Imagine Your Own New World Order!

Imagine Your Own New World Order!

Commentary by: TLB Staff Writer Lucille Femine

Did you know the notorious criminal, Bugsy Siegel, created the Flamingo, the first hotel in Las Vegas? Why did I open with this piece of data?

When I typed the heading, the first fact that came to mind was Bugsy who had a vision to open that hotel. It was so strong, it persisted through his gang telling him how crazy it was. Nobody would come to a desert town, they warned him. But they did. And, as you know, it went on from there.

Of course, he came to a bad end but that doesn’t deny his initial inspiration.

Far from suggesting you need to be a criminal to have vision or you should create a world of gambling and corruption, I was simply very impressed with this power of imagination. It says to me that, even with a nasty, criminal mind and bad intentions, one can have vision which transcends the aberrated mind. It’s an entity in itself. Quite amazing and the most powerful ability we have.

What kills it? Thinking.

I don’t mean ordinary thinking and calculating that figures out your budget or how to get somewhere, etc. It’s the creepy, crawly kind that talks to you from its home in your mind’s file of bad experiences or people telling you – or you telling yourself – why you shouldn’t do things you dream of. Here’s some typical comments:

  • Won’t that cost money?
  • What about your job?
  • Sounds risky.
  • You might fail.
  • Didn’t you try something like that before? It didn’t work.
  • Did you ask your parents?
  • I don’t want you to get hurt.
  • Wait till next year.

You went to them with starry-eyed enthusiasm and left deflated, your imagination put out to pasture. Not saying they all don’t mean well. They’re just expressing their own failures and lack of guts to go by their inner intuition or take a risk when it’s needed. How many millionaires have you heard of who went broke time and time and never failed to try again and ended up richer than before? What was the difference?

They didn’t listen to naysayers.

However, you may think starting a new business or creating anything new is not quite the same magnitude as defeating the New World Order. But the same rules apply. It’s just a bigger game. Along with imagining a new house or a business taking off and making a fortune, we create – preferably with others for much greater power – a true land of freedom and happiness with all the added details you like.

What’s the real difference between mocking up a car and a whole new planet? It’s just your own belief that one is easy and the other too daunting. Well, remember, you are much bigger than you ever dreamed. We just need to start, keep moving – especially with our friends. We’ll never make it alone. And trash the self doubts.

I’ve written about imagination on other of my articles so I hope this is still somewhat fresh. There’s always different angles to the same concept. Not only that, writing about something over and over encourages me to practice what I preach! In hard times with our lives and survival level at stake, it’s not easy to create otherwise. But must be done.

What these globalists do is try to wear down our spirit with fear and anxiety, threats of death from a virus, crashed economy, etc. Then when we are sufficiently upset and malleable, they offer their “solution” which is socialism so they can take care of all those nasty problems which they, of course, had nothing to do with. In fact, they imply it was all caused by our own stupidity. If you ever thought that, just nix it. The biggest, fattest lie in the universe!

Nice plan but we need to simply perceive the evil which prompts it and know it is not us. The only way it could be our own doing is to cower and agree to it all. Is it worth it to even be alive if you are considered, treated and suppressed down to the level of useless animals? Well, some of us would be useful as laborers and other mindless activities.

OK, enough of mocking up the worst case scenario.

We CAN create a new world and just leave out the parts about controlling, cheating, frightening, demoralizing and killing the rest of our planet mates. It doesn’t have to continue to be a prison planet. Of course, that’s not ALL we need to do. Otherwise, I might sound like miss goody two shoes. No, there’s plenty of confront we need to muster up. Plenty of fear to conquer.

But what I perceive recently is a much greater rising up; people are getting damn fed up! For example, you have probably seen the massive outcry against Bill Gates and his murderous agenda.

In that light, I want to urge everyone to attend this event on May 2nd – all over the world! Find your state and sign up.

“If lockdowns etc… are not addressed by May First … We’re gathering together to stand up against the unconstitutional laws and mandates, starting with the Executive Orders for lockdowns” on May Second.

A big step in creating our new world!


TLB Note: Lucille Femine is a longtime, highly valued TLB Staff member. She is also an author, writer, researcher, activist, and an exceptional artist to boot! To enjoy more of Lucille’s wisdom, research and presentation … CLICK HERE


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  1. TLB and writer Lucille Famine,
    Thank you for your unwavering commitment to post the truth albeit notably unpopular and often difficult to face.

    Carry on!
    Barbara Zacharias

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