July 4th Videos for Your Family from The Liberty Beacon Family

July 4th Videos for Your Family from The Liberty Beacon Family

We present three video productions for you viewing pleasure. Included in the mix is a documentary that explores the faith of our Founding Fathers. Another presentation looks at the making of the Constitution from the “framers” point of view. We begin with something for the younger members of your family from School Tube…

Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution

The Making of the Constitution

In this video another historical view is taken as the comments and thoughts of American’s Founding Fathers are presented by KTCA-TV, Public Television:

The Hidden Faith of The Founding Fathers

We dare say you never heard or discussed The Founding Fathers “religious beliefs” in your school classroom (if at all) in the context presented in the following video. Were you not told that your Founders were Christian men and your country was a Christian nation? The following is from Adullam Films, written & directed by Christian J. Pinto.

The Liberty Beacon is always after “the truth” and “the other side” of the story… no matter the source or how uncomfortable the information. Anything less is to destroy our Integrity.  With that thought we hope you found the Videos presented here instructive, thought provoking and entertaining. ~TLB Staff

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