Joe Biden Goes To The Beach

Joe Biden Goes To The Beach

By: Monica Showalter

Joe Biden has a creepy way of making himself scarce whenever there’s a crisis. He gets a lot of crises.

Weekends are convenient for that, as was noted back when Afghanistan was collapsing. Biden’s vacay, see, comes first, and could not be interrupted by, say, a phone call or three from Britain’s prime minister, Boris Johnson. This time, Biden’s going to the beach:

President Biden left the White House before noon Friday for a long weekend at his beach house and kept out of sight as the FDA rejected his push for COVID-19 vaccine “booster” shots, the Pentagon admitted it killed Afghan civilians and France recalled its ambassador.

Biden didn’t speak with reporters about the trio of political debacles during the less than two-hour trip to his Rehoboth Beach, Del., mansion — or after he arrived.

Here’s the crisis line-up:

The border is being flooded by 15,000 illegal migrants massing under a bridge near Del Rio, Texas in the biggest migrant massing in U.S. history. For the Border Patrol, it’s a disaster. There’s no practical means of processing all of them into the country as is the Biden practice, meaning, no time to give them court-appearance papers, no time to vet them, no time to fingerprint them, no time to do the entire rigamarole for their fake asylum claims which will be rejected in any case. The New York Times notes that most of the migrants are country-shoppers, previously resettled refugees from other South American countries, who have come to the U.S. in search of a better benefit package, which creates particular problems in deporting them back. Worse still, there’s a humanitarian crisis building, with no resources to feed them, house them, test them for COVID and other diseases, let alone time to vaccinate them. Some are having babies. The garbage they’ve created and strewn around has now reached heights of ten feet. Many are building shacks to create an imported shantytown just like the places they left back home. Obviously, in this lawless setting, gangs are going to take over if they have not done so already. And there is a bona fide fear that the group will stampede in or riot as conditions grow more hellish and hopes of getting in scot-free remain high. That’s a crisis, and it’s of Joe Biden’s own making. But he’s got a date with the beach first.

There’s also France, America’s oldest ally, which has pulled its ambassador from the U.S. for “consultations,” something he did in the middle of a dinner party for Washington’s elites, according to David Frum, who’d know about such things, writing in the Atlantic. He seems to think it was significant that the guests got fed, but that’s nonsense. A very important ally has cut ties based on Joe Biden’s mismanagement of a new alliance set up between Britain, France and Australia, which left France entirely out of the loop, and out a $50 billion defense contract, too, with the news sprung on them at the spur of the moment after it happened. Biden’s spokesweasels said it was Australia’s job to tell them and Australia said it was Biden’s job to tell them. Sound like good diplomacy? France’s reaction tells us what they think of that kind of Biden ‘diplomacy,’ which France’s foreign minister called “a stab in the back.” One of France’s officials actually said it was ‘like Trump,’ but of course, it was not like Trump and France never cut ties with the U.S. nor even threatened to do so during the Trump administration. What the French were doing was trying to stick it to Biden, knowing that he hates such comparisons. Analysts say this will have consequences for the NATO alliance. Crisis? Joe went to the beach.

There’s also Afghanistan fallout and it’s ugly. Turns out the Pentagon admitted that the ten “terrorists” they fired a rocket on in retribution for the suicide attack at Kabul airport, which killed 13 American service members and around 200 Afghanis, was a “mistake.” An aid worker working for a U.S.-linked NGO, two other adults and seven children were killed in ‘retribution’ for that attack. The Pentagon is blaming the CIA for bad intelligence, others are accusing it of taking its intelligence from our ‘partners’ the Taliban. The fact that the Pentagon refused to name these supposedly high-level ISIS operatives compounds the emerging war crime, the killing of civilians as the terrorist masterminds laugh up their sleeves, and the war crimes tribunals crank up. The propaganda value is amazing for the Taliban of course, and the U.S. image abroad lies in new ruins. Nobody’s getting fired, of course. Crisis? No, not a crisis to Joe, just a reason to go to the beach.

It gets worse:

Let’s get back to the topic of Joe ‘diplomacy is back’ Biden and his vaunted foreign policy skills. What is the source of the Del Rio border surge, which emerged in less than a week? How did it happen? Turns out Mexico released the 15,000 migrants from a holding pen in Tapachula, Mexico, out near the Guatemalan border, and the migrants headed north. With word out that cartels would not charge a fee to cross at Del Rio, they massed there. Mexico was supposedly keeping the migrants back for the U.S., but something went very wrong diplomacy-wise because suddenly, Mexico quit doing it, foisting the humanitarian crisis it had been managing onto Joe Biden and dusting its hands off. We know they have been frustrated with Biden, who created the border surge through his invitations to illegal migrants and Mexico’s president has openly stated that. Meanwhile, Biden sent idiot Kamala Harris to visit the Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador, supposedly to resolve the border crisis, which only managed to annoy him further. Now AMLO’s just shipped her and her Biden government a full-blown migrant surge unlike any in U.S. history. That’s a message. If all of this is true, (and our source has always been impeccable), that was a preventable disaster, and now another diplomatic crisis with a very important partner, one we must get along with and keep happy. In some ways, diplomacy with Mexico is as important as, or even more important than France, but the relationship too has gone by the boards, thanks to Joe Biden. President Trump was able to get along with Mexico but Biden on the other hand is an abject failure and now has the migrant mess to show for it. Crisis? Nope, beach time for Biden.

Here’s another crisis: Days before Biden was set to foist COVID booster vaccines onto the public, Biden’s FDA flatly refused to recommend boosters at all as a response to containing COVID. That signals a rebellion over Biden’s politicization of the COVID crisis to his partisan ends. It follows from two high-profile resignations of non-partisan professional research leaders, both of whom had signed an article in a professional journal finding booster shots counterproductive, and one of whom also signaled reservations about COVID vaccines for children under 12. Biden was full of rubbish all along on his claims to ‘science’ as he pushed for boosters. As it stands now, Biden can’t be believed on anything because his ‘science’ was outdone by real science. The FDA didn’t want to be a sorry politicized agency the same way the CDC under Dr. Rochelle Walensky had become, taking orders from union operatives instead of following actual research results. The actual science thus far has found booster shots counterproductive in containing the COVID virus based on research showing that the effective thing to do is get the entire world vaccinated, so that variants can’t develop from third world countries. Other science, from hyper-vaccinated countries such as Israel, suggests that overvaccinating the public with boosters may be weakening, not strengthening, the human immune system and extending the pandemic. Joe Biden was making huge hay and headlines in his call for booster shots. He got shot down and ought to be called to explain himself. Crisis? What crisis? Time for the beach.

Oh but there’s more.

Biden’s signature $3.5 trillion pork-spending bill to foist government into every aspect of Americans’ lives and make them pay for it, turning America into a surveillance state with a social credit system, as well as a green new deal state, with amnesty for 30 million illegals, is in trouble. From our point of view, that’s dandy, but from his point of view, it’s a Democrat crisis, given that Democrats like Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia are feeling enough heat from voters to not go along, while squadsters in the House are saying ‘no pork bill, no $1 trillion infrastructure bill’ either. They consider the $3.5 trillion price tag of the Bernie Sanders-crafted bill “a floor.” For Joe, that ought to be a crisis given that this is his big signature project and he has a very narrow window to get it done before Democrats are expected to be thrown out of power in both houses of Congress by 2022. Good news for us, but bad news for Joe. But Joe’s got a date with the beach.

For Biden, hiding out and taking vacay is how he manages the presidency. The beach time, though, may be the last straw. Ted Cruz was scored for taking a beach vacation in Mexico during a power crisis in his state of Texas. So was New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie, whose beach-chair antics during a crisis in his state made him a figure of fun. Unable to learn from even recent history, doddering Joe went to the beach, too.

His presidency seems to be not about managing the presidency, but about managing the news cycle and making bad stories go away. So now, whenever a crisis hits, he skips town instead of getting out on the front lines to lead in a crisis.

And not surprisingly, his presidency has many, many, crises, so he’s going to be hiding out a lot as crises build. That’s a man unfit for office. One only hopes that voters will take note.


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