Iran is an Arm of Zionist Freemasonry [VIDEO]


ER Editor: This video has been doing the rounds. The original link is below.

Where have the Rothschilds / Zionists / Freemasons / Satanists NOT infiltrated? We have long heard that the so-called opposition between Israel and Iran is bogus. We suspect there has been some considerable swamp-draining in Iran, too. Whether this applies to Raisi or not, we cannot say. We do believe, however, it may have applied to Soleimani back in 2020, as well as some other members of the government who allegedly died of ‘Covid’. 

Hassan Nasrallah, secretary general of Hezbollah, and former Ayatollah Khomeini are mentioned below as Zionist plants. Here are their images:

A reminder that this video comes from 2018, so when Aisha Rshed says it is Hamas killing the Palestinians, she is not referring to events starting on October 7, 2023.

This video puts into relief the need to get the Palestinian people into some sort of guaranteed safety.


Kuwaiti Researcher Aisha Rshed: Iran Is an Arm of Zionist Freemasonry; Hamas Created by the Israeli Mossad

Source: Online Platforms – “Diwan Al-Mulla Internet TV Show”

Kuwaiti researcher Aisha Rshed claimed, in a recent interview, that Iran, Israel, America, Britain, France, and Turkey were “tools of Zionist Freemasonry”. According to Rshed, Ayatollah Khomeini was not Iranian and Hassan Nasrallah is not Lebanese, but both were “planted by Zionist Freemasonry.”

The Americans, she claimed, have a plan for a third world war “in order to divide up the Arab world again,” and Hamas, the “military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood,” was “created by the Israeli Mossad.”

“There is no war. It is merely an illusion,” said Rshed, when the interviewer protested that Hamas was waging a war against Israel,” adding: “You can say bye-bye to the rights of the Palestinian people.” The interview was posted on the Internet on May 9.

Following is a transcript:

’Aisha Rshed: Iran is one of the arms of Zionist Freemasonry.

Host: Iran?

’Aisha Rshed: Yes, it is one of the arms of Zionist Freemasonry, and its goal goes far beyond that…

Host: Do you have proof for what you say? Our viewers might ask what proof you have.

’Aisha Rshed: What proof do you need? The evidence is overwhelming. The tools of Zionist Freemasonry are as follows: Iran, Israel, America, Britain, and France. These countries are the tools of Zionist Freemasonry. Turkey too.

You must first know who created Khomeini’s revolution and who Khomeini was. Khomeini was not Iranian. He was a Hindu living in Britain. He was planted in Iraq, where he was trained. Afterwards, he was taken to France, and from there, to Tehran. Similarly, Hassan Nasrallah is not Lebanese.

Host: But Hassan Nasrallah is Lebanese. (ER: Nasrallah is the secretary general of Hezbollah.)

’Aisha Rshed: No, he is not. He is Iranian by origin and was planted in Lebanon.

Who created the regime of the Ayatollahs? It was created by Zionist Freemasonry, in order to destroy the Arab world and destroy Islam.


’Aisha Rshed: Who created the Muslim Brotherhood? Zionist Freemasonry, by means of the U.S. intelligence. Where did Sayyid Qutb come from? Who made him what he was? Zionist Freemasonry and U.S. intelligence. They are two sides of the same coin.


Host: Did the Israeli strikes in Syria, especially the last ones, target Hizbullah?

’Aisha Rshed: look, they have a plan for a third world war in order to divide up the Arab world again. After they failed in the Arab Spring…

Host: Who is “they”?

’Aisha Rshed: The Americans. They planned to change the map of the Arab world, after one hundred years.

Host: Some say that Israel was behind it.

’Aisha Rshed: It is Zionist Freemasonry, and Israel is one of its arms. Their dream is to create the Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates.


Everybody has peddled in the Palestinian cause, especially the Palestinians themselves – both Hamas and Fatah. Who created Hamas? The Israeli Mossad.


Hamas itself is killing the Palestinians, and it is the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Host: That’s right, but it is waging a war against Israel.

’Aisha Rshed: There is no war. It is merely an illusion. Who says that Hamas is raising the banner of resistance? Hamas is the only one that is killing the Palestinians.

Host: Was Hamas planted there in order to dismantle the Palestinian cause, or to weaken the Palestinian cause and the rights of the Palestinian people?

’Aisha Rshed: You can say bye-bye to the rights of the Palestinian people.



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