Immigrants Are Now More Important Than Fellow Citizens

ER Editor: And just to amplify a couple of points. Fellow citizens includes decades of assimilated immigrants who work, pay their taxes and raise families. Investment in new legal and illegal migrants is paid for by the taxpayers, who are now getting far less for themselves – from their own money – under austerity policies.


Immigrants are more important than fellow citizens


The European elites pay homage to their new idol: “the refugee”, the immigrant. At the same time their fellow citizens are of little interest to them. They prefer to invest in the electorate of the future: in the arrivals from Africa and Asia, who are slowly but surely replacing the indigenous European population.

The discrimination against German citizens is embodied in the new Integration Act, which gives “refugees” substantial advantages that the German government does not guarantee the German people. One example is enough: the refugees who enrich German society in this way are given free courses where, in addition to the German language, a daily four-hour programme is also offered, during which they can learn the basics of some trades. Such a programme is not available to the German unemployed.

According to the report of the Federal Ministry of Finance, in 2018, Germany spent a total of 23 billion euros on the “work on refugees and integration.” This is an incredibly large sum that could do a lot for the German people.1) The sponsored “refugees” often live in former barracks. This is the case of Boosted, where crime among the new “fellow citizens” has been rising steadily since 2017. Within only 3 months of this year, the valuable new fellow citizens have committed 117 crimes, and are suspected of 23 more, including particularly serious cases such as rape or aggravated assault. Even the mayor was not aware of the high figures, as the police did not inform him so as not to incite prejudice. For the Ministry of the Interior, the good reputation of immigrants is more important than Germany’s internal security. Immigrants in Boosted live where Panzer Brigade 18 was once deployed to defend Germany from enemies from the East. The Bundeswehr has been and is shrinking, Germany is no longer as defensible as before, and the German police are at a loss when new real enemies attack the German people from the Trojan horse in the barracks. Germany’s internal security is no longer ensured, at least where immigrants, the citizens of the first category, form a growing population group.

The Western media equate the ruling party Law and Justice with Orban’s Fidesz when it comes to migration policy. Still, the Morawiecki government has brought a record number of immigrants into Poland and also wants the Polish diaspora from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine to return home. Anyone of Polish descent gets the so-called “Pole’s Card” (a kind of temporary identity card) and is allowed to work in Poland without a permit, open a business, study, visit museums free of charge and apply for funds from the support offered by the state to those who return. For example, young Ukrainians and Belorussians receive 1,500-zloty scholarships per month, a sum Polish students can only dream of: most social and merit-based scholarships are twice as low. The newcomers from the East are also provided with dormitories. For Poles, places in dormitories are scarce and usually only students from the poorest families receive them. And to top it all: these students from the East are mostly not Poles at all, have neither parents nor grandparents of Polish descent. They have their papers forged in the corrupt Belorussian and Ukrainian offices to get a “Pole’s card.”2) The Polish government looks the other way: like the German government, it only wants to counter the demographic process – the small birth rates – with the help of imimmigrants, regardless of internal security and the far-reaching consequences of population exchanges.

Polish journalist Miroslaw Brandota, who has been living in Sweden for years, describes in his book “Pass to Paradise” how profoundly immigrants have changed life in the big cities and the mentality of Swedes. In Malmö, where immigrants already make up 30% of the population, but also in Uppsala, Gothenburg, Stockholm and other large Swedish cities, many districts have become no-go zones in which hardly anyone with a light complexion dares to go. Gangs of young people patrol the streets, rob passers-by and harass the women. Most of the media are close to the government and hardly report about it so as not to stir up prejudice. The Swedish paradise has changed, which even official statistics prove:

  • this year alone 173 bomb attacks have been reported;
  • in 2018, the country experienced a record number of fatal shootings. 45 people were killed nationwide. The number of injured was also alarming: 135;3)
  • In the latest national security report (Nationella trygghetsundersökningen 2018) we read: “Almost a quarter of the population chooses another route or another mode of transport for fear of crime. … Among 20- to 24-year-old women, 42 percent say they make such decisions every day because they feel insecure and afraid of falling victim to crime.”4) It would be stupid to make people with a migration background guilty of all these crimes. It is equally stupid to deny the fact that these statistics have deteriorated because of the increasing number of immigrants. The views of the indigenous people should not be despised. Even Swedish King Carl XVI declared: ‘The concern that such acts cause to the public is shared by me and my family.”5) 

With these facts we have compiled for you here, we do not want to stir up any prejudice against the German, Polish or Swedish governments. We only want a Europe where there is law and justice, where all citizens are assured of security and education. We can do that.


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