Lawless Obama Defies Court Decision, Governors, And Congress! Smuggles Refugees In VIA UPS Planes


By Mary Carmel (TLB)

Obama has defied the federal court decision that ruled against his illegal immigration. He has appealed the case, but Governors around the US, and Congress voted against him too. The numbers were veto proof, even the Democrats had a showing against him on this bill, after the world has seen so much carnage from this influx of radical refugees (European crime & Paris attacks), fleeing under the guise of immigration.. He is desperate, and has now been caught smuggling in 30 bus loads of refugees using UPS! The video was taken as someone saw the people being quietly unloaded from the planes and onto the buses.

Stay alert Americans, for when our president, typically in the past, does not get his own way, he retaliates (as we can see here). This backlash could be aimed at all of us. The last thing we need is more people that our law enforcement and FBI cannot vet, we just arrested 70 people that have come into the country, as refugees, and were caught plotting, with ties to ISIS. The FBI is on alert and has warned Americans to  beware over the Holiday coming up. This came after a MA armory was broken into, and assault rifles, grenades were stolen. These types of incidents do not just randomly happen at the rate they are occurring. It makes one wonder how many buses were perhaps not seen in other states! Governor Christie of NJ said he has received refugees that the administration was unaware of… Please see videos below, and remain in contact with your Governors. MC

 Governors are standing strong on their position, But Obama is sending these people in the middle of the night without the consent of anyone! What will it take for the American people to realize this is an attack? These migrants are mostly men of 20-35 years, and they do NOT want asylum, They want to eradicate Western culture here and create havoc, while you are paying them to do so!


I think it is time for Congress to perhaps stop funding Homeland Security. They are aiding and abetting the illegal practices of the president. I would also question the actions of UPS! What are we paying for? They were told by numerous officials within the administration and law enforcement, as well as CONGRESS, that this poses a threat to the American people, and the very department that is supposed to be on the case is giving refugees an escort in!? Lawlessness! It is well overdue, that Barack Obama be tried for treason and removed…

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