John McCain Diverts Cash from Veterans’ Paychecks into Afghan Immigration Measures

John McCain Diverts Cash from Veterans’ Paychecks into Afghan Immigration Measures

By National Insider Politics

RINO Senator John McCain has turned his back to our country once again by choosing to fund visas for Afghani interpreters and their relatives instead of helping and supporting US military veterans.

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The legislation supported by McCain and proposed by New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen (pictured here) is designed to pay for Afghan Special Immigrant Visas for those who have helped the U.S. soldiers as translators and interpreters, reports Federalist Tribune.

In order to collect the money needed for the visas, Congress has made the decision to cut health care benefits for veterans and increase their co-pay for the pharmacy.

When Democrats do something like this, is not that big of a surprise, but it’s shocking when Republicans join them in their mission to sell out America. When the time came for budget cuts and for deciding who would be affected, Democrats were those who placed the target on the US military.

However, it’s infuriating to find out that traitor McCain supported the decision to cut soldiers’ health care coverage and increase their pharmacy co-pay in order to pay for the Afghan Special Immigrant Visas program created in 2009.

"Operation Detain McCain" participants walk toward

 (Photo right: Garrett Mitchell/The Republic)

This shouldn’t come as a shock to veterans who have protested before in front of McCain’s office. On September 5th 2015, they gathered at Senator McCain’s Phoenix office to demand housing for homeless vets.

And still, Senator McCain somehow sees himself as a champion of veterans’ issues and he has heavily inserted himself into the investigations of the extreme failings of Veterans Affairs hospitals.

Numbers USA explained the wide range of taxpayer-funded programs the Afghanis are eligible to receive:

“Recipients are entitled to every benefit to which refugees are entitled, including travel loans, eight months of refugee cash and medical assistance, social services, up to five years of job training, job placement, and English classes,” along with employment authorization and a Social Security number.


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3 Comments on John McCain Diverts Cash from Veterans’ Paychecks into Afghan Immigration Measures

  1. People need to wake up and quit calling McCain a Conservative, go back and examine his record he has never supported any conservative cause.

  2. After waiting 22 days for the VA patient advocate, I had to locate my Ky. state senator, and his representative/staff had to involve Mitch McConnell to get a new doctor assigned for my husband after brain surgery.
    This was accomplished in 30 minutes following a phone call to the crisis/suicide hotline(my desperate attempt to locate someone to talk to!!)and finally getting connected to the VA administration office.
    Do I think I had anything to do with this quick service?? Of course not.
    I suspect the administration office saw in my husband’s records a request for all my husband’s medical records by a staff member of Sen. McConnell.
    Do what you have to do to get their attention.
    Call your representative, call the suicide hotline, or show up with the patient at the VA hospital–that was my next plan after 22 days of being ignored by the patient advocate.
    My husband didn’t asked to be subjected to Agent Orange–it was out of his hands.
    Pray for his recovery. I’ll pray for all vets.

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