Kellogg’s found to have financial ties to the money man for cop-killing left-wing HATE groups: George Soros

Commentary by Cathy Geibel TLB writer/reporter and activist 

George Soros is a man who came into wealth and power by selling out his own people.  There is nothing lower and more vile than this.  Soros has been pulling the political puppet strings of this current administration as well as the Clinton Machine.  Chelsea Clinton is married to Soros’ nephew, the ties cannot be more evident.  He boldly and openly has funded agendas that spew hatred and division, and for what?  Power and control.  

I would like to give the benefit of the doubt that the Kellogg’s corporation is an unwitting dupe in the Soros power play agenda but the evidence is too clear.  Big money, big business with big ties to biotech, riding the tails of Soros’ influence.  

And We the People are the pawns.  But we pawns buy these products and if no products sell it will seem less lucrative to affiliate with the likes of this member of the Global Elite and we can perhaps help mitigate the hate and turn it to respect and concern.  I refuse to believe that left to our own devices we would choose to hate but what better way to keep us divided?  People are being PAID to cause civil unrest and division. Divided we have no power, together we are legion.   

So until Kellogg’s shows a bit more social conscience let us all band TOGETHER and boycott Kellogg’s products.  We the People CAN and DO make a difference.  We simply have to say “NO MORE”!  (CG) 



By Mike Adams

Kellogg’s found to have financial ties to the money man for cop-killing left-wing HATE groups


When you buy Kellogg’s products, you may be funneling money into the kind of hate-based operations associated with people who advocate killing cops in America. A investigation found that “W.K. Kellogg Foundation has partnered with and given major donations to George Soros’s Open Society Institute and the Tides Center as part of its massive push to promote a far-left agenda.”

George Soros, often described as an “international terrorism money man,” is a key funding source for numerous radical, left-wing, anti-American groups such as Black Lives Matter which openly advocates executing police officers. (See video below for proof.)

As documented on TruthWiki’s George Soros page:

Soros funded the Ferguson protest movement, after the death of Michael Brown, on TV and on the streets. The liberal billionaire forged a political machine that impacts American politics and policy and mobilizes protest groups to spread hate propaganda across the US. Through years of funding, Soros injected more than $30 million to embolden on-the-ground activists in Ferguson and also gave rise to the combustible protest movement after the criminal event in Missouri.

Kellogg’s helping fund anti-cop, anti-white groups rooted in racial hatred

All across American society, George Soros is funding racial division, hatred and social unrest. Apparently, Kellogg’s thinks this is all just dandy, because they’re giving money to George Soros organizations like Open Society Institute and the Tides Center. This means that buying Pop-Tarts is an act of racial hatred that plays right into the hands of truly evil globalists like Soros.

The racial hatred, division and anti-white racism that’s funded by Kellogg’s is, of course, described as “racial justice.” As Breitbart explains:

Another W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant in 2016 gave over $380,000 to Tides in order to: “Provide updated publications/tools describing the state of grantmaking with a racial equity/racial justice lens, including insights to support grantmaking considerations at the program officer and institutional levels, through support of the Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity.”

“Racial justice,” of course, means “executing white cops” to the radical left that’s funded by George Soros (and Kellogg’s). That’s why you get Black Lives Matter protesters chanting violent threats against police such as “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon!”

Stop the HATE! Boycott all Kellogg’s brands and products

When you purchase Kellogg’s products, which include Kashi, Pop-Tarts, Meuslix, Raisin Bran, Smart Start and All-Bran, you are financially supporting HATE in America via George Soros “racial justice” groups that call for the open killing of law enforcement officers.

Keep that in mind the next time you’re shopping. And if that’s not reason enough, just realize that Kellogg’s products also contain GMOs, glyphosate, pesticides, corn syrupand other junk ingredients linked to chronic disease.


Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger,” is an outspoken consumer health advocate, award-winning investigative journalist, internet activist and science lab director and founder of

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2 Comments on Kellogg’s found to have financial ties to the money man for cop-killing left-wing HATE groups: George Soros

  1. Damn that sucks. All those years of Pop Tarts. I guess its time to dump Killogs funded by Soar Ooze. I wouldn’t be surprised if Killogs made cyanide slave biscuits. We are chin deep in whole lotta sheet.

  2. George.Soros has been a hated American ,money hungry individual for a long time. His nephew is married to Chelsea Clinton.He has tried ,in every way to destroy this country. He is,in my book, a communist in every word. He will do whatever he can to destroy this country. Why has he not been exposed before now. Something needs to be done. Now he is feeding our children with food that isn’t good for them ,among a lot of other things. I will post all that I can on facebook ,to expose this devious individusl

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