John Bolton: Draft-Dodger yet the Quintessential War-monger! How can this be? [Video]

John Bolton: Draft-Dodger yet the Quintessential War-monger! How can this be?

If advanced aliens were watching over us, I can well imagine them saying – the evolutionary cul-de-sac club beckons for this lot!

Here are two questions every person on the planet should be asking…



When you think about this wouldn’t advanced aliens have every right to laugh at us? The fact this man could actually start WW III & you best believe, HE’S CHOMPING AT THE BIT! This wretched specimen wants to make his mark on history. Surely, the last person in the world who can deem (justifiable or not) ‘it’s time to fight’ IS SOMEONE WHO REFUSED TO? I can understand anyone wanting to dodge the draft but to do so & then have the effrontery to become the mother of all hawks? This demented fool is literally gagging for a war that could spell the end for all of us. I can’t think of anything more preposterous.

Making matters infinitely worse, Bolton effectively echoes the wishes of Benjamin Netanyahu, the one man who’s a bigger maniac than him! As if we don’t know Netanyahu will do or say anything to con America into declaring war on Iran. There’s no justifiable reason. Iran has done nothing. The last time they invaded anyone was in 1798! In fact if the truth were told the only country to incur the wrath of America is Israel. This is all down to the media being owned by Zionist warmongers. They openly admit – Mossad’s motto ‘by deception thou shalt do war.’ It’s the only time they’ve told the truth!

Here’s a very worrying report which incidentally acted as the catalyst for this piece. Initially, I couldn’t believe that they’re actually thinking about pulling this stroke again – a false flag in order to create a reason to attack Iran. Just watch the first 5 minutes of this clip…

Bolton’s Iranian Thugs Busted Planning Attack on US Naval Forces…

Media control is the key yet hard as I try to explain the ramifications of it being controlled by a handful of people, all with the same agenda, it doesn’t seem to sink in. What other explanation could there be for so many relatively intelligent folk to go along with everything Netanyahu says? I mean if you don’t question this inexplicable, crazed desire to initiate WW III, what is there to question? Have media whores been donated some sort of wonder drug rendering them immune from Gamma rays? What I am certain of – only media barons will be safely tucked away in their underground bunkers. Rest assured all you liars – you will fry too!

Iraq was bad enough. All those pushing for that war should have been shot for war crimes. However, this time around there are two extremely disturbing aspects we simply cannot ignore. Saddam had no friends. This most definitely isn’t the case with Iran. If Trump caves in again & attacks Iran, there is a distinct likelihood Russia & China will not sit idly by. Secondly, & just as worrying, is Netanyahu’s ravings are not falling on the pragmatic ears of a Colin Powell. No. The current US National Security Adviser JOHN BOLTON, is of the same ilk as Israel’s leader – a complete & utter lunatic.

Bolton’s Vague Press Release Lays Foundation for Military Attack Against Iran

According to Bolton’s statement, an attack launched by a “proxy” of Iran on not just assets but “interests” of the U.S. in the region or “interests” of a U.S. ally in the region, would now be sufficient to trigger a U.S. attack on Iran, even if Iran itself was not directly responsible.

Bolton didn’t want to fight for his country. Look at the man, positively chomping at the bit to wage war regardless of the fact there’s no justifiable reason & all at a time when Americans are a sick to the back teeth of conflicts in far off lands. Surely, a prerequisite for declaring your countrymen must risk their lives & fight is for that person to have previously fought for his or her country? It is simply beyond the boundaries of sanity to allow, let alone have a Draft Dodger to be in this position! This much is patently obvious yet, typical of the world we live in, we’re bedeviled with situations that confounds logic.

So how can it be? Since this is the case & since the media is loathed to highlight this outrageous anomaly, I’ll endeavor to connect the dots in order to make some sense out of this.

It is my opinion the only times war is justified is when your nation is indiscriminately attacked or another nation uses economic blackmail ie imposes oil embargoes or sanctions, running roughshod in order to force you into submission. Any other excuse does not meet the criteria for war. I guarantee, if this were the case our history would not be littered by so many wars, yet….

The big giveaway is how the media operates. So what is their tried & tested formula –

  1. First & foremost, when the war drums start beating the media never mentions or are ever serious about establishing any diplomacy. What we clearly need to understand is THE DECISION TO GO TO WAR HAS ALREADY BEEN MADE (not by politicians I may add).
  2. Instill fear, grossly exaggerate threats, even invent them out of thin air. Keep pumping out pure, unadulterated tripe like ‘they hate us for our freedom.’
  3. Anyone who argues against war is branded unpatriotic. Woe betide being a Conscientious Objector. The media will ensure your life is all but ruined. Forget about getting a decent job……. yet bizarrely, Draft Dodgers seemingly have no such worries. Most folk have no idea Clinton & Bolton are cowards.
  4. Another classic is those who support illegal wars have the temerity to claim anti-war activists are disrespectful & uncaring to those who risk their lives.
  5. The outrageous cost of waging war is never, ever mentioned.There is always more money for war.
  6. False Flags: Attack yourself & then immediately blame the country you want to attack! What’s of critical importance is the only people who can get away with such monstrous acts ARE THOSE INEXTRICABLY LINKED TO MEDIA BARONS! It’s nigh on impossible for anyone else to plan & execute false flag events because the media will investigate & it’s pretty much a certainty you’ll be found out. The warmongers need the media to plant myths & steer people away from the truth. You can bet your life nearly every false flag event is a Mossad/Zionist operation.

And there’s good reason why false flag events have become more commonplace. We’ve reached the point where only blithering idiots believe Netanyahu, the Neo-Con warmongers & Zionist puppets. You can only tell so many lies. So no surprise the only way they can sell the idea of yet another major confrontation is to make Americans believe Iran made the first move. They did this to spark the war in Vietnam with the Gulf of Tonkin incident & 9/11 gave them the excuse to commence a war against terror which in actual fact is the plan to create Greater Israel by destroying Arab/Muslim nations that dare to oppose Israel.

The reason we’re bedeviled with countless wars – it’s all down to money. Money is power & one particular family, the Rothschild banking dynasty wants the whole caboodle! I know many won’t like this but soldiers effectively fight for billionaires. It’s all about stealing other nations assets. This is why Africa, which happens to be the richest continent in terms of natural resources, for the best part is poverty stricken. The people never see any of their considerable wealth. Nor for that matter do we.

If the true power-brokers want something, normal rules do not apply. Illegality, however morally reprehensible, doesn’t enter the equation. It’s human nature to take if we can & THEY CAN & DO! Of course several leaders all over the world naturally say ‘get lost! The oil & diamonds we have is for our people.’ The harsh reality is this is not so. The media swings into action concocting cock & bull stories in order to justify military intervention & as a result armed forces are utilised to seize control so that puppets, often despotic rulers, are installed so that the country’s assets can be plundered. Why do you think Kissinger, a hardened NWO man said …

Here’s what a proper human being thinks…

Admiral Gene LaRocque couldn’t have summed it up better. Here is the truth, the very antithesis of what the media tells us. If only we could stop buying newspapers & start thinking for ourselves. With war it’s a combination of brainwashing & bulldozing folk into believing, come what may, we have to support our soldiers. Here is yet another Zionist trick because they’re insinuating those opposed to war have something against members of the armed forces. What better way of supporting them than by keeping them out of harm’s way?

This is how the media dictates proceedings. They use the age old Zionist method of ambushing the messenger so that there’s no counter debate. It’s one-way traffic! Even if one has an opportunity to say ‘hold the phone. This is war we’re talking about’, which is precisely what Jeremy Corbyn & Ron Paul do, yet look how the media goes into Defcon 1 mode, spewing out accusations & lies, slandering these good men. The problem is there are way too many uninitiated folk who fall for this garbage. Well, we better start getting our act together because we are running out of time.

A parting bottom-line thought

All Wars are Banker’s Wars. Lift that rock for more and Look Under…


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