Lessons from COVID Totalitarianism

By: J.B. Shurk

The COVID police state revealed Western governments’ zeal for totalitarianism. Forced masking, forced experimental injections, forced school and business closures, forced isolation, and forced compliance provided Western citizens an opportunity to see the tyrannical inclinations hiding just beneath the surface of their supposedly beneficent “democracies.”

None of it was pretty. Mass propaganda disguised as medical expertise (remember when Joe Biden and his CDC army of Goebbels clones demanded that we wear three or more masks outside?) and mass censorship of social media conversations (because, we were frequently told, disinformation kills!) proved that — when push comes to shove — Western governments will quickly dispense with protections for free speech. Wannabe dictators (intent on protecting “democracy” by being authoritarian) embraced their true “Do as we say!” dispositions and branded the public’s rights and liberties as “enemies of the State.”

Officials summarily punished anyone who resisted COVID’s descending Iron Curtain. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau seized the bank accounts and property titles of Freedom Convoy protesters. Videos from Australia and New Zealand showing police forces blocking roads, securing quarantine camps, and pushing citizens back into their homes looked like scenes from a Mad Max movie. California Democrats buried skateparks in sand, cordoned off jungle-gyms with yellow crime tape, and arrested lone surfers paddling in the ocean. Abandoning moderation and constitutional constraints, Western totalitarians embraced intimidation, coercion, and surveillance on a wide scale.

Throughout the West, governments prohibited places of worship from conducting religious services, recorded license plate numbers of congregants, and issued excessive fines to clergy. Those same governments prevented families from comforting hospitalized loved-ones and forced spouses, parents, and grandparents to die heartbroken and alone. In other words, Western officials tore families apart, inflicted tremendous emotional pain upon the most vulnerable, and denied the anguished any access to spiritual refuge. It is no surprise that such intentional government malice produced skyrocketing rates of alcohol and drug addiction, lifelong psychological traumas, and a burgeoning epidemic of suicide.

So-called Western “democracies” masked their rank authoritarianism behind trite catchphrases such as, “We’re just following the Science,” or “We’re working at the speed of Science,” or “We trust the Science.” For all intents and purposes, politicians, health professionals, and media personalities encouraged citizens to mindlessly follow orders and obey Science as this century’s Führer. Herr Science did his worst. Economic destruction, social breakdown, and medical apartheid naturally followed. And while Western governments continue to censor public discussion of these serious issues, the “Reign of COVID Terror” represents the largest international conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity. If justice as a juridical principle were still alive and kicking, a vast number of government officials and bureaucrats would be defending themselves before Nuremberg-like prosecutions today.

It should also be noted that while many of governments’ most egregious abuses against citizens are now treated as if they never happened (e.g., it is all the rage these days for politicians and medical professionals to claim that nobody was ever forced to take the experimental clot shots), there are still ample reminders of the West’s foray into COVID totalitarianism. The world’s largest social media companies (which have all been exposed as surveillance systems and propaganda platforms that variously do the bidding of China, the European Union, or the United States) continue to censor scientific debate regarding the origin of the virus (shocker: it leaked — intentionally or not — from a Chinese lab conducting biological weapons research bankrolled, in part, by the U.S. government), the efficacy of the so-called “vaccines,” and growing evidence that these experimental injections cause a large number of harmful (if not outright deadly) side effects. Joe Biden stands by his vitriolic attacks against un-“vaccinated” Americans and his dire warning that they would be held personally responsible for the country’s “severe illness and death.” The Pentagon persists in punishing servicemembers who refuse experimental injections. The CDC and other health bodies remain ambivalent toward alternative treatment options that do not put big bucks in Big Pharma’s coffers — including long-prescribed drugs such as Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and common-sense recommendations regarding diet, vitamin intake, and physical exercise. The World Health Organization (and its globalist sponsors in the United Nations and World Economic Forum) remains committed to using the public’s irrational fear of COVID as a suitable pretext for ratifying a broad international pandemic treaty that obliterates national sovereignty and places unprecedented economic and regulatory power into the hands of a few imperious “elites.” Always lingering in the background is the totalitarian craving to issue pandemic passports and institute a digital tracking system on a global scale. Western governments were so close to electronically tagging citizens during COVID that you can feel the worst offenders’ consternation at having not entirely succeeded. Make no mistake, the WHO, WEF, and UN will not be happy until we are all branded with this century’s version of the Holocaust tattoo.

Finally, even after four years of viral doomsaying has exhausted most, it is still all too common to find left-leaning businesses in left-leaning cities displaying guilt-tripping signs that beg customers to “mask up” or otherwise obey. It seems that for those who bought the COVID Hoax hook, line, and sinker, no amount of medical quackery or Big Brother heavy-handedness will convince the indoctrinated to come up from their rabbit holes or back through the looking-glass. As many a poker player will tell you, if you look around the table and can’t spot the sucker, then you are the sucker. Unfortunately, too many COVID suckers in the West are still losing while playing at the government’s crooked table.

As Western officials target their own populations with cognitive warfare meant to shape perceptions and manipulate preferences, their use of positive and negative reinforcement on a grand scale has become pervasive. Under these standard conditioning procedures, authority figures derisively dismiss people who use their brains to evaluate research and make informed decisions as “anti-vaxxers” or “anti-science” rubes. Conversely, self-described “experts” pat the most obedient among us on the head, tell them how smart they are for believing everything they’re told, and roll out new booster shots as a kind of pharmaceutical reward. Raise your hand if you’re still standing six feet away from fellow shoppers (even after the “experts” admitted to fabricating that rule out of whole cloth), wearing a mask while driving alone in the car, and injecting your body full of experimental goop. If so, you’re a boob!

For those who long ago saw through Western governments’ calculated strategy of applying electric shock therapy to freethinkers while handing out toxic cookies to the perpetually-vaxxed, here is something else to ponder for the future. What we experienced during COVID felt like pure insanity. Medical doctors betrayed their ethical duties by pushing unnecessary and experimental medical treatments on young and healthy individuals without advising them of potentially catastrophic long-term side effects (otherwise known as obtaining informed consent). Instead of encouraging people to go outside, engage in physical activity, get some sunshine, and breathe fresh air, municipal tyrants closed playgrounds, ticketed joggers, and trapped people indoors. When cities such as New York began requiring “vax cards” to move around, a lot of worried people saw what was over the horizon and ran to their local farming store looking for seeds for their home gardens. Amazingly, some of these stores closed their seed supplies to the public — ostensibly because COVID authoritarians wanted to curtail outdoor activity.

The next time scientists release a bioweapon, Western governments will return to their 2020 mindset. They will make a hard push for mandatory injections and digital vaccine passports. They will cultivate citizens’ dependence on government services by limiting their ability to sustain themselves. They do not want people growing their own food. To fight totalitarianism, then, grow a freedom garden.


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