Israel’s Most Recent Incursion On Gaza Inflicted Brutal Damage In Just One Day


Wednesday’s attacks saw more than 22 civilian casualties including children as young as 6 months old. Since midnight, 22 more have been murdered including 4 children and other civilians who were burying their relatives when a cemetery was targeted. Rafah has also suffered further devastation by F16 jet missiles.

It is important for everyone to read this. The events of the past 72 hours perfectly illustrate Israel’s attitude towards peace, human life, and their true priorities. An attitude which is the complete opposite of Gaza’s resistance.

The official five day ceasefire for negotiations ended a couple of days ago. The Palestinian delegation in Cairo repeatedly confirmed progress while talks were ongoing, yet Israel abruptly cancelled every agreement before the ceasefire was due to end. Netanyahu then recalled his delegation and deemed the talks a failure.

This pattern has already been repeated twice. The Palestinian delegation has reported that Israel always come to the table armed with blackmail rather than peace. Truly, what “discussion” is required in order to grant basic human rights to a population which has suffered the accelerated deprivation of normal livelihood for the past six decades?

The ceasefire was extended by 12 hours. However, Israel immediately claimed they had intercepted three rockets aimed at Tel Aviv.

All military factions in Gaza unanimously denied this breach. Usually, when rockets are fired into Tel Aviv after a ceasefire, there is a broadcast message of condemnation against Israel from the group responsible. This time, there were none.

As is the Zionist custom, the announced breach was merely an insecurity invented to then thrive on for the sake of an alternative motive. More specifically, a pretext to target one of Hamas’s most senior figures.

A spy in Gaza leaked information he thought would lead to Mohammed Deif, Hamas’s military commander. During the recent airstrikes, Israel targeted a residential property and immediately proclaimed victory, announcing they had neutralized one of Hamas’s top leaders.

The information was wrong. The airstrike had in fact killed Mohammed Deif’s wife, and his 6 month old son. As Israel had promptly claimed the heinous credit for this cheap strike, it is obvious that everything had been planned.

A spokesman from Gaza indicated that the stalling, sudden recall of the Israeli delegation, constant blocking of any agreement by Netanyahu, fabricated claims of rocket fire, and the momentarily ready airstrikes upon Gaza were a shock- but the aforementioned pretext provided a sudden explanation.

Every move- including the complete disregard of “peace negotiations” in favor of bloodshed- was simply a means to an end for Israel. Granting fundamental human rights to Gaza had never even crossed Netanyahu’s mind as a realistic possibility. Three other Hamas officials were targeted and killed; it is very possible that the recent negotiations were simply a ploy for time while Israel gathered intelligence from spies in Gaza, as during the ceasefire Hamas had retreated from their tunnels.

Hamas’s response was immediate. They clarified that their commander had not been killed, and criticized Israel as failures who continuously employed massacres of women and children as a way to fight.

Israel have accomplished none of their goals and shown Zionism’s true face to the world. A couple of weeks ago when Israel claimed they had destroyed all “terror tunnels” (one of their “missions”), Hamas proved these lies wrong by inviting international news reporters to take pictures from inside existing tunnels.

Al-Qassam brigades (Hamas’s military faction) have asked Palestine’s delegation in Cairo to return, and issued a warning to Israel. The warning informed Israel’s citizens that they should stay away from airports and stadiums within Hamas’s rocket range from six in the morning. They were also told to remain in shelters and not gather in huge numbers so they could remain safe. The warning ended by advising Israel that Gaza only demands basic human rights, and will accept no less.

It is absolutely amazing to see such a stance in response to Israel’s pathetic attempt of an assassination and continued shelling of residential property. Hamas responded by warning hours ahead of time (not the two minute scramble Israel give to Gazans before demolishing their homes) for all civilians collectively to stay safe while a fight for basic human rights occurs. This is coming from the side without tanks, jets, sea support, an iron dome defense system, sirens, and other weapons of industrial warfare.

Such is the stark separation of aims on either sides of Gaza’s walls. Hamas are not interested in killing civilians, their strikes are to cripple Israel’s government and military through strategy. Israel’s actions on the other hand, can only be described as an indiscriminate massacre.

It is important to clarify why Mohammed Deif is such an important target.

Israel’s Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar admitted Hamas had made Israel a laughing stock in front of the world. He said it was an embarrassment that a superpower like Israel could not eradicate a “terrorist organization” in such a small area. He also said if anyone thought Israel had won this round, they were sourly mistaken.

If we were to judge the winners by body count, Israel would have won back in 1948 on Al-Nakba day when more than 700,000 Palestinians were forcefully displaced from their homes and hundreds killed in the process.

Alas, by definition, civilian casualties amount to nothing more than cruelty, and the true victors are decided by achieving campaign aims. In this regard, the Interior Minister of Israel pointed out that Hamas had fulfilled almost all of its military and political objectives. Israel have also suffered practically no civilian loss in comparison to severe IDF casualties on the battlefield.

Israeli soldiers in interviews have called Hamas fighters “the ghosts of Gaza” due to the army’s strength. The operators ignore armed vehicles and move through the underground appearing out of thin air behind their opposition before striking and disappearing again. Al-Qassam have even taken videos during operations where they enter Israel’s armed military bases.

This is all because of the commander, Mohammed Deif. He plans and advances every move Al-Qassam make. He is the man in charge of military operations and strategies implemented by Hamas. He has seen vast successes reflected in his missions. A modern military genius that Israel could not resist targeting, but instead, they ended up slaughtering a 6 month old child: (image).

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