faces using AI to analyze 38 micro-gestures, scoring each response. The virtual agent is reportedly customized according to the traveler’s gender, ethnicity, and language.

For travelers who pass the test, they will receive a QR code that lets them through the border. If they don’t, the virtual agent will reportedly get more serious, and the traveler will be handed off to a human agent who will asses their report. But, according to the New Scientist, this pilot program won’t, in its current state, prevent anyone’s ability to cross the border.

This is because the program is very much in the experimental phases. In fact, the automated lie-detection system was modeled after another system created by some individuals from iBorderCtrl’s team, but it was only tested on 30 people. In this test, half of the people told the truth while the other half lied to the virtual agent. It had about a 76 percent accuracy rate, and that doesn’t take into consideration the variances in being told to lie versus earnestly lying. “If you ask people to lie, they will do it differently and show very different behavioral cues than if they truly lie, knowing that they may go to jail or face serious consequences if caught,” Maja Pantic, a Professor of Affective and Behavioral Computing at Imperial College London, told New Scientist. “This is a known problem in psychology.”

Keeley Crockett at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, and a member of the iBorderCtrl team, said that they are “quite confidentthey can bring the accuracy rate up to 85 percent. But more than 700 million people travel through the EU every year, according to the European Commission, so that percentage would still lead to a troubling number of misidentified “liars” if the system were rolled out EU-wide.

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