Liar In Chief & GMOs: Obama Signs DARK Act

Once a Liar ... Aways a Liar

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Have you ever heard the old sayings “The Buck Stops Here” or “Once a Liar, Always a Liar”? Well that will be the focus on this discussion. The Biotech industry like the Pharmaceutical industry wields untold power and influence in America, and to some extent (although ailing) globally. It would seem that there is nothing or nobody (Liar or honest) they can’t buy or influence to the detriment of the public or the global biosphere.

But just how inclusive is the “nobody” in my above statement … How about the President of these United States, the POTUS, the Lobbyist In Chief, the supreme liar himself. We constantly rail against Congress and even the Supreme Court for their obvious corruption and complicity when it comes to the biotech industry, with special emphasis on Monsanto, the revolving door and sweetheart deals. But all of this pales in comparison to the Judas scenario played out on the American people by our current occupier of the oval office. So lets discuss this … and him because the Buck Indeed Stops right in front of his lying lips …


YUP you can trust me … after all I want to be you next president … REALLY? Time and time again we have seen proof that a vast majority of what this individual spews is pure unadulterated LIES, and not baby lies, or subtle mistakes, but Big Fat Juicy LIES! From “I swear to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America”, “You can keep your doctor”, “You can keep your healthcare plan”, “I will put America back to work”, “We need to put an end to these immoral wars”, “The Benghazi riots where caused by a movie”, and all the way to this whopper “We’ll let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified, because Americans should know what they’re buying”.

But with all the peer reviewed proof that GMO’s are wreaking untold harm on humanity and this planets biosphere, this last lie stated will go down in history and one of the biggest and most harmful to the health of Americans and all humanity, ever spoken. Hundreds of world renowned scientists and researchers, backed by thousands of irrefutable studies, are screaming at the top of there lungs “Stop the failed GMO experiment. But once elected all we heard from this president is … crickets … with respect to the promise he hollowly mouthed on so many campaign whistle stops.

This man has not kept one single pre-election promise made and in a majority of cases has acted it total opposition to those stated promises hearkening in more unemployment, more debt, more international hostile actions, more secrecy, more unconstitutional actions, a reversal on every promise made to sell Obamacare, labeling GMOs, and so much more it is catastrophic …

This brings to mind a piece of legislation he signed several years ago now, while totally ignoring a massive public outcry for him to keep his promise, that was so aptly nick named “The Monsanto Protection Act” doing away with consumer rights and affording Biotech companies freedom from federal oversight for the continued development of GMOs. This would have opened the doors for a massive increase in the proliferation of genetically modified or engineered products already well known for the harm done by their horizontal gene transfer, biotoxins (Roundup), and poisons on a scale only now being truly realized. But the new legislation was short lived due to a massive backlash from we the people.

Flash forward to the present … Against a massive majority of public wishes our Liar In Chief or Lobbyist In Chief just signed the DARK Act into law favoring Biotech companies (Monsanto), Big Ag and Big Food conglomerates while putting another nail in the coffin of a vast majority of the publics trust of both this government and his hollow promises. This is an especially big kick in the teeth to Vermont residents who already have an existing labeling law that is very successful, because this new law will render it obsolete. So what is the DARK Act and why are so many activists railing against it? DARK stands for “Deny Americans the Right to Know” and here is a breakdown on this subject …

I have have been around for over three generations on this planet and seen fifteen presidential elections, never in my lifetime have I ever witnessed a more corrupt, dishonest or controlled individual sitting at the head of the most powerful country in history. His primary task is to serve We The People, keep us safe and protected … a task he has failed at in a most egregious fashion of biblical proportions by doing exactly the opposite of everything he promised. But if we must give him credit for his accomplishments … we must tip our hats to him for being the most successful Lobbyist in Chief (Corporate Puppet) in recent history.

People are waking up Mr. President … and you are number one in the cross-hairs of their anger.


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