In-Fighting Is Destroying Our Chances – Plus A Powerful Antidote

In-Fighting Is Destroying Our Chances – Plus A Powerful Antidote

Commentary by: TLB Staff Writer Lucille Femine

There is an awful lot of comments I see on Facebook with friends unfriending over political differences. Has it always been this way? I don’t think so. I remember a lot of friendly banter among family and friends when I was a kid. You know, like opposing baseball fans. It was always on that level.

For sure, there have been real conspiracies going on under the surface for centuries but still, until now, it hadn’t reached the point of attacks on each other bordering on outright war, at least not in this era. I’m no history buff but suffice it to say, it’s intense these days.

I have to admit I did this very thing yesterday – to my cousin! He’s a staunch liberal and has used many opportunities so insult me as he reads into what I wrote from his biased stance. So I unfriended him. You have to evaluate the real intentions people have and judge from there. If you get into an unfixable brawl, you disconnect. I was so stressed reading his last insult to me, I thought, OK, buddy, that’s it! I won’t be visiting you at any family gatherings. I went on to read things that were very uplifting and my feathers stopped ruffling.

Balance in life is very important to your survival.

I can see how this rivalry has developed into a fever pitch. Insults are slashed around, videos posted exclaiming their rightness. Why?

Well, it’s pretty obvious that it’s intentionally created by others behind the scenes and to discover all of them is like looking for needles in a haystack. They create that confusion.

So much venom is spit out in the media by the liberals against Trump that it can’t fail to corrupt many people’s thinking with twisted false claims and outright lies. The main thing to know about this is that it is how any war is created. Most people are peaceful. If left alone to lead our own lives, there would be no rivalry because of race, creed, religion or position on the planet. The conflicts are artificial, just like COVID-19.

If you think about it, look how much conflict among us has been created over what it is, where it came from, etc. People are arrested or banned or fired for expressing their contrary beliefs to the “official” word.

This is a classic tactic used by those who will seek to profit from war and controversy. You turn groups against each other, watch them fight and then sell both groups something they can use against each other – like arms.

This is so contrary to nature and how most of us think, it baffles me how they sleep at night. Actually, eventually they do themselves in because no matter how much evil and hate some people exhibit and believe in, eventually they cave because we are all good under any facade, no matter how bad it looks. In fact, if someone used enough force, and I don’t mean necessarily physical (actually better if it’s not), to impinge on them the magnitude of their crimes, they would collapse and quite possibly kill themselves to escape the consequences. Been done many times – like Hitler committing suicide along with his wife.

So, we are at a point where there must be a massive shift away from fighting with our friends and family – which they want as their greatest weapon – to much more attention on exposure of their crimes – while we have a little fun in between.

They are really terrified under it all. So the more we reveal about them and their intentions and activities, the more they run like rats.

We don’t need to get into pissed off rages. It’s non-productive and clogs your thinking. It makes us feel helpless. No matter how daunting and gigantic this scene looks world-wide, there is always an answer. They want suppressive control. We fight back with truth. And ignore the temptation to fight with the wrong people.

I’ve had to restrain myself from doing that very thing of late, although I gave in a few times and reacted. I’m left grinding my teeth and waiting for them to attack again. See? Wrong target – no matter how “wrong” they are. That’s doesn’t define fun. I hope I’m learning my lesson, especially with my true confessions here.

Ever notice when you admit you did something dumb, you feel so relieved? That’s if the other person accepts your apology without saying what an ass you are or wagging a finger at you. They make you wrong, then you want to continue what you were doing so you can be right. Ridiculous, huh? You get stuck in a maze with your life on hold.

Back to my point, we need to know how they operate. There’s that saying, “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”, by Sun Tzu, brilliant military strategist. That means to me to be aware of their plans and moves and stay one step ahead. It means don’t use your emotions but calm observation.

Do you know what helps keep you in a state of calm observation? Go out for a walk. See a funny movie, see a good friend. Help someone. When you find yourself getting a bit too stressed, stop and turn the tables. You will return refueled.

We are really not here to fight an endless war for freedom. Stop and do something pleasant so you don’t forget what freedom is! Otherwise, we are fighting just to fight. That’s not really the ultimate game. Don’t you think not?

Speaking of doing something pleasant and the antidote, here’s a video by Dr. Buttar, who I recently discovered and Dr. Bruce Lipton, with a real live, practical solution that would also be a lot of fun. It’s brilliant, really, and simple. Easy. We do it together, at the same time, for maximum effectiveness. Do it at home.

I would sure love to know how it goes for you and I look forward to seeing the results all over the planet. We are all powerhouses. Let’s use it. We don’t need 5G for energy, just ourselves.


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