Legal Defense for Horse Shelter, Home School Mom

Legal Defense for Horse Shelter, Home School Mom


FUNDRAISING GOAL: To immediately replace and build a proper horse shelter to protect the horses from the harsh mountaintop elements in Arizona and help Nicky fight this horrific legal battle.

THE WHY: Nicky Nelson is fighting this diabolical company, which is trying now to get tens of thousands of dollars and potentially go after her home, in a court battle she is fighting, on her own, right now… still no hearing! She needs full legal counsel to help survive what could be a long court fight. I have been talking to her and have seen some of the documents, and it is just incredible what is happening.

Please Watch the Short Video — and then PLEASE read the text below for further details on how the Aggressors ramped this up to a $30,000 range attack. Initially, Nicky needs around $5,000 to put a proper shelter in place and another $10,000 to pay for immediate legal counsel. As the case progresses, she will need more funds for legal fees. Thank You!

Here is the link to help now:

A friend of mine and her horses urgently need your help. I’ve known Nicky Nelson for many years and she was and is a tireless volunteer in Ron Paul type Freedom movements, in spite of her many medical issues.


Nicky bought a little mountaintop property in Arizona to be a home for her daughter’s horse, Madagascar. Her daughter had rehabilitated Madagascar for 3 years following 3 injuries before she bought him. They call it Madagascar mountain. Next, she bought a shelter for Madagascar, and eventually a companion girl horse (who was a rescue) named Stormy.

Her daughter, now 14, originally nursed Madagascar back to health, and now takes care of both horses, Madagascar and Stormy on Madagascar Mountain.



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