Le Pen’s Secret Weapon: The Gorgeous Millennial Niece Who Renounces Liberalism

Le Pen’s Secret Weapon: The Gorgeous Millennial Niece Who Renounces Liberalism

By Heat Street Staff

Marion Marechal Le Pen. AFP/Getty Images)

Imagine that a beautiful blonde university graduate gets elected to Congress right out of college. Her aunt is a rising presidential contender tapping into anger over the status quo. They are wary, even jealous, of one another. They feud over the attentions and crazed jealousy of the family patriarch. The Presidential candidate’s mother once posed for Playboy and her father is so loathed that when they were growing up the family home was bombed. Now the two women need each other. A revolution, real power and control of the country, is within their grasp. This scenario is playing out right now in France.

At 27-years-old, Marion Marechal-Le Pen is the second-most popular right wing politician in France. She ardently wants to save her country for the people who were there first; i.e. France for the French.

Ever since her election five years ago as the youngest member in the history of France’s National Assembly, Marion has generated interest for her potential to sanitize the party and galvanize a generation of young people who have a staggering 25% unemployment rate. With her aunt, Marine Le Pen, in serious contention to be the next French President, Marion is seen as a powerful political asset because she can get young people to the polls.

Father and daughter

As it is in many countries, younger people in France tend to vote less. Those who do go to the polls tend to be angry, riled-up, and white. The core voters for the National Front fall into this “we are pissed-off and likely to actually vote category.” In poll after poll they are absolutely smitten with Marion Marechal Le Pen’s dulcet but forceful renunciation of France’s liberal order.

Like the Trumps, the Le Pen family has come a long way, politically speaking. Twenty-years ago the name Le Pen represented a far-right French nationalism tinged by hatred and anti-Semitism. The founder of the political dynasty, Jean Marie Le Pen, rarely polled above the single digits. With the sound off on the television, he had the countenance of a country gentleman. But he would stand up in a blue blazer and horn-rim glasses and proceed to say nasty things about immigrants which (then) insured he would never get into the mainstream. Jean Marie famously questioned the extent of the Holocaust saying “show me the evidence.” And two years ago, just to spite his daughter’s recent move to the Center, and to intentionally wound her politically, he repeated the Holocaust denial stuff. Marine promptly threw him out of the party he founded nearly 40 years ago. They publicly disowned one another.

However, it is the young, comely Marion-Marechal who has long been viewed as the apple of her nut-bird grandfather’s eye. She and her aunt are not close. On the presidential campaign trail, Marine recently called her niece “stiff.” She later spun it, saying she was trying to make it clear she would not succumb to nepotism, a charge which has hurt some of her competitors for the Presidency. Apparently it’s common practice in France to pay your wife and children a million dollars from the public till for doing nothing.

As a candidate, Marine Le Pen may not favor her own family but she does ardently support native Frenchmen over immigrants. She has continued to make a very public show of breaking with her father’s more extreme views. Both she and Marion support a constitutional referendum which would give priority to French people over immigrants for the essentials things such as jobs, education, and housing. Imagine such a proposal in the U.S.?


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