LEARN 2 UNLEARN (E 143): Genocide in Hawaii

LEARN 2 UNLEARN (E 143): Genocide in Hawaii

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Your Host: Luca Majno

Prelude: In order to even begin to understand what is happening in Hawaii, please allow me to revisit last week’s Episode about the THEFT of Hawaii in 1897.  This means that Hawaii was ‘attacked’, their (duly elected) Queen deposed and arrested, and someone the USA, inc. Already chose takes her place. Really?

A WAR CRIME. Just like what they just did on August 8th of this year ~ with DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons), in my humble opinion ~ (‘wildfires’ do not melt gas tanks and windshields, and pulverize engines to dust) ~

And in this Episode, I proudly but sadly lay out their plan, as my instinct pointed out to me…

You see, Mililani Trask, a beloved Trustee for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, warned the US government in no uncertain terms, complimented by a veiled threat as to ‘if they even try’ to build anymore… And the date of the warning? August 8th, 2022. And a gentle reminder that coincidences do not exist… and that coupled with the fact that our government makes it clear, to begin with, what they think of Indigenous People.

And so to begin this investigation, we look at FEMA, and I tell ‘what I see’ and exactly what this AGENDA is… relative to what they say… and it is POLAR OPPOSITE.

And inside the shell of the NWO, as I describe it, it is not hard to envision the Evil they are responsible for on the Sacred Island… and that is only the beginning.

LIGHTWORKERS NEEDED, is the first clip, to put us in ‘perspective’, from those ‘on the ground’…

And as I just wrote about the government’s attitude towards Indian Nations, I share a story of the Shuswap Nations challenges with the encroachment of expansions of hotels et al at Sun Peaks Resort in 2004, and as soon as the protests started,

… the arrests began, showing a sign reading NO INDIANS ALLOWED BEYOND THIS POINT, on their mountain sides, in police clothing, as the arrests took place.

Well, Hawaii is really ‘no different’, but as you will hear Mililani say, “There IS a difference. We are NOT Indians, we are Native Hawaiians!”

Again, at a time when the Indigenous were starting to gather strength, Prayer and their Ancestors, this happens, as they say in Avatar: “This is how you scatter the roaches.”

Before we hear Mililani Trask speak, another clip is heard, someone crying who is a Native Hawaiian, explaining to us what she sees where she is…

And it is tragic, I had to hold my Eagle Feather while I was doing this segment, and also Mililani’s as well.

On top of having a blue roof, and as a sidenote, it is interesting that all ‘big shots and celebrities there had ‘mansions’ with blue roofs, I understand that Oprah is selling ‘rejuvenating’ cream for the ‘rich & famous, because only they can afford it, made with “pre-teen human hormones”…

I believe we are now speaking of ADRENO-CHROME, which most of us already know about, so horrid and Evil that most people are now called ‘conspiracy theorists’ when they utter the word.

But with all of my research done, coupled with what I have been given from others, I can only conclude that this GENOCIDE IN HAWAII is far more sinister than we are led to believe.

According to the Gateway Pundit, over 2,000 students are unaccounted for ~ and meanwhile, with GEOENGINEERING causing this ‘disaster’, we also have police BARRICADING people inside the fire zone on both ends, not letting them escape…

Interestingly, a similar report was mentioned in covering the Shuswap Fires in northern British-Columbia… Barricades, not letting food or needed articles in or out, PREVENTING people from helping each other.

So, in my mind, if our own government is capable of DELIBERATE AND ENGINEERED CARNAGE, (and remember, AFTER STEALING IT) then I ask: What else are they capable of?

Mililani Trask’s Testimony, which started all of this, is after the break, and we go through it afterwards, with a fine-toothed comb.

I also share the story, get this, of a licensed drone operator who got TOO CLOSE TO THE AREA WHERE THE FIRE STARTED, and his drone was downed, and within a few minutes, you guessed it, he had a visit by two federal agents.

My apologies for the long article, but this has to be said… Thanks so much to all of you readers and listeners… Please don’t miss Mililani Trask.

Next week, we cover Hawaii with more news, and recent developments, plus a whole lot more.


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Genocide in Hawaii

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Thank you all again so much for being a part of my radio show, and hopes of BEING the change that I so want in this world…

We’ll see you next week, Creator Willing … and I do ‘leave you the best of myself!


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