“Large Sample Polls” Show Trump Trouncing Hillary

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

What we know for sure … at least those of us who are awake and smelling the coffee … is that the Mainstream Media Presstitutes will never tell us anything we surely want to know!

Now I am neither Pro Trump or Hillary, and feel that once again America is stuck in a bad situation of having to decide between the lesser of two evils. Yea this is now a regular scenario when presidential elections roll around. But having said this, and having done the research most Americans wont … I would lean towards Trump in a hearts beat rather than see Hillary EVER occupy the Oval Office! Actually here is a recent meme I composed that should make my feeling quite transparent …

Final nail

One again, that being said we are faced with such a corrupt media and corporate influence in everyday politics that all we are told is truth inevitably tuns to lies under even the most shallow digging. A huge telltale is the constant trumpeting that Hillary is beating Trump in the polls across the nation … BULL. It does not take a rocket scientist to show the polls are rigged, the samples are too small, or the questions asked too biased.

You may ask how I know this?

Why I can make a statement like this with such bravado?

Leave it to an innovator (Yea we are still pretty damn good at that in America) who could see past the wizards curtain and steps up with a tool to bring reality back into focus. A tool that blows the doors off of the (Un) Scientific polls we are flooded with on the daily Lies … Err I mean News (HaHa).

Please read on …


New Poll Reveals Trump Will Smash Bobblehead Hillary Big Time


Polls only poll fewer than two thousand people, and the media runs with it. So far, they say Hillary is winning. But how about if we poll 100,000 people: does bobblehead Hillary win?

Not at all, says a smartphone app developer. Their results reveal that the opposite is true.

When more people are polled, the data shows that Donald Trump will be the victor.

“Based on the stats we see, he looks strong,” says Ric Militi, co-founder of San Diego-based Crazy Raccoons, maker of the Zip question and answer app. His app poses questions and polls responses based on an average of 100,000 daily users. “I go with Trump, based on what we see.”

The reason these results are so different? “The polling is 100% anonymous,” Militi says. “People feel comfortable answering questions without fear of being bullied or being called a racist. People can express themselves safely, and you get a pure answer.”

“New polls suggest Trump is getting crushed by Clinton. Do they reflect how you are going to vote?”

Some 64% told Zip they would vote for Trump, compared to 36% for Clinton.

Even in the liberal state of California, when Zip polled “California, who you voting for?”,

Trump got 55%, compared to 45% for bobblehead Clinton.

While time will tell, evidence reveals one thing for sure: Hillary is a bobblehead, demonic, or flat-out mentally ill. Perhaps Zip should get a poll on that one from 100,000 people.

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