by Rick Wells

Jarrett and Dobbs agree the longer James Comey runs his mouth the better a case against him becomes. He’s on a list of Obama criminals 11 Congressmen sent DOJ…

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Lou Dobbs plays a clip of President Trump stating in a speech that two of the DOJ mobsters out to get him, Mueller and Rosenstein, along with their support group in the media, have been claiming for months that he’s about to fire them and they’re still there, occupying space and abusing their authority.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Dobbs quotes Joe diGenova as stating what we’re witnessing “is a frame up, all along, by the Democratic Party” of President Trump. Dobbs turns to the nonsense of the James Comey book tour. He points out that most supporters of Donald Trump are thrilled with what Comey is doing, that he’s really helping to build the case against himself.

Gregg Jarrett agrees,  saying, ” James Comey, in my judgment, he committed at least six different crimes, that’s my opinion. But today, of course, the letter came out from eleven Members of Congress, who have made, essentially a criminal referral.” He describes the contents of that referral to be basically the same offenses that Dobbs, Jarrett and others have been pointing to for months.

He notes that it’s not just James Comey who is named but other DOJtrash like Loretta Lynch, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, and Hillary Clinton. Dobbs notes that in issuing the criminal referral that the Congressmen are still talking to “the phantom himself, the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Rod Rosenstein,” says Dobbs, “who seems to have found a very nice job, called Attorney General. ‘Why kid around, we’ll just take charge here,’ he says.”

Dobbs continues, “And we still have Christopher Wray at the FBI, who’s missing in action. What are the odds that they are going to actually do something?” Jarrett replies, “Zero. Look, Rosenstein is the Attorney General. Sessions is there, but he gets coffee for Rosenstein now and again, and, ‘Oh, where do you want me to sign?’”

“That’s really what’s going on there, so having the Department of Justice investigate the DOJ and the FBI is like cops investigating cops. It’s bound to be corrupt. The fix was in in the Hillary Clinton case, and now the fix is probably in on all of those people who were just on your screen, who should be investigated vigorously for crimes I think they committed.”

Dobbs notes that the ever-delayed DOJ Inspector General’s report is now expected to be released in May, asking if Jarrett believes there will be anything to that. Jarrett replies, “Your guess is as good as mine. Horowitz has a fine reputation as a straight arrow,” and he has some optimism.

He says, “I hope James Comey maintains his ‘look at me, look at me’ book tour, his vainglorious book is like reading a Harlequin romance novel, except the protagonist is in love with himself, that’s the only difference.”

“But this is a guy who says incriminating things. For example, in front of Stephanopoulos, he did admit politics and polling and his assumption that Hillary Clinton [would win] influenced his decision to reopen it.” Jarrett points out something that we noted at the time as well, saying, “He is essentially saying that he obstructed justice. He allowed something other than facts and the law to influence his decision. That, in my judgment, is a potential crime.”

Dobbs points out that Rosenstein had been given an extension to midweek to turn over the Comey memos, noting that “It’s Wednesday and everywhere but in Washington DC, midweek is Wednesday.” Jarrett reveals that in a recent meeting Devin Nunes threatened Rod Rosenstein, in front of Rosenstein, with impeachment.

Jarrett says, “I heard that Rosenstein was apoplectic in fear. Nunes ought to keep it up. We’re going to impeach you unless you hand these over when you’re supposed to hand them over.” Dobbs says he’s give one of them one threat, the rest would be all action.

They agree with millions of Americans who see very few patriots in the halls of Congress, that “Nunes has been spectacular.”


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